Workout Wednesday

workout wednesday

Welcome to Workout Wednesday!!  A mid week workout to break up all the craziness going on in your life (and mine too)!

So how’s it going? Are you making plans and acting on them? Or are you wishing, hoping and dreaming that somehow your life will be magically changed for the better?  Sometimes living the good life requires us to be happy with where we are currently and with what we have. Maybe you are in the midst of your “good life” but you don’t see it. Remember to be grateful for what you have and where you are but strive to always do better and be better. Believe in yourself (a little self love never hurts, but like anything else too much can be well, too much) and that you are meant to succeed.  I believe in you. I believe that you were meant to set out and do good things and love others. You can’t do those things if your not healthy so that’s where the self love comes in. Love yourself enough to workout daily (even if it’s just a walk and few squats) and to eat properly.

I know your life may be a little topsy turvy but it’s only temporary. So don’t forget to notch out a little time in that crazy life of yours. If your not at your healthiest and at your best, wading through the craziness will only make things more difficult. Once again, I can’t say it enough, I believe in you. You can do it. If you think I’m talking to you………….I am.  I’ve been there and I understand. I’ve had my world turned upside down and all around (and as life dictates, I will again) but we always come out a little wiser and little stronger on the other side.

Just keep fighting the good fight and remember to love yourself. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself some grace. We’re not perfect but a healthier, stronger version of yourself will emerge. I believe it.

Today’s workout is provided by yours truly! It’s a workout I’ve used with students several times, and they always hate it love it.  Take it slow and steady. It’s truly an up down workout that will get your heart rate going. Cardio is a great way to get the weight loss train going.  Modify if you need to and remember,  if it hurts or doesn’t feel right, STOP!  

Workout Wednesday