Winds of Change

In 9 days I’ll be running a half marathon in Auburn, Alabama.  Just 9 more days. I personally believe that a half marathon is a great distance to train for and run if your in the middle of losing a few pounds (or a few times two in my case).  Marathon is training is hard on the body plus most people have a tendency to gain a little while training. The body needs sufficient energy to fuel workouts and to bounce back quickly between workouts. If you deprive your body of some of the energy it needs you are likely to see your training suffer even as you lose weight.  However, the half is that manageable in-between point that allows you to watch your caloric intake plus log in the miles without wanting to go stark raving mad in the kitchen!  (or at least for me it has been)

But I’m ready for the half-marathon. I’ve secretly been holding off on adding weights back into my routine just so that I,  A. Don’t overdo it and B. I’m babying this body to get me through the half-marathon. I don’t need anything holding me back from doing this. No injuries, no excuses.  In fact, the last week it’s all I can do not to break out the P90X or Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I know that if I do make any changes this close to  the half-marathon I run the risk of having some unwanted soreness or just whatever Murphy’s Law could throw at me. So, the Monday after the race awaits a new workout routine!  I’m anxious and excited!!

No, I’ll still run but it’s time to change the routine so that my body doesn’t get use to the same old same old. I plan on keeping my running schedule along with long runs on the weekend but this out of shape body needs to kick it up a notch!  BAM! (yeah that was my Emerald Lagasse being channeled!)

Just 9 more days.  I so bad wanted to do weights this morning, but I just had to tell myself, “9 more days.” a

Stacey Runs and Eats
Stacey Runs and Eats

Love this post! I'm all about the half marathon and losing weight. I will still run an ultra or two but want to focus on the prior for awhile!