When A Selfie Is More Than A Selfie

PicMonkey Collage before

Tonight I’m full of raw emotions after posting my first ever Transformation Tuesday post on Facebook. First off, I did it because all the cools kids were doing it (The Fittest Fat Girl and Slow Is The New Fast) and I also  thought it would be cool to see the difference if there was any at all.  In fact I rarely take a selfie below the shoulders. The before pictures was taken at race by my husband so intentionally taking  a pictures of myself “to show off what I look like now” seemed…………..weird.   I just don’t take pictures of myself. Why would I?!!? So I put on the exact same outfit that I was initially photographed in and what I saw next blew me away!

I didn’t realize that I looked like that. I mean I saw the picture but until I did this collage today, (10/15/13) I didn’t truly get where I had been and how far I had really came. Once I was finished putting the collage together I got really emotional. I was already emotional from watching an interview between Bob Harper and Racheal Ray bright early this morning.  He said “Losing weight is the easiest part of the process,” he encourages. “To keep it off you have to change your mentality.”  There I was on the treadmill blown away. I was like “YES THIS IS ME!!” In fact, it stuck with me all day. I wish I had that interview to post, even though it was a short  interview it  really screamed all me.

People,  losing weight was easy. Okay, it wasn’t EASY but it was okay as long as I stuck to the plan. However my brain never caught up. I’ve been struggling with not going back to the old me. Comfort food. Food that makes me feel warm and cozy.  Plus I didn’t really  “see” a difference in me. Let that sink in. I lost 50 pounds and my pants are much looser (2 sizes looser) but my brain couldn’t comprehend where I had gone to (225 pounds ) and where I am now, 175.

Then tonight happened. There’s only one other instance in my life where I remember feeling that raw and vulnerable and man, it’s a hard hard pill to swallow.  Sitting in front of the computer and seeing the huge difference rocked my world. For the first time my brain comprehended it all.  I’m still in shock.

So as I sit here tonight let me give you one REALLY important piece of advice. Make sure your mind is changing with your body as you lose weight or it’s not going to stick. After tonight I highly recommend taking pictures of yourself.  Don’t do like I did and hide from pictures. It only hinders the healing process. If it hadn’t had been for my husband taking the “Before” picture during a race I wouldn’t be here tonight. I may not always post my selfies but I’ll have them to reference.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, I would even recommend counseling. Seriously. Don’t go through this journey without changing the way you think and how you cope with life.  You’ve got to rehard wire the way you think or your going to have a really hard time keeping the weight off.

Meanwhile, as the world hates on the selfies, ask yourself, is that persons selfie really JUST a selfie?