To Be Or Not To Be Is The Question!

Just daydreaming for just a moment about my sixth marathon this weekend!  By now I should be use to it but I really have some major butterflies going on with this one. For one thing I feel so unprepared.  Originally I thought I was running a half marathon so I was training for half marathon. Well about 8 weeks ago I saw on my friends Facebook page, who is also running the same marathon, where she announced she’s running her first marathon! I was like “Whoa!  What happen to the just doing a half?!” Apparently I was not paying attention the day I agreed to this!  So now I’m running  a full marathon.  I know for a fact it will take me all 6 hours because I have not been exercising prior to this training because I was out with a bum hamstring. It’s really always something going on with me.

For example, I just recently (after some xrays) discovered I have what you call Lateral Pelvic Tilt. My left hip is pretty significantly higher than my right. Which I think means my left side is weak and my right side is strong and tight.  At this point , I don’t care if my hip is hiked up under my collar bone as long as I can get this 6th medal this weekend.

I actually had wanted number 6 medal to be from Tupelo Marathon this past September. I did the 14.2 “half” marathon a couple of years ago and was hooked!  You start off at like stupid thirty (aka 5:00 am) in the middle of what feels like no where with a cop car lights leading way.  I was told to bring a flash light for this very reason but of course I didn’t believe anyone. Me and several others who didn’t believe the smart ones were left to dodge road kill in the dark in back woods Tupelo.  Best time of my life!  I was done and on my way back home before 9:00 a.m.  Its a very low key race with minimum water stations.   I  met some great people and we all stayed together till the end.  I think it use to be called Bad To The Bone Marathon, maybe I made that up. Either way, the finishing medal for the whole marathon is a skull and crossbones. I want it!  It is mine this year!!  I was attempting it last year when my thirty something body fell apart in training.

Back to the point, so this Sunday I’m headed to Callaway Gardens to run 26.2 miles in hopefully 6 hours.  Okay, Okay, I know. I’m slow.  I know.  Please, I know how out of shape I am.  I’m slowly working on it.  The race starts at 8:00 a.m.  Oh the anticipation. I’ve never birthed a child in my life, but the anticipation leading up to a race is what I would imagine the anticipation for birthing a child would be like. I’m ready to birth this baby and move on! My ongoing joke all week has been Saturday I’ll walk, Sunday I’ll run and Monday I’ll crawl!  It’s really not that bad!  Either way say a little prayer for me Sunday. This girl will need it!


Hey girl! Saw that you did not finish the marathon! I know you are bummed, but hey look how many others you've finished. Just read this blog where you mentioned your pelvic tilt. My Chiro found mine tilted quite a bit about 4 months ago. Guess what? After consistent treatment, I'm nearly 100% better. I had been reading about hip pain in runners, which led me to seek Chiro treatment. If you are not already seeing a Chiro, may I recommend Peavy Chiropractic! Thanks to Dr. Houseal, I'm back running with minimal hip/pelvic pain. See you tomorrow night!