Thankful #4

Thankful November

I am thankful for our home.



I have a thing for small houses. I love an older home with charm and history but I think our home is perfect for us. We’ve lived here for ten  years now but our home is newer. When everyone we know was looking for bigger and better we found this small place and fell in love with it.  I love the coziness of it. Sure I would love to have a designated office and a true laundry room instead of a laundry closet but truth be told what we have just works really well for us. A couple of years ago we added on a beautiful covered porch so my love for the home grew even more!  I think a small home (if your responsible) keeps a person from owning too much stuff. If you do, then you’ll likely find yourself very cramped.  Putting all that aside I love our house because it fits us. It gives us freedom to do other things rather than cleaning a bigger home, repairing a bigger home, supplying a bigger home. I love that our house is just minutes from everything we need. We  live in a neighborhood where children can travel around safely. There’s only one entrance and all the streets are cul-de-sac. Another bonus is  I get to walk out my front door and take off running and get in a comfortable 3 miles. No country roads to fight and I don’t have to drive anywhere to run if I  don’t want to. It truly is just a perfect little place for us.

I also am so thankful that I have a roof over my head, a warm bed and place to call home.

And that’s why I am thankful for my home.

What are you thankful for?



I'm also thankful for my home, even though it isn't large by any means. Like you mentioned, smaller homes can be so much easier to maintain, and helps keep you from accumulating too much stuff, because there is simply nowhere to put it!


I am thankful for my home as well!  I live in a nice neighborhood with great neighbors!  We have wetlands behind us so nothing can be built there.  It also means we have a lot of wildlife around out house.  We are looking to move as we live in an association and would like to have a fenced in yard for our dog.  I know we will have a hard time finding a home with as many benefits as this one.