Repost: BodyMedia Review

I originally posted this last year.  Overtime, I get questions people asking “How does it work?” or “Is it really effective?” My answer to this is the same as it was a year ago, yes, it works if you wear it. You have to do the work but this is just the GPS to help you get where you’re going. The really cool thing is the folks at Bodymedia are constantly working and striving to improve their products. Since I’ve had it, I’ve gotten some great updates to it that were at no cost.  I’ve updated a few things  in the post  since some content was lost when I was having to make some website changes.

Yes, this unit was given to me but these are my own words. I was not paid by anyone to say anything positive. I choose to say these positive things because I love this product THAT MUCH! So without further ado,  I give you………..The BodyMedia Review.

Say hello to my friend!

Recently I acquired a Bodymedia from the fine folks at Bodymedia.  It was nice that it was gifted to me but I still get to give it my own stamp of approval.  However, I must say, I have very very little negative to say about it.
Here’s what it is and what it does………..
Included in the box:
*BodyMedia Wireless  LINK Armband
*Medium size Armband strap (grey/chrome)
*USB cable
*Manual and Quick Start 

    Your BodyMedia Link will help you track:

    • Total Calories Burned
    • Total Steps Taken
    • Total Physical Activity Time (Moderate and Vigorous)
    • Sleep Duration and Efficiency
    The Activity Manager will help you to set goals, and see how close you are to reaching them
    Getting Started:
    • When you first get your BodyMedia Link you’ll need to plug it into the  computer for it’s first initial charging for about 3 hours.
    • Next log into and click at the bottom of the page “Get Started”
    • Next you’ll fill out some information about yourself…..
    • Once you’ve given them a few key details about yourself you’ll set up your goals, the nice thing about this is this is adjustable if you decided later you want to change this.
    • You’ll need to download to you computer the BodyMedia  Activity Manager software so that your armband can communicate via USB with your computer.
    • After the detailed stuff is done then you get to have fun!  
    • Calories In can be tracked by the activity manager but it was a little slow for me and personally I like the feel of  
    • Activity can be manually logged for times when you can’t wear your BodyMedia. For example, when you’ve been swimming.  
    • Sleep activity can be tracked. I normally don’t wear mine when I’m sleeping but if a person wanted to see how efficiently they’re sleeping this is a good tool for it.  Once again, you can click on the area to the right of sleep and you would see your sleeping activity like you would for calories burned.  For data geeks this could be fun!  
    • A person can also look at weekly and monthly views.  This can come in handy when a person is experiencing a plateau in their weight loss journey.  Also its a great way to give your coaches a snapshot at what’s going on.  
    • A app for your Iphone or Android can be installed to sync your BodyMedia Link to your phone or tablet. 
    The phone app will also tell you the battery life of your armband. Very handy if your not plugging it into your computer daily.

    So you might be asking at this point, what’s the Pro’s to having one of these.
    1. Real time calorie output.  This means no second guessing about how many calories your burning while working out or even not working out. I still say Sundays are a diet killer for most people. Between sleeping in, eating with family, laying around; we tend to not realize how much we’re taking in but very little expenditure.
    2. Easy to use.  The hardest part is setting it up. Beyond that it’s pretty much pressing a button to sync with your phone or table OR plugging in a USB cord from your computer and logging in the activity manager online. Easy peasy!
    3. MOTIVATION!!!  I love being able to physically see what I’m doing (or not doing).  Seeing is believing!
      And the Cons?
    1. The cost of upkeep. Once a person gets past the three month free trial there is a $6.95 monthly fee.  The cost of the technology alone can be a bit  pricey ($149) BUT I personally feel like the $6.95 month is what one might spend on a meal at McDonalds and that’s not healthy or good for you. Also figure up how much you might be spending on take-out and fast-food and your Bodymedia might just pay for itself REAL fast. 
    2. The comments about wearing it.  I can’t count how many times someone has said, “So, trying to stop smoking huh?”
    Is the armband comfortable? Honestly, some days I forget I have it on.  So yes. 
    Can I wear it on my ankle? I have read somewhere that it’s not a good idea to do that but I can’t find the specific reason now. I just know it won’t be as accurate if you do. 
    Overall, I LOVE my Bodymedia!! It’s just a great tool to have on hand!! At any time if you have questions, please feel free to ask!  When I use it, my weight loss efforts are so much more effective. For me personally, if I try to watch my calories and not use it, I struggle to lose the pounds.

    Update: If you’re interested in purchasing, you can find more information here