Friday Five: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Holidays


Let’s put the rest of 2014 in perspective………………..Christmas is 7 Monday’s away!



I get excited about the holidays!  I love seeing my family and the traditions and the cooler weather.  I love the holidays!


Surprisingly my diet and habits are a little better this time of year because of all the treats and desserts and rich beverages I tend to be a little more mindful of what I’m eating and doing. You have to be or it will snowball on you in a hurry!



So here are my tips for staying healthy during the holidays……….

1. Log it!  Log every morsel you take in.  You can use a notebook or you can use an app such as MyFitnesspal.  The more you know………………..the less you grow. (see what I did there!)



2. You got to move it!  Seriously dancing on the office table doesn’t count. Log in those miles or do those burpees but stay active and MAKE TIME FOR IT!!  No workout……………… party.


3.  Don’t deny but don’t gorge yourself. Yes there will be pumpkin pie, or oreos dipped in something or even cream cheese something at the parties. Taste. Nibble but don’t act like it’s your last meal!  Your there to socialize and have fun. Not increase pants size!!


4. Water. Drink it often and drink lots of it. Make water your friend.  Water in water out. Besides the more water you drink (notice I said the more water you drink, I was specific.  I know you guys, drinking hot toddy’s do not count here. I know you too well!) the less likely you’ll overindulge in other areas.

Faucet Face

5. Set a goal. Whether it’s saying I won’t gain weight this holiday season  or it’s my goal to lose 5 pounds this season. You could even sign up for a race or engage your office in a friendly diet bet.  Anything to help keep you accountable.



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As always thanks for stopping by!


I Want To Run All The Races


Okay I must admit, I don’t feel prepared to run 26.2 miles in less than 12 weeks. Which for me is a little disappointing already because I really wanted  the Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon to be a PR for me.  It’s flat, the weather should be appropriate and I’ve been registered for it since June. But at this point I don’t foresee a PR, I just see some great miles ahead of me!

Now, with that being said I suddenly have the marathon bug stirring around in me to the point where I’m all like “ohh let’s do this race and the next day I can do this race and 3 weeks later I can do this race!” Can I get an Amen to the fact that I have attention problem with races?! Just 2 weeks ago I was ready to just bow out and do a half!  Seriously, I have problems.

I want more

So I’ve decided to compose a list we’ll dub…………

I Want To Run All The Races

1. Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon; January 25, 2015

2.  Mississippi Blues Marathon; January 10, 2015

3.  First Light Marathon;, January 11, 2015

4.  Hobble Then Gobble 5 Mile Run November 27, 2014

5.  Mississppi Coast Half Marathon November 29, 2014

6.  Raccoon Mountain Marathon March 21, 2015

It’s just 6 races.  That’s not asking for too much!  I just need a second job to pay for race fees and travel and I’m totally sure my body will hold up to the abuse challenge.


A girl can wish right?


The Video You Probably Never Watched

In June (days before my dad passed away) I participated in Mutual of Omaha’s Aha Moment tour. The video posted online and somehow I forgot to post!

I had fun doing this and wished I had shared it sooner. It’s always fun sharing a passion with people and any chance I get to share my love running I try to do so. I may not be the fastest out on the road but that’s not why I do it. I do it because I want to and I can.  That’s THE only reason. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your Aha Moment with us below in the comment section.

Hello November

Hello November

2014 is flying by. So quickly.  Soon I’ll have another birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It just goes by extremely quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was talking about New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve got 12 weeks till a marathon!!!


My time until this past week had been torn between running and biking so now that my 60 mile biking event is behind me I can focus on getting ready to run 26.2 miles!!!!!


And in the Big Easy no less!!! I’m praying for comfortable warm/cool temps. Cooler starting off and just a tad warmer at the end. And to finish. Those are my hopes wishes and dreams!

So here we go into a new month filled with holiday festivities of all sorts and apparently a lot of running!  See you soon!






Early Morning Run

Nothing new or exciting. Just running. (for another marathon, #8 is great!!)

Squeaky Creaky Bed Solution


Okay so here’s the deal, I have two wonderful mattresses I love. One is firmer and the other not so firm (but not too soft either). I currently sleep on the firm one but it creaks. BAD. Also the hubby and I tend to be violent sleepers. We don’t just toss and turn we do summersaults and throw elbows only making the creaky squeaky sound louder.  It’s awful! Last night about midnight I had it. I retreated to the middle bedroom for the other bed that doesn’t squeak and creak leaving the hubby and dog to have the comfortable yet annoyingly loud bed.

That bed is only 2 years old so what the heck!?!?!

So at midnight I proceeded to put my mad ninja like Googling skills to work to find a solution. Then I found this…………………

“There I Fixed It” 

Apparently boxsprings don’t have springs…………THEY’RE CARBOARD!!!

So after everyone got up this morning I tore the bed apart and ripped that cardboard out of there without second thought. VIOLA’ the bed doesn’t squeak and creak!!!

Now for all future reference purposes I’m listing what the AMAZING woman from Five Camels did. God bless you woman!!

If your boxspring has cardboard in it and it creaks and squeaks take it out!!! (at your own risk of course and this is totally a hack solution so if for some reason your bed falls apart later I’m not held responsible. This solution is a AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

Here’s to quieter, more restful nights!





Hello October!


Hello!! It’s October!! How the heck did that happen??!! How in the world did we manage to get 3/4 of the year already?

However, I love the fall months, although around here it’s either hot or cold. Very little in-between. There should be few afternoons when I get home from work that I can have just the windows and screen door open and that will lead to pots of chili being made. Which will lead to snuggly sweat shirts and comfy pants.  Which will lead to spur of the moment fires being built outside and football games being watched. Yep, I love this time of year!

I love fall clothes too. They’re more comfortable, I love fall colors in clothes so yep, I’m definitely a fall season kind of girl. Now when it gets burr cold outside, we’ll talk a different story but until then, I’ll enjoy the next couple of months!

On a different note, my running is going well. I’ve registered and started training for the Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon.  Right now it’s low mileage. But I feel good, my running feels good. Now, Just to do the work.  I’ve been doing 99% of my running in the mornings, I’m just not an evening girl. I used to be but now I rather be done with my day when I get home from work.  Plus I realized my dear sweet hubby likes to sleep while I’m wide awake at 5 a.m. so I decided using that time for myself is better spent. I’m an early bird, he’s not, so I make it work so that I don’t feel like I’m ignoring him. It works for us.

Okay then, I’m off to make today amazing! Hope your day is just as amazing!!



Chocolate Cake In A Mug

I must confess…. I love to bake on Sunday afternoons. Maybe it’s  the slowness that goes on around here but I love to whip up something on Sunday afternoons. It could be dinner or it may be cookies or cakes. It’s just whatever floats my boat! Today it’s cake in a mug.

So, today I was craving chocolate. I mean REALLY craving it. And you see, I am counting calories via My Fitness Pal and trying to be mindful of how much goes in. So with that, I remembered Hungry Girl’s Cake In A Mug recipe. Super easy (my favorite) and it’s light and chocolate!

cake in a mug


Here’s the recipe:

2 tablespoons moist style devil’s food cake
1 tablespoon fat free liquid egg substitute (Egg Beaters)
1 tablespoon fat free cream
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

In a microwave-safe mug, big coffee mug, or bowl, spray with non-stick spray (PAM), combine the liquid egg, sour cream and baking powder, mix. Add 2 tablespoons of water and mix until uniform.

Microwave for 1 min and 45 secs, or until set.

Run a knife along the edges to separate the cake. Place mug over a plate and flip so the plate is right side up. You want the mug to sit on the plate, you might have to run the knife over the edge again.k completely, at least 15 minutes.

Let the cake cool completely, at least 15 minutes.


You can use anything and I urge you to check out her cookbooks and website for more formal recipes.  Personally, I like………

1 teaspoon of sugar free caramel

1 teaspoon of chopped peanuts

Half a banana chopped up

Possibilities are endless and you  can even use moist yellow cake.  It’s just a fast easy dessert for one with roughly under 200 calories.

Enjoy and let me know what toppings you use.





Day 1’s



For all intent and purposes, let’s call today…………Day 1. No, there are no countdowns or countups, however in my absence (mentally and physically)from this little blog (what an awful word….blog) I am declaring today, Day 1. I think no matter where you are in life we have more than one Day 1’s. Most often they look different and come in different forms. Some come in with a mighty roar (think The Biggest Loser Day 1 at the ranch) and some are just a whisper in your ear that you know today is the day. Mine is a whisper but it’s audible.

Sometimes, those days are long overdue. Sometimes those Day 1’s have been gnawing at you for some time to make a substantial change in your life but you ignored it. You pushed it aside and refused to let it be. Then one day your body, life or circumstances takes a very drastic turn and you realize…… it’s time.

I love Day 1’s as much as I love a fresh notebook, a new pair of running shoes and the changing of the seasons. So with that, I begin my Day 1 with a renewed heart, a smile on my face and pep in my step!

Here’s to Day 1’s……………….




Diva Half Marathon


Who knew when I agreed to this race it would be a mini life saver!  God, I am so grateful for this and for my ah-mazing friend, Pam, for encouraging me (persuading me) into signing up for this race (promises of an Auburn football game might have been included in this as well).

It’s been a summer, I’ll tell you that much. I signed up for this race at the beginning of June, shortly after that my dad passed away. The weeks following and the past couple of weeks I retreated into my own little world. Running was the constant, as it always has been since I discovered it many, many moons ago!  I am so grateful for signing up for the half marathon and having it in the wings waiting on me because it gave me focus and direction. Whew!  God knew I would need it. He always knows what I need to stay afloat. Trust me,  my running has been………..meh, okay. I’ve let me head take over too much and I’ve really had to push myself into every single run.

I’ll be using the Diva Half Marathon as a training run. No PR’s or goals or high expectations. Just a training run. I’ve also signed up for New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon. I’m pumped about it!  I’ll be meeting up with my favorite girls/sisters in January to run and just be with them. Lisa and Pam!! I love ’em to the moon and back!! We were suppose to meet up for the Dallas Marathon last December until the ice storm froze us out.

Little by little things are starting to feel sort of normal,  a new normal. It feels good. Like a cloud has lifted and the fog is clearing out. Finally. I’m ready.

So till next time………Cheers!




Reebok Spartan Race Entry Winner


The winner of the Reebok Spartan Race Entry Giveaway is………..



Congrats and have fun!!


Here’s a code for 10% off of any Spartan race:  SPARTANBLOGGER

Reebok Spartan Race Entry Giveaway

So it’s no secret that obstacle racing is growing in leaps and bounds in the running community.  It’s also no secret that the Spartan Race is one of the leading and premier global obstacle race series out there.   Don’t believe me just ask Runners World and NBC who just partnered up with them. Runner’s World has embraced them into the running community by providing training, nutrition and race day plans and NBC is bringing it to your living room in hopes to get you off the couch and into the mud!

I recently read the best article in Outside Magazine about the owner, Joe De Sena and about his passion for what he’s doing (check it out here).   By the time I was done reading it, I was ready to drink the Kool Aid!!

Then…..this happened…….. The AH-Mazing folks at Rebook Spartan Race  contacted me with the opportunity to try out the Spartan Race AND (yes, there’s more) they’ve  given me the ability to give away one FREE entry to ANY race!!!

All you have to do is answer one question below in the comments section……….

Which race event would you sign up for?

spartan race

Winner will be announced Wednesday night, July 30, 2014. 

If your in and around the Ohio area you should check this out (p.s. I’m kind of jealous I don’t live closer to Ohio!!)

Ohio Spartan Sprint, Super & Beast
Reserve your spot in the mud today!

We’re extremely excited to bring the Spartan Sprint, Super, and Beast to Ohio for the first time ever on October 4!

  • The Spartan Sprint is comprised of 15+ obstacles over 3+ miles and is a great way to get off the couch and onto the course! 
  • The Spartan Super will test your physical strength and mental resolve. Tackle 20+ obstacles over 8+ miles, and show that you’re Spartan tough!
  • The Spartan Beast is a true test of will. Tackle 25+ obstacles over 12+ miles, and prove you’re the ultimate Spartan! 

Sign up today for a race before it fills up!! Don’t miss out on all the fun!!


     Grief sucks. I wish I could polish that statement up but that’s the jest of it. Last month  (June 19) my 78 year young father passed away in his sleep. Unexpectedly. I can close my eyes and see him lying there, looking amazingly peaceful. Waiting for any moment for him to wake up and wonder why all those people were in his house and bedroom.  He had been in the hospital just days before with low sodium and few other things but he had been home for about 24 hours before he left us for good. Quietly and suddenly. 

Several things have gripped me since……….
1. He’s gone. No longer will I hear his “Hey baby” as I walk in the room. No longer will he pat his hand on mine as I’m hugging him hello. He loved me and I can go through my days knowing this. He was a stern man but he loved me. 
2. My mother is alone. My parents have been married 56 years and the last 16 they have been together every day. Some days I thought they were going to kill each other, other days they were a perfect match. My parents were not perfect but they stuck together through the really thick and and the really thin. My mother lives close so I can see her as often as I want/can but for her, she doesn’t have her best friend of 56 years at  her side any more. That breaks my heart.  In fact, I pray the good Lord takes me before my husband because I don’t want to be here alone at some point in my life. I want him here with me everyday I’m on this earth. 
3. My dad’s death has been harder than I can ever imagine. I didn’t expect it to effect me like it has. I wanted time to stop and everybody just stop for a moment. What I wanted them to do I don’t know but I wanted time to stand still. In fact I’ve tried to write this post for several days (weeks maybe) but it just felt so……………(I don’t even have a word for it).  I’ve had amazing friends to wrap themselves around me and I am beyond grateful for it. I felt (and still do) feel guilty for laughing or being happy. Just yesterday someone called to give their condolences and apologized for not calling sooner because they had been on vacation. I haven’t talked to this person in ages so I was so thrilled to hear from them and so happy to know they were thinking of my family but I felt guilty because I wanted to hear about their life. I was happy to talk to them but I felt so incredibly guilty because I was happy. Albeit, no one really wants to call you and you break into tears but somehow I feel just amazingly guilty for being happy right in that moment. I know it will pass and I’ll remember the man that taught me so much and not feel so guilty for enjoying life’s little pleasures. In fact I know if my dad was here, he would tell me to perk up and get with the program. 
     Grief is such a peculiar thing. Everyone handles it differently. I’ve seen a vague shades of it on different people and I knew to never judge for the way they handle things because when it was my turn, I would only hope they would pass the same grace onto me. Nothing anybody can say or do can make it better. Laughing doesn’t seem right and crying is exhausting. People ask what they can do to help or even better “How are you?” Really?  On the flip side there are those who you adore and love and they don’t even hug you to make it all better and that hurts just as bad because you just want them to coddle you and make the sting a little easier but they don’t because they don’t know what to do and who really says, “Will you hold me?”
      So see…………there is no right thing to do. No matter what anybody does it hurts. Grief hurts. Grief takes over like unwelcomed house guest with no check-out date in sight. It sits on shoulders and it navigates the days activities with you just waiting to get you alone. Grief my friend, sucks. I hear eventually each day gets a little better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not beyond completing my job or everyday task, like mowing the yard or going for a run.  I’ve had a few good days already. I know one day I’ll wake up and be able to string together a series of good days turning days into weeks and months.  
     I miss him for my own selfish reasons and I miss him for my mother. I’ll miss hearing about his time on the fire department or how to fix my car. About the times he went on jeep runs in the desert or hunting in the mountains. I’ll miss his eggs and chorizo on Christmas morning.  I’ll miss watching him try to fly fish and it looking more like tree fishing. I’m pretty sure if he could ring back and say anything he would be able to say he had a full life. Not always easy but full. 
     What does a girl do now? Move forward. Like any true runner, put one foot in front of the other. Slowly. It’s not a sprint but a marathon. Life moves forward and the world keeps turning. All I can do is move forward and live with intention and purpose.

Happy 4th of July


Have a fabulous day!!

Thoughts….Day 9

**Why I’m doing this series click here** And we’re back!  Yeah, I just knew I was going to have 30 straight days. No missing, total dedication. Boy, was I wrong!! I thought about it last night. I thought real hard as I was sitting comfortably on my front porch. If it sounds whimsical and magical it was. I love, LOVE sitting outside and reading!  Give me a porch, good book and comfortable weather and I’m entertained for hours, hence, I couldn’t get up to go inside to write. Yes, I could have brought my laptop outside HOWEVER, the keyboard keeps getting a glitch in it causing me to have to plug in an external keyboard so that’s more trouble than it’s worth. So really my laptop is an annoying desktop (blah). So you know how I say blogging and blogging about running is normally not glossy and glamorous, well let’s push the pause button because I had a neat opportunity Monday. About a month ago the marketing folks for Mutual of Omaha contacted me to let me know that their Aha Moment Tour would be rolling through Hattiesburg and encouraged me to come out and share my Aha Moment. Mutual of Omaha Aha Tour They’ll pick a moment out of the country wide tour and eventually use one as a commercial. Do I think mine will be used? No. BUT, I’m suppose to get a video (I think)  and that’ll be neat because then I can post it and hopefully someone will be inspired.  That’s why I’m here in the first place, to motivate and inspire just one of you (someone) to keep moving forward, to put one foot in front of the other. Here’s  few shots from the session……….. Pounds2miles tv shot pounds2miles candid pounds2miles medals pounds2miles action If you’re near one the towns, GO and share your story. You never know who you’ll inspire! Locations can be found here Beyond that, it’s been a normal week so far. Running, working and living. All the things I do best!!   So as always, till next time……. Cheers!

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