Officially Mad

I don’t know who to give credit for this but whoever you are, you nailed it!

So I’ve had it. Today, I guess you can say I’m pissed. I’m mad about being called fat or pregnant. I’m mad at myself for letting myself get there. Over a year ago I was finishing number 6 marathon. Today, I’m just doing just enough to get by. Yes I started doing something about it 28 days ago but it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t mad or passionate enough about it. ┬áSo take this to the bank…………..

I don’t care what life throws at me in 6 months I WILL be a better version of myself. It’s not going to be easy. I’ll probably be irritable and cranky but it doesn’t matter. I don’t like this version of myself and I’m officially over it.

To be continued……………..