My Word

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I have a word that has become my “mantra” I guess you could say. It’s …….

It came to me unofficially somewhere along the way after I started my self imposed challenge. It stuck and its now the official Word. I have a private Pinterest board labeled “Committed” and I have a bookmark folder on my browser labeled “Committed.” I even have a label on the right called “Committed.” It was my word long before I think I realized it. It just kind of came to be! 

 I’m committed to changing and keeping a promise to myself. Too many times when the journey got tough I would reason with myself why I should quit, justify it and then quit with a clear conscience. You have no idea how many times since my teen years I’ve done this. I could list all the opportunities I’ve wasted away because of this.  No more. I’m committed.

Secondly in church we have a series called “Change Your Story”.

 Although I’m sure preacher man didn’t have any of this in mind but I realize that essentially that’s what I’m doing. I’m changing my story. Things will get tough. Mentally and physically. However I’m changing my story by staying committed to the challenge. In getting close to May 11th. I can’t wait to see what my final results will be. And it won’t stop there. Life is about looking forward and evolving. It’s okay to remember and reminisce but staying stuck in the past is not good. Living in the past is not okay. We were meant to move forward, grow and experience. 

To get there I just have to keep bathing in the daily motivational shower (and eat right and workout).  Yes I have days where I’m tired, and  small self-doubts try creeping in but I have to refuse it. I have to keep reminding myself what lies ahead of me. 

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.-Ralph Waldo Emerson