Move, Nourish, Believe

Have you missed me?!?! Where have I been you ask?! Well, I gave myself a social media rest. A social media vacation. I was to a point at the end of November where I just felt like I was in a huge crowd and in order for somebody to notice me I had to jump up and down screaming “Look at me!!” I was over it. Done. I was honestly on the verge of shutting Pounds To Miles down. I was exhausted. So, I allowed myself a break. I have to admit, it was nice. No pressure. Just living and doing. However, I’ve missed my little space in the internet world.

What have you missed over the last couple of weeks?

1. My vacation in Gatlinburg, TN during Thanksgiving.

2. Dallas Marathon was cancelled due to an nasty ice storm

3. Family time during Christmas

4. New Years Eve with friends

After the Dallas Marathon was cancelled I kind of fell off track and had no schedule. NOT GOOD!! I need structure in my life. Until I get tired of structure then I need free will. Until I get tired of that! It’s a nasty vicious cycle!! Anyways, so where am I currently? I’ve adopted a new mantra…………..


No, I’m not in business with Lorna Jane nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I saw this on Fitsugar  (such a fun website) and I instantly knew that that was it! I actually came into the new year with no goals, resolutions or anything. I feel like this encompasses all that I am right now. It’s simple, catchy and easy to remember, yet brilliant!! Check out the website Move, Nourish, Believe  (it’s one of those, why didn’t I think that type things!!)  The move and the nourish part to me are self explanatory but the believe could mean anything. For me, it’s a growth in my faith. It’s the part where I want to have a closer more meaningful relationship with God.

I’m excited!  It’s something to keep me focused. I think we all need a little reminders whether it be a motto, a picture or something. 2014 is going to be a great year!




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