Motivational Tuesday

Motivational Tuesday……it’s a real thing, trust me.  It’s a real thing if your me and you struggle to get anything other than work done on Monday! So here we are, Tuesday. Let just say this……..

You are what you do one small though one pound at a time


Yes I realize some people are doing Transformation Tuesdays and all that great jazz but I’m just over doing my thing……….

horizont run


Here is what I’ve failed to catch you up on lately….

*Tuesday I did speed work with the local group (I did it, I lived and that’s all you need to know right now)

but did you die

*Saturday I logged in 8 miles. It was slow (as always) but I did it. I feel like my level of fitness can be summed up with these words “If I was any more out of shape, I would be sitting on the couch.”

*Sunday was SUPPOSED to be an 8 mile group run. Somehow I ended up with a 10 year old child who’s parents failed to see the importance of sending adult supervision out with him and was left to keep up with adults who really didn’t know where they were going either! I’m sure his parents had fabulous intentions and I appreciate their “free range” parenting skills but I’ve seen chickens cross the road with more knowledge than this poor kid had. So my 8 turned into a grueling 6 (the real workout was holding my tongue).

And here we are, back to Tuesday. I guess it’s a rinse and repeat type thing (less the 10 year old)

Meanwhile Buzzfeed has a great list of 25 Things Non-Runners Don’t Understand

I can relate to  #14, #16, #19, sometimes it just is what it is.

I hope your week is off to a good start and hopefully we’ll all have a super productive, enjoyable week. Tonight is another attempt at  speed work.  Wish me luck!!