Motivational Monday

no more excuses

It’s MONDAY!!! For some I realize it’s Monday but it’s Motivational Monday!! One of my favorite days.  Mondays are a great way to hit the restart button and start new. Out the old in with the new.

I started my Monday off with 4 miles, 16 oz. of water (great way to get the digestion system moving) and a little quiet time to give thanks. I’ll probably sneak a little more quiet time tonight but something is always better than nothing!  Meanwhile, I’ve got less than 8 weeks to get myself into fighting shape for the local half marathon (that I haven’t fully committed to yet) and less days than I care to imagine to get this winter booty ready for Memorial Day!  The day that all winter booties go into hibernation and summer booties come out to play (not literally unless your a little less modest than me, which I think most people are).

Speaking of 4 miles. This morning on I was on the treadmill (because I’ve been a complete baby about this winter weather this year) enjoy  watching curling (greatest Olympic sport ever!) when I started feeling a slow pull in my neck.  I wasn’t doing anything abnormal except running when what felt like slow motion was a very slow annoying pull begin to take place.  Just like that. I couldn’t stop it. So now, I’m walking around with a funny neck position nursing an uncomfortable crick. What gives?!!? I was able to continue on but how annoying!

Anyways, so time to get busy with the week.  I hope you have a great one and remember, drink water and think positive. It’s

going to be a great week! Cheers!

run. run. run.

suck it up now

keep your head up