Motivational Monday


Welcome to another edition of Motivational Monday. The day that gets our week primed and ready to go! And yes, I really feel that way!

This morning I got in a 3 mile run. The weather was 50 degrees, no wind, no rain. Just perfect. I almost wish I was one of those people who could remember feelings because this morning was a great way to feel. Afterwards I got in a 30 minute workout and a big glass of water. Personally I think it’s a great start to the week.

dream it wish it do it

By the way people, plan your days. I didn’t plan as much as I should and there were a few key things I should have done. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!!! ┬áIt’s a key to success.


1. Drink water

2. Move (walk, run, trampoline, do something)

3. Eat something good for you. Your eating plan doesn’t have to be perfect. But something is always better than nothing!!

Here’s a couple more Motivational Monday’s going on……….



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