Motivation Monday

Happy Monday!!! Did you have rough weekend? Maybe ate a little too much? How about sat a little too much? That’s okay. Don’t worry!  We’re going to hit the restart button and start new. So get moving, eat cleaner and healthier than you did yesterday and remember to have a some quiet time to reboot at the end of the day.  Cheers!

I know it seems at this point that all I’ve become is a glorified Tumblr account just posting pictures on motivation. I don’t mean to be. To make matters worse,  last week I let a pile of excuses get in the way of posting  more other than Motivation Monday. Sadly, I was sort of locked away inside thanks to a ice storm (I guess that’s the right title for it) and my excuse for not posting, “I’m cold and don’t want to do anything.” How’s that for motivation!?!? I did clean the house and had some valuable down time.  However, I’m back this week with a schedule for posting and working out!  Even though I post so much about motivation, without it, a lot of task would never get completed. So Monday Motivation is more than a post I do to generate traffic, it’s a tool I use to get us all moving in a positive direction.

Stop back by tomorrow when I talk about the importance of habits.

How to stay motivated

A year from now

Monthly motivation

What you eat in private

 Remember to Move, Nourish and Believe……daily!

Psalm 103:5