MealEnders Review

Thanks to the AH-Mazing peeps of and SweatpinkI had the chance to try MealEnders. The lozenges that helps curve the overeating habit. Here’s what they have to say about their product….


“A first-of-its kind weight management product, MealEnders are lowcalorie, drug and stimulant-free Signaling Lozenges, designed to help people learn to avoid overeating and master portion control by clearing the desire to consume more than needed from the mouth and mind. Unlike extreme diets, meal replacements, appetite suppressants or supplements that focus solely on your stomach, MealEnders work with the body’s natural hunger rhythms using a combination of behavioral psychology and sensory science.”

How does it work?

“MealEnders consist of two components: a sweet, outer reward layer and a cooling/tingling inner core. The outer layer provides a measured dose of “dessert,” usually associated with the end of a meal. The inner core engages the trigeminal nerve (the nerve that senses “taste” sensations in the mouth) with long-lasting cooling/tingling sensations to cue the end of eating and clear the palate. By keeping your mouth and mind occupied for up to 20 minutes (the Overeating Zone—when you are full, but often continue to eat because your brain has not yet received the “fullness” signal), MealEnders naturally transition you away from the desire to overindulge, giving your body’s natural satiety process time to catch up and let you know your full. MealEnders are a tool, not a magic elixir, and work on a behavioral, sensory and psychological level in the following ways: BEHAVIORAL • Establish an important chronological marker for meal- and snack-end • Fill the 20-minute gap until normal satiety signals reach the brain Create a pause in eating patterns so healthier behaviors may be established • Break the cycle of eating and chewing SENSORY • Provide a measured sweet cue for dessert replacement, followed by a palate cleansing to reduce cravings • Engage the trigeminal nerve to cue the cessation of eating • Engage taste receptors to transition you away from foods being consumed • Alter anticipated taste of additional food • Temporarily modify olfactory perception — often a cause of overeating PSYCHOLOGICAL • Heighten mindfulness of natural digestive rhythms • Create habitual cueing of meal completion • Train the mind to recognize healthy portion sizes • Empower a sense of control”

What do I think?

Now keep in mind, I was given the product to try. BUT, these are my opinions. With that being said, I truly believe there’s something to it.  I’m not saying it’s the magic potion to weight loss however I can see it being a useful tool.

I’m an emotional eater. I’ll eat when I’m stressed, worried, anxious or bored. It’s a horrible thing and sometimes I just want to turn that “craving” off. I’ve tried tea, peppermints, cough drops, you name it. Then entered MealEnders. It’s just like the description says, they have a sweet taste at first. It last just a few seconds then there is  a tingling feeling on the tongue. The lozenge last 10-15 minutes maybe 20 minutes.  Enough to help kill the craving.  And that’s the point……. to kill the craving.

I found myself reaching for these when I started stressing at work. Instead of going for something sweet and junky I used these to get over the “emotional moment” I was going through. At night when I wanted to snack while watching TV, I use these to get through the bored moments. They truly became handy to have. It became a behavioral modification tool.

Would I order them and keep them on hand. Yes. It’s reasonable priced, $14.95 for  a bag of 25 pieces. That’s roughly $0.60  a piece. That’s less than a candy bar!

Be sure to check them out . Your waist line will thank you!