Marathon Countdown Begins


25 days till Tupelo Marathon

Oh I’ve been a bad blogger!!  It’s been 25 days since I’ve done any writing but to honest all I do is………….

sleep eat work

Just a couple of months ago it was all about my diet. Now it’s all about the marathon. Not that my diet has given way but it’s hard to be calorie restricted when I’m putting in about 50 miles a week.

Let’s revisit that. I’m running 50 miles a week. That’s the most I’ve ever ran in my life!! And it feels good!

tubmlr 1


Some mornings I’m more tired than I care to discuss but for the most part, and I know this is going to sound crazy BUT I really feel like this training is a good starting point for future things. Marathon training as a starting point? Yes I know, I’m must have sweat clogged in my brain somewhere but that’s just how I feel.

Even though you haven’t  heard from me in the last 25 days guess what, You’ll be sick of me for the next 25 because MARATHON COUNTDOWN IS ON!!

brandywindham moderator

Thanks! I'm very excited about it!


I can't wait to read all about this journey of yours!