What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

Hello Friday!!! Okay so I had to take some time out to share with you what I’m loving right now!  Plus it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend so I thought I would go with the lovin’ theme as well!

Sia – Chandelier (57th GRAMMYs feat. Kristen Wiig & Maddie Ziegler)

But here’s what I’m really loving about it……..Kristen Wiig!! She did a phenemonal job. You know….. the chic from SNL and Bridemaids.

snl brides maids


Apple TV

apple tv

Yes I’m behind in times but oh my I do love it. Why? Because all the workout videos that are on my laptop I can stream to my TV now!!!





I just got these in the mail to try and review but already I’m LOVING THEM!!!!  I’ll be doing a full on review later however here’s the jest…………….

mealenders lozenges


And keep and eye out………there will be a giveaway!!! Yes, you too can enjoy this awesomeness!!


So that’s it. I’m loving Kriten Wiig, Apple Tv and MealEnders! What’s on your list?