Hello June


Hey there! Long time no see, right?! I know, I know……I’ve been completely missing in action but I’ve been busy! They say you make time for what you really want to do…..I would say that is true. Writing/blogging has not been on my radar.  When the temperatures got warm enough I wanted to be free of being inside and be outside. I guess I could have sat outside and wrote but………..I didn’t.

Anyways, so here we are June. I can say for the first time in don’t know when, there is nothing in the works for me. No races. No immediate goals. I’ve gone all willy-nilly and living footloose and fancy free. I haven’t even updated my mileage on DailyMile!   This reminds me of an episode on Big Bang Theory (1:07 is where it gets good)….

Is it just me or is there a Big Bang Theory episode for everything?!?! It’s my fav!

If you keep up with me on Instagram you can see my daily life but to say “X amount of days I’ll be running insert race here” is not happening. I would like to find something around the time of my birthday (November) but right now nothing catches my eye. Meanwhile, What I  have been doing is running, working out with some friends (aka. socializing) and just trying to build a firmer foundation in general.

So what else is new? OH!! I’ve a got a review (not the paid kind but the kind that I’m so pumped about I need to share with you) coming up in YouTube in a couple of days, so keep an eye out for that. Your going to want to see this!!! (It’s a gadget and it’s CHEAP)

And another thing I’m loving (WARNING: NOT FITNESS/RUNNING/HEALTH RELATED) as of this week is Google Photos .  They’re offering UNLIMITED photo storage for FREE!!!  I’m even more in love with Google now. After it combed my computer, photo and disk drive for any photos I may have, I’ve been lovin’ looking through all my old photos. #TBT here I come!

Beyond storing my photos, it also does this (I have to approve it before it saves it)


Here’s a couple of articles that got my attention:

Google announces unlimited picture and video storage with new Photos app The Verge  ( I love these guys, you should follow them on Snap Chat)

Google Photos Now Available On Android, iOS And Web– Huffington Post

Let me know what you think! It’s things like this that make my life so much easier!!

So that’s it for now. Like I said, keep your eyes open for my YouTube review and remember you can always find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook