Happy Freakin Birthday

Well I thought I would slide past this one but several friends who shall name nameless (you know who you are) busted me on Facebook so……………there you have it . Happy birthday to me. Can you feel the excitement? No? Yeah me neither. I was hoping to let this one slide. It’s so funny I use to be all like “362 days till my birthday” now I’m I’m like “Wake me up when it’s over!”

However there is one thing I’m excited about today, since I’m on a mission to lose this gut, I’m not going to eat cake, ice cream or anything sweet. It’s just not happening!!  I’m not sad about it one bit. I know there’s a better version of me waiting on the other side of this and eating cake and ice cream won’t get me there.

In fact I’m excited about this as much as I am about running a marathon (trust me, I get excited about those so no sarcasm here!)

Once again if you missed it from yesterday , I don’t care what life throws at me, in 6 months I will be a better version of myself. Period. I’m over this crap.  It’s going to be hard but I’m up to.  In fact I got my “before and before picture” trust there’s two of them and 6 months from now I’ll give my after because I know it’s got to be better than the current “before picture”

To be continued………………….