Geeky Happiness

I once had Garmin Forerunner 305…….

garmin forerunner 305

Notice the scratches on it. It was well loved and used.  It’s battery lasted long enough to finish a marathon. It had a heart rate monitor that came with it. I loved it.

Then it died…………….


. Notice the black tape, call it life support.

So then, in a panic I bought this guy just before a race



It’s been a great watch. I’ve enjoyed it but it wasn’t my Garmin. I tried other Garmins (thanks to kind friends who understood the importance of testing watches before sinking a small inheritance in them) but it just never felt right.  In fact, the Nike is still going strong (didn’t come with a heart rate monitor) but it doesn’t have an option to lap if I want lap outside of the preset lap. You either automatically lap or you have to lap it yourself. Very annoying. I just missed my watch.

Then I decided to check out Ebay…………….and guess what…………….I got this…………..

Garmin Forerunner 305

I scored it for a sweet deal ($29 plus shipping)!!! I’m so pumped. It looks great, it connects fast and I get to use my heart rate monitor with it!!

My geeky heart is happy!!