Five Friday

Hello Friday! I didn’t think it could get here fast enough and at the same time I’m like, “What the heck happen to February!?!” I had set big goals for myself this month: weight loss, running, motivation. I didn’t even have time to get started before I’m looking at a whole new month! I guess time flies when I’m having fun!

So I’ve joined in on a new link up party (well new to me) called Five Friday.

DC Trifecta Friday Five

(Cynthia @ You Signed Up for What and Courtney @ Eat Pray Run, DC) decided on a theme this week.  All About me! Apparently there’s a number of us joining in their fun wagon so this is a great way for us all to get to know each other.

5 friday

1. I’m a BMW. Well, those are my initials. I  used to be BSM but when I got married I figured out if I dropped my awful middle name (in the south we love to double name our children, not me! Not having it) I could become a BMW! So on race forms, when I sign them electronically, I LOVE signing them BMW!

2. When I’m running and if I need to be to certain spot by a certain distance (ie. at the car by 1 mile) and I’m going to be short (ie. at the car by .90 miles) I start slowing down. As if slowing down will somehow add distance. I do it every time!

3. I sell appliances and flooring for my big girl job. You know the bread butter job to keep the lights on and pay the mortgage. I prefer to think of it the thing I do Monday through Friday to pay for the races and running stuff on the weekends!

4. My first true love is fitness/health/running. I started off getting a degree in Exercise physiology, moved to physical therapy but life handed me a completely different path and here I am!

5. I’ve won first place in several fitness competitions in the late 90’s.  Fun times!!

Alright, I’m outta here!  I’m going to be traveling this weekend to far and wide places to run a 15k!  It was a spur of the moment decision along with some other special side trips as well. ROAD TRIP!!!

Have a great weekend! Cheers!