The First Mile is a Liar

I know anyone who has ever visited this site more than once thinks I have completely abandoned my little world here on the world wide web. I haven’t. I like to think I’ve been on a really  long holiday. So here I am today with a few post run (okay, run/walk) thoughts.

First thing, the first mile always is a dirty liar!  This morning the weather was amazing and my workout schedule has been totally on point so there was no way I was passing up an opportunity.  I started off with a nice warm up (aka…..walking) then I went into a very gentle run with a nice ratio of walking included. That’s when  the mileage started whispering it’s dirty lies to me telling me how heavy I felt, how  slow I was and that I was just tired. It’s that feeling as if a two year old was hanging on to each leg refusing to let go as I tried to progress. My whole being said “GO HOME!” Luckily before I knew it, I was in the thick of mind clearing remembrances (oh yeah I need to call so and so,  oh yeah I need to get that order out, oh yeah I need to start the washer).  By mile three I was golden!

So this morning the temperature at 5 a.m. was a beautiful 55 degrees! I was totally in bliss with this. I was ready to pull out the blankets  paired with a stout cup of coffee. I wanted comfy sweatshirts and sweaters with scarves and gloves.  I was ready to pack the house up and say ” We’re moving to Vancouver!” (I’m sure the leaves are changing in Vancouver but if not don’t spoil it for me. Just let me think it!).  I wanted to pair it all up with a good book and a fireplace (p.s. I don’t have a fireplace but a girl can dream).

Then I started thinking (this was heading into mile 3) that I was ready for some type of adventure. Maybe a race. Marathon maybe?  That reminded me of when I was 10 or so I saw this program on PBS and they were talking  about corporate adventure racers. These people were kayaking through the Amazons and hiking through the mountains.  I remember thinking, “I want to do that!” I was ready to drink the Kool Aid! They explained how to take short steps up the hills to get up the mountain  faster and immediately I was practicing these things on the one tiny hill near my house which was located on flat lands in south Mississippi. I was a 10 year old girl who lived a very sheltered life and was blown away that these things were possible. There was more out there than what sleepy town USA had to offer me. There was more than getting up, going to work , punching the clock, rinse and repeat.  Whatever  stirred  inside me  at  10 years old and is still laying there inside me today.  The thought of an adventure of any sort gets me  excited. I don’t think that needs to be wasted (as I have, obviously).

Finally this mornings cool brisk run/walk led me to   remember this……..

That’s about all I have today. Nothing Earth shattering. Just me being me. Hope you a have a fabulous day!