Final Weigh In!! It’s Finally Here!!

WHAT AN EXCITING DAY!!!!!  I’ve waited 6 months for today!!  6 months ago I put myself on a self-imposed challenge to lose as much weight as I could the healthy way by May 11th.  It seemed so far away at that time. It seemed so impossible. In fact, the 11th of November was the day before my birthday (birthday cake), days before Thanksgiving (soul food), weeks before Christmas parties (sweet treats), weeks before Christmas (more soul food) and just weeks before New Year’s Eve (hello adult beverages!).  Yes, I picked a GRAND time to lose weight.

So without further ado, watch the video for my final results. Yes, YOU HAVE TO WATCH!!!!!

And there you have it!  Serisously I want to write SOOO much more, but if you want the final results you have to watch the video!

SO proud of you! You look fantastic. Work it, girl!