Everybody’s working for the weekend

The week and weekend have gotten away from me! When I thought about creating a blog I just new posting daily would be  breeze. Umm, not really. Or at least not yet.  This last week has been semi-crazy busy. I never could get my mind around what needed to be done. It seems like someone was having to constantly remind me of something.  Either way, here it is Saturday morning. I’m headed out of town to see my sweet family in Calera, Alabama and there is so much I haven’t done.  However, Monday is going to be a different story. I’ve got to get things on track if I’m going to do another marathon soon.  Either way, theres only so much time in a day.  I use to laugh at people how they  would complain how tired they are and about not getting enough rest. In fact I picked up a motto from race shirt I saw somewhere that said, “You can rest when your dead!”  Lately it’s become, is it 9 yet so I can go to bed?!!

Well I’m off to do a quick cleaning of the house, some laundry, throw an overnight bag together then pick up a king cake and off to Calera I go!

Have  a great weekend!