Drinking Problem

Got your attention!  Okay so I don’t have a alcohol drinking problem but I do have a form of a drinking problem. Sodas.  Nothing relaxes me more than to pop a top on a Diet Coke. Nothing taste better in the morning than to open one up, and take it to the shower. Yes, I have a Diet Coke in the shower.  At least it won’t burn me. Have you ever heard of anyone suing McDonald’s because they spilled their soda on them resulting in 3 degree burns? Me neither.  Let me be clear how much of a problem this problem is. Let me count the ways.

1. first thing in the morning as I’m getting into the shower

1. when I get to work

1. around 10ish

1.at lunch

1.around 2

1.around 4

1. for dinner

maybe 1. before bed.

Total 7 (8 some days)

8!!  I’m ashamed.  Some days it’s less and some days it’s more.  But it’s still about 7 too many. However, I do have an addictive personality so to say i’m just going to drink one a day is well, not good. I tried quitting once before and did really well until I went to my mother-in-laws house.  Everybody was popping tops left and right. Really it was like taking Lindsay Lohan to a bar and leaving her there for the weekend!  So, here I am again. I’m sure theres nothing good about it.  Nothing against the Coca Cola Corporation  but when I’m craving Diet Coke and wishing the can was the size of a Colt 45 then something is wrong!   So I’m doing it again. I’m quitting.  How?  I plan on reducing my consumption 25% the first week, 50% the second week, 75% the third week and goodbye Diet Coke forth week! Also to make drinking water more of habit I’ve adopted  new friends.  Meet, Brita and her pal Sippy!

I love Smart Water!  It has a very distinctive taste that I love but I have to admit. It’s not very earth friendly. Neither are my cans of Diet Coke but I did just recently start recycling them!  So starting February 1 the program begins!  In addition to breaking my addiction problem I will also start the process of launching my diet. I also have a couple of other items that I hope to start adding to my blog starting February 1.  So much to do!  Exciting and overwhelming.  I truly think however that in order to do all that I really want to, it’s all about the accountability.  You have to admit when someone is watching you, you do a lot better than when the door is closed and blinds are drawn.   I’m not an exception to this.  Eating wise I do great during the day. As soon as I get home nothing is safe.  Anyways, my point is, I will be reporting TRUTHFULLY the amount of Diet Cokes I drink and the quantity. Sure I could lie, but what good is that doing me?  So excuse as I go close the blinds and finish off my beverage for the evening! Cheers!

More information about Brita Water Pitchers

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Yay for recycling!