Day 29 Committed

Day 29 + my birthday + anger = An interesting start to year 34.

If you’ve been following me at all (and if not, oh well) you’ll know that I’ve had enough of this extra weight I’m carrying around. Of course it comes right as I’m starting a new year so I think it’s appropriate. I’m totally committed to this. I’m treating it like I would a marathon. It’s all or nothing. I’m putting my whole heart into this.  
I realize that it’s going to be a major mental challenge.  Like I’ve said for the last 2 days (that’s all it’s been, 2 days) I’m in it. No matter what life throws at me, this weight will come off. I’m giving myself 6 months.  In fact, I put a timer in the side bar so that I can see exactly what I’ve ahead of me.  Fridays will be my weigh in day and I’ll be logging all my nutrition into MyFitnessPal.  Of course I’ll be posting it here as well to keep me accountable. 
So with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve on the way and the challenges it brings all I can say is…………
……………….To be continued