As of today I’ve lost……………..18 pounds!!  Hallelujah! Whew, I was worried about this week. Well, both Friday night, Saturday night, Wednesday night AND Thursday night we ate out. The first two nights because we had friends in town but the last two nights because I was too lazy to cook. Also I’ve been tired all week  which typically means Aunt Flo is headed to town. It amazes how exhausted the week leading up to it I get. Anyways, that’s not why we’re here.

Early this week it dawned on me, what will I look like 60 pounds lighter? What can I expect?
How long will it take me to get to goal weight? This week I’ve developed a whole new list of concerns. Like,  I know I need to take measurements because once I start lifting weights the scale may lie and say I’ve lost no weight when really it’s a muscle to fat thing.

The goal is to weigh my wedding day weight (165) which by the way is not my lightest.

In 2002 I looked like this at whopping 155 pounds. I’m 5’9. I am German made so there’s nothing light about me, but at this time I was teaching 5 aerobic classes a day, working out afterwards plus running.  Even at my lightest with minimum body fat I’ve only gotten down to 145. Those were the good days! So at my lightest at 23 this is what I looked like

Then fast forward two years later to marriage weight. 165 pounds. At this point I had been working two years behind a desk (no more teaching ridiculous amounts of aerobic classes a week) and well basically living a more normal style (less college like) lifestyle.

I guess my point is I have a very hard to remembering/visualizing what life will be like back at this weight? I’ve just allowed my weight to creep up so much I just can’t imagine what to expect. I know this may seem like a strange post and how can I not imagine what I’ll look like when I have pictures but it’s easy to look at these pictures and then look in the mirror and all I see is the tiny Buddha belly (thank goodness it’s not  full size Buddha belly!!) I’ve developed. Ugh. I don’t feel overweight. I feel like I look in these pictures but then I see pictures of me now and it’s not cute. And I hate posting pictures of me now. The current version is a work in progress.

But have no fear, I’m pretty sure once I get to goal weight my brain will be  wrapped around it. 😉


Oh there was a huge happy dance when I slid back into smaller size jeans, and a happy dance when my large jeans were no longer snug!!

Running On Candy
Running On Candy

On thing I have noticed is that when I was gaining my 70 lbs each pant size was horrible, when I hit size 10 I cried and cried and ate....on the way down when I hit size 10 I did a you notice the same thing?