Check In

It’s October. Let’s just let that sink in………


I find that as I get older every month I’m like “Oh, it’s already a new month.” Or “Crap, it’s half way through the month, so much to do!” When did I become this person?

So my blogging skills have been less than ideal lately. I’m still moving and cruising and getting things done but lately when I get home I’ve been not so blog ecstatic. Instead it’s tidy house, fix dinner, watch tv, go to bed. Super creative and inspiring. I know. I’ll be writing a book later on how to obtain and recreate these amazing and creative skills, stay tuned. All sarcastic undertones aside, I really have been working on my creative skills/hobbies. Sort of. I crochet a bit. I’ve been working up the motivation to do another quilt. I want a quilt that I can just throw on the bed or couch when I’m lounging or take with me when I go outside to read. I really do have a thing for blankets and quilts.

Actually anything that leads to comfy, snuggly time I’m game for. Hence my constant updating to this Pinterest board. Shameful I know. I always know when I’m tired (because sometimes you  know you are but you try to just overlook it or ignore it and keep moving forward) when I’m out shopping. I find myself seriously queing in on the comfy clothes. Anything that is soft, little oversize and lounge worthy. Like I really need anymore of those style clothes! If I could go to work in my “comfy” clothes I would have an Ah-Mazing  work wardrobe!

So lets talk running. Yes, I still do it. If you have to ask, I feel like I’m not doing it enough. IE. “Hey B, you still running?” versus “Hey B, look at you! Wow, still running huh?!” However, I may be talking to the person that is dumb enough to ask a woman if she’s pregnant (who ask that?!!? And if you do, STOP!).  Anyways, I have a half marathon in 11 weeks and a marathon in 21 weeks. I have an app on my phone that reminds me in count down form. It’s great!  Both are in New Orleans. I haven’t traveled much lately with running. I haven’t had any bucket list type cravings on any particular place/race.  I mean, I’ve really ran the races I wanted to. Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Orelans, Birmingham are places I really wanted to go. I guess Boston and New York are my two other must do races but right now that’s all I can think of.

My main goal is to get to where  half marathon distance is second nature. Lose some weight (some plus some more!) and remain injury free.

So…..that’s about it. It’s my goal to work on being more present here as well. Carving out little sections of my day to do things that make me happy. With that being said, see you soon!!





Happy Fall!  I am with you!  Where does each month go!  I keep thinking that it should still be April!  Haha
You have some great goals!  Best wishes with them :)


Wonderful goals!

I just ran the RnR Brooklyn-loved it...well I am a bit biased as it was in my neighborhood where I grew up and my dad still lives so it brought back many wonderful childhood memories but even still, it was still nice. 

I am registered for RnR New Orleans but have Dr, orders not to run :(.....I want to travel more for running...let's see what the hubby says about that-lol!


Sounds like you have some great goals! Looking forward to seeing you in the Grow Your Blog Hop.