Okay, tell me if you’ve heard this one.  Girl is a runner and a gym rat. She decides to start a blog so she can share all about her adventures and along the way she managed to gain weight instead of maintain or lose. So she loses  the weight and shares that on the blog. Then she gains it back and stops blogging. So have you heard of that one before?

My intentions were to be at least 20 lbs lighter by now. But as always I let excuses and a huge dose of laziness take over. It’s like I wanted to pretend it wasn’t THAT bad and if threw on some Spanx maybe no one would notice.



It’s incredibly awful.  It’s frustrating and mentally tiring. I have no one to blame except myself.

At this point you may be asking…………what’s your point? Well, a couple of years ago after being called pregnant (when I was not) in a huge way  (“Oh good your pregnant, I thought you had just gotten fat!” True story, it was said out loud to me) and I got pissed about it (a rant about it here) I said enough is enough and I gave myself 6 months to lose the weight. Well, here I am again. This time I know that when I lose it I’ll have to continue to fight for it. That’s my point.

Friday’s are weigh in day. I have to count calories, log them in and do the workouts. It truly has to be a lifestyle change. A mindset change as well. It’s not like I don’t know what to do or how to do it.

And also keep in mind  that I’m not saying my way is the only way or the right way…’s just what works for me.

Feel free to keep up with me here, here or here as I breathe life back into this quiet little blog. I’m praying for big, bold changes that are all good.

Till next time……….




Well, it’s never easy to confess.  It humbling and it hurts. I think I would rather pull ten band-aids off at one time rather than confess. It won’t be a long post, but it is a needed post.

I’ve gained my weight back. I’m right back where I started.



After my dad passed away I self soothed by eating. I didn’t want to and I didn’t plan it. It just happened. The worst part………I get to wear my feelings, sins and anything else you can think of on my hips for the world to see.

So I have a plan. It’s pretty basic and simple……count calories and workout. So there you have it. Now that I’ve confessed my ways for the world I move forward. I look forward to seeing more often.


What I’m Reading

I’ve always got multiple books going. Typically a suspense, a chic lit type book, a devotion and ……….I think that covers it. If a book is REALLY good then I can devour it in a day or two. I will devote any and every extra second I’ve got to it. Then I go through withdrawals and for many books afterwards, nothing compares to said book.

I have spent this pass year reading as diligently as I could, Jesus Calling.

jesus calling


Well, lately I’ve just had an urge to get into something that deals with overeating and how to approach it with God in mind.  I found this…………

Blank white book w/path

and the second day already has me just blown away………

taken from the book Taste of Truth by: Barb Raveling

taken from the book Taste of Truth by: Barb Raveling

1 Corinthians 10:23 NIV “I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”–but not everything is constructive.

It goes on to say……



taken from the book Taste of Truth by:Barb Raveling

taken from the book Taste of Truth by:Barb Raveling

She also has another book that goes with it ………

i deserve a donut


So far it has been a thought provoker. A person can lose weight but we have to rehardwire how we think. The foundation can be all cracked up and busted and if we just put new flooring over it to cover it up without fixing it then eventually the busted foundation will start to prove problems again. Weight loss is the same way. You gotta change your mind (not just make up your mind) or eventually old ways and habits will resurface and take over.

What are you reading? How do you renew your mind?


Workout Wednesday

workout wednesday

Welcome to Workout Wednesday!!  A mid week workout to break up all the craziness going on in your life (and mine too)!

So how’s it going? Are you making plans and acting on them? Or are you wishing, hoping and dreaming that somehow your life will be magically changed for the better?  Sometimes living the good life requires us to be happy with where we are currently and with what we have. Maybe you are in the midst of your “good life” but you don’t see it. Remember to be grateful for what you have and where you are but strive to always do better and be better. Believe in yourself (a little self love never hurts, but like anything else too much can be well, too much) and that you are meant to succeed.  I believe in you. I believe that you were meant to set out and do good things and love others. You can’t do those things if your not healthy so that’s where the self love comes in. Love yourself enough to workout daily (even if it’s just a walk and few squats) and to eat properly.

I know your life may be a little topsy turvy but it’s only temporary. So don’t forget to notch out a little time in that crazy life of yours. If your not at your healthiest and at your best, wading through the craziness will only make things more difficult. Once again, I can’t say it enough, I believe in you. You can do it. If you think I’m talking to you………….I am.  I’ve been there and I understand. I’ve had my world turned upside down and all around (and as life dictates, I will again) but we always come out a little wiser and little stronger on the other side.

Just keep fighting the good fight and remember to love yourself. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself some grace. We’re not perfect but a healthier, stronger version of yourself will emerge. I believe it.

Today’s workout is provided by yours truly! It’s a workout I’ve used with students several times, and they always hate it love it.  Take it slow and steady. It’s truly an up down workout that will get your heart rate going. Cardio is a great way to get the weight loss train going.  Modify if you need to and remember,  if it hurts or doesn’t feel right, STOP!  

Workout Wednesday


Motivation Monday

It’s Monday!?!? Yep and we’re going to like it! I love Motivational Monday! It gets me excited about the week ahead. So……….no sour attitudes or ugly looks, nothing but positive, fierce, happy attitudes. If anybody gives your attitude about your positiveness you got flowing, just laugh because they’re the one ruining their day, not yours!  OWN IT!

Last week was rough. I had major plans for the week and then…………….TOM showed up. Just like a dude to rain on my parade. He showed up with headaches, exhaustion and irritability. I was struggling. By Saturday I had packed his bags and booted him to the curb just in time for a 7 mile run. This week, I’ll redeem what he squandered last week. No excuses. I’ve got 24 hours in a day just like everyone else so all my goals will be met!

Be sure to stop by my Facebook page to share how you’re getting your Motivational Monday going. I always love hearing from you!

Here’s to a successful week filled with fierceness, love and laughter. Cheers!

weight loss motivation Motivation running motivation



BB’s Quick And Easy Salsa Recipe

I need summer in my life!  Seriously. I need warm temperatures, sand between  my toes and the smell of sunblock clouding my judgement as I sip on fruity or not so fruity libations. (They can be lite libations, don’t judge!)

Anyways, with all that being said, I made salsa today. I needed something that reminded of the fresh veggies soon to be in my  house.  I thought I would share this super easy salsa recipe.



2 (14.5 oz) cans of diced fire roasted tomatoes

3 garlic cloves

2 (4 oz.) cans of diced green  chiles

1 small lime

1 jalapeno

Fresh cilantro (the more the better for me)

1 tablespoon black pepper

1 tablespoon oregano

1 tablespoon cumin


Chop up  the cloves of garlic, not too much, let the blender do most of the work. Just a couple of chops to make smaller pieces. In the blender pour one can of the diced fire roasted tomatoes and drop in the chopped garlic cloves. Blend for a few second. Garlic should be blended in with the tomatoes.

Take your lime and cut away the rime.  Slice lime in fourths and throw the lime into the blender. Also throw in the your cilantro. Cut up your jalapeno and throw in as well.  Don’t worry, the blender will take care of all the chopping.  In a bowl combine second can of tomatoes, the 2 cans of chiles,  and the rest of the ingredients. Stir to mix in the dry ingredients. Pour on into the blender with the rest of the ingredients and blend till cilantro and lime are pureed.

Pair with veggies or chips for a delicious snack!



When A Selfie Is More Than A Selfie

PicMonkey Collage before

Tonight I’m full of raw emotions after posting my first ever Transformation Tuesday post on Facebook. First off, I did it because all the cools kids were doing it (The Fittest Fat Girl and Slow Is The New Fast) and I also  thought it would be cool to see the difference if there was any at all.  In fact I rarely take a selfie below the shoulders. The before pictures was taken at race by my husband so intentionally taking  a pictures of myself “to show off what I look like now” seemed…………..weird.   I just don’t take pictures of myself. Why would I?!!? So I put on the exact same outfit that I was initially photographed in and what I saw next blew me away!

I didn’t realize that I looked like that. I mean I saw the picture but until I did this collage today, (10/15/13) I didn’t truly get where I had been and how far I had really came. Once I was finished putting the collage together I got really emotional. I was already emotional from watching an interview between Bob Harper and Racheal Ray bright early this morning.  He said “Losing weight is the easiest part of the process,” he encourages. “To keep it off you have to change your mentality.”  There I was on the treadmill blown away. I was like “YES THIS IS ME!!” In fact, it stuck with me all day. I wish I had that interview to post, even though it was a short  interview it  really screamed all me.

People,  losing weight was easy. Okay, it wasn’t EASY but it was okay as long as I stuck to the plan. However my brain never caught up. I’ve been struggling with not going back to the old me. Comfort food. Food that makes me feel warm and cozy.  Plus I didn’t really  “see” a difference in me. Let that sink in. I lost 50 pounds and my pants are much looser (2 sizes looser) but my brain couldn’t comprehend where I had gone to (225 pounds ) and where I am now, 175.

Then tonight happened. There’s only one other instance in my life where I remember feeling that raw and vulnerable and man, it’s a hard hard pill to swallow.  Sitting in front of the computer and seeing the huge difference rocked my world. For the first time my brain comprehended it all.  I’m still in shock.

So as I sit here tonight let me give you one REALLY important piece of advice. Make sure your mind is changing with your body as you lose weight or it’s not going to stick. After tonight I highly recommend taking pictures of yourself.  Don’t do like I did and hide from pictures. It only hinders the healing process. If it hadn’t had been for my husband taking the “Before” picture during a race I wouldn’t be here tonight. I may not always post my selfies but I’ll have them to reference.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, I would even recommend counseling. Seriously. Don’t go through this journey without changing the way you think and how you cope with life.  You’ve got to rehard wire the way you think or your going to have a really hard time keeping the weight off.

Meanwhile, as the world hates on the selfies, ask yourself, is that persons selfie really JUST a selfie?

Final Weigh In!! It’s Finally Here!!

WHAT AN EXCITING DAY!!!!!  I’ve waited 6 months for today!!  6 months ago I put myself on a self-imposed challenge to lose as much weight as I could the healthy way by May 11th.  It seemed so far away at that time. It seemed so impossible. In fact, the 11th of November was the day before my birthday (birthday cake), days before Thanksgiving (soul food), weeks before Christmas parties (sweet treats), weeks before Christmas (more soul food) and just weeks before New Year’s Eve (hello adult beverages!).  Yes, I picked a GRAND time to lose weight.

So without further ado, watch the video for my final results. Yes, YOU HAVE TO WATCH!!!!!

And there you have it!  Serisously I want to write SOOO much more, but if you want the final results you have to watch the video!

Daily Tools

For the last 5 months I’ve had to be very diligent and mindful of what I eat, how much, and what I do in order to have a successful 6 month deadline. So what am I using? Well,


I’ve posted about it before (click here). It’s been one of THE most important things I’ve owned. I know exactly how many calories I’ve burned or not  each day. It’s taught me that on off days I typically burn about 2323 calories and to meet my daily goal (2785) I need to walk/run 3 miles.  It’s helping me become mindful of my lifestyle and holding me accountable. You can purchase them here


The website has been huge for me. I’ve tried just using a notebook but in all honestly this has been the best way for me. Since I always have my phone with me  it’s an app I can keep on my phone (much easier than a notebook). It’s free (yay free) and it has a scanner so all I have to do is scan. Bam. No excuses!


I love my food scale. It’s like the BodyMedia. I can see how much I’m eating. I know what 56 grams of lunchmeat looks like. I know what 32 grams of peanut butter looks like. Including pretzels, almonds, steak.

If you weigh the same items enough, eventually you know that two handfuls of tiny pretzels is a serving size. The repetition is a teaching tool within itself. It’s building a good habit! 


This is something I’ve owned for several years now. I’m constantly learning what it can do for me besides measure my mileage. I can load a workout into it and it tells me exactly what I should be doing and how fast. The corresponding website for it is PHENOMENAL   It recently went through a little updating and now they have FREE training plans to use with the Garmin (yay free).  I also can keep with my PR’s and other details that I deem important.   

So there you have 4 tools that I use day in and day out. Yes I still have to do the work but having some help never hurt anyone.

What helps you stay successful? I’d love to hear from you.

Do You Feel It?

I claim I’ve been a runner since 1999. 5k’s, 10k’s, Half marathons, marathons. I maintained the exact same weigh till 2004, which was a good weight. A lean weight. Then in 2004 my weight started increasing, I call it happy fat. I got a little happy I got a little fat. But then somewhere my happy fat just became fat. F.A.T.  Fat.

However, I’ve never stopped running. Maybe not as many miles but I ran.

I’ve recently shed 40 pounds since November 11, 2012 (P.S. my birthday is  11/12. I might have gotten a little fire under me the day before my birthday about my weigh).  A close friend of mine who is a nutritionist helped me figure out how many calories I would need to eat to lose and then she encouraged me to train for a half marathon that she was training for. Okay she was training for the Boston Marathon, the half marathon was a training run for her! So I ran. My times were okay but it was more about just putting one foot in front of another.

Now fast forward a couple of weeks and I decided I was going for a 6 mile run. My hips were tight. My back was tight.  But I ran. It was the next week I started noticing a few changes. Running was suddenly easier on my body. I was running a little faster, I felt light. It wasn’t just one run, it was multiple runs. And I realized, I didn’t realize how much weight I was carrying on this frame before these runs .

I realize that very few people wake up and go “Man, I feel heavy.” Unless you need to take a probiotic, that might be the exception. I realize that a lot of people sometimes put on weight but keep up running, working out, and think “Oh, I feel just fine.” Here’s a test, grab a 5 pound weight and take it running with you. Now add another 5. Then another, and another. How did that feel? Now put all that down and go running. Now, how did that feel?

According to a study conducted by Dr. Stephen Messier (July 2005, Journal of Arthritis & Rheumatism) for every 1 lb. of weight loss, there was a 4 lb. reduction in knee joint load or knee pressure. It was also suggested that people who lost 10 lbs would be subject to a total of 48,000 less pounds of pressure every mile walked.  

There’s also a rule out there that a runner can expect to gain 2 seconds per mile for every pound lost.  

All I can say is I’ve never felt lighter. I hate I carried  around  the extra weight (40 pounds extra to date) but I am so glad it’s gone!

My point is………..I didn’t feel it on my body. I didn’t feel the weight. Or I thought I didn’t. It’s like that episode on The Office where Jim keeps adding a nickel to the inside of the phone receiver so Dwight never really notices how heavy the receiver is.  And then he takes all the nickels out and WHAM Dwight whacks himself in the head with the phone receiver. Yeah well, that’s kind of what running without the weight is like (less the head pain).

So if your pants are getting tight and the scale is increasing in numbers, maybe you should ask yourself, Do you feel it?

Are You Saying "I’m Tired"

73 days till my final weigh in. 73 short days. Heck, we’re already past the last Friday of February! Time flies when you have a goal in sight!  I’m also in a peculiar place.  I’m 27 pounds down. YAY!  Which is not a good bragging right BECAUSE that means I gained 27 pounds in less than a year. I would say somewhere between March of 2012 and November 11, 2012. 27 pounds!! Whaaaaat?!?! I know, I know.

So that means I’m right back to my original fighting weight. Which is great but I still have a total of 33 pounds to lose. My goal by May 11, 2013 is to have lost 23 more pounds from now. That leaves me with the infamous last 10 stubborn pounds to lose after May 11th.  This  past Friday’s weigh in showed that the weight loss train stalled out leaving me with not a loss or a gain (whew). I knew it would by Tuesday. I didn’t feel energetic all week. In fact, I was semi funky feeling. Going through the motions I guess you can say. Not butt  kicking by any means.

In fact, even till today I’ve been tired. Very sleepy feeling. Just blah.  Sunday I slept in, Monday I slept in AND Tuesday. This morning I realized “Oh no!! Old Brandy is creeping back!” So at 4:45 a.m. this morning, I threw on my gym clothes and flew out the door. I did my gym time, went grocery shopping, came home and continued with the full speed ahead mentality.  It’s so easy to get in the “I’m tired” phase and Monday turns into Tuesday and 6 months later and two larger pants sizes you’re still saying “I’m tired.”  You/I have to force yourself to do something. To move forward. To be active. To be alive. Staying in bed ALL THE TIME IS NOT A LIFESTYLE!!  You can choose to be tired and lifeless are you can do something. 
We were not created to lay around, eat Cheetos and watch Honey Boo Boo all day. (P.S. I despise reality TV and I despise that show along with Jersey Shore and many others)  We were meant to live, experience, see and do. 

Watching E TV and watching others live a fake, made up, so call wonderful life is not doing you any good. In fact, your craving a life that is fake by watching reality TV.  GET UP AND LIVE YOUR OWN FABULOUS LIFE!! Turn off the TV. JUST TURN IT OFF!!
That also can be extended to internet, Facebook, movies, books. Too much of one thing is never good. We have to live a present, active life. 

Whew, moving on. 

73 days. I know I’ll be a better version of myself in 73 days. So I’m creating a two 30 day plans to keep myself motivated and going. First plan starting March 4th.  Mondays are always a great day to hit the start (or restart) button. 30days after that I’ll take a short less planned break and then continue with  plan #2.  

I’m so excited!! If nothing else, be sure to check back in 73 days. Good stuff is happening!


Repost: BodyMedia Review

I originally posted this last year.  Overtime, I get questions people asking “How does it work?” or “Is it really effective?” My answer to this is the same as it was a year ago, yes, it works if you wear it. You have to do the work but this is just the GPS to help you get where you’re going. The really cool thing is the folks at Bodymedia are constantly working and striving to improve their products. Since I’ve had it, I’ve gotten some great updates to it that were at no cost.  I’ve updated a few things  in the post  since some content was lost when I was having to make some website changes.

Yes, this unit was given to me but these are my own words. I was not paid by anyone to say anything positive. I choose to say these positive things because I love this product THAT MUCH! So without further ado,  I give you………..The BodyMedia Review.

Say hello to my friend!

Recently I acquired a Bodymedia from the fine folks at Bodymedia.  It was nice that it was gifted to me but I still get to give it my own stamp of approval.  However, I must say, I have very very little negative to say about it.
Here’s what it is and what it does………..
Included in the box:
*BodyMedia Wireless  LINK Armband
*Medium size Armband strap (grey/chrome)
*USB cable
*Manual and Quick Start 

    Your BodyMedia Link will help you track:

    • Total Calories Burned
    • Total Steps Taken
    • Total Physical Activity Time (Moderate and Vigorous)
    • Sleep Duration and Efficiency
    The Activity Manager will help you to set goals, and see how close you are to reaching them
    Getting Started:
    • When you first get your BodyMedia Link you’ll need to plug it into the  computer for it’s first initial charging for about 3 hours.
    • Next log into and click at the bottom of the page “Get Started”
    • Next you’ll fill out some information about yourself…..
    • Once you’ve given them a few key details about yourself you’ll set up your goals, the nice thing about this is this is adjustable if you decided later you want to change this.
    • You’ll need to download to you computer the BodyMedia  Activity Manager software so that your armband can communicate via USB with your computer.
    • After the detailed stuff is done then you get to have fun!  
    • Calories In can be tracked by the activity manager but it was a little slow for me and personally I like the feel of  
    • Activity can be manually logged for times when you can’t wear your BodyMedia. For example, when you’ve been swimming.  
    • Sleep activity can be tracked. I normally don’t wear mine when I’m sleeping but if a person wanted to see how efficiently they’re sleeping this is a good tool for it.  Once again, you can click on the area to the right of sleep and you would see your sleeping activity like you would for calories burned.  For data geeks this could be fun!  
    • A person can also look at weekly and monthly views.  This can come in handy when a person is experiencing a plateau in their weight loss journey.  Also its a great way to give your coaches a snapshot at what’s going on.  
    • A app for your Iphone or Android can be installed to sync your BodyMedia Link to your phone or tablet. 
    The phone app will also tell you the battery life of your armband. Very handy if your not plugging it into your computer daily.

    So you might be asking at this point, what’s the Pro’s to having one of these.
    1. Real time calorie output.  This means no second guessing about how many calories your burning while working out or even not working out. I still say Sundays are a diet killer for most people. Between sleeping in, eating with family, laying around; we tend to not realize how much we’re taking in but very little expenditure.
    2. Easy to use.  The hardest part is setting it up. Beyond that it’s pretty much pressing a button to sync with your phone or table OR plugging in a USB cord from your computer and logging in the activity manager online. Easy peasy!
    3. MOTIVATION!!!  I love being able to physically see what I’m doing (or not doing).  Seeing is believing!
      And the Cons?
    1. The cost of upkeep. Once a person gets past the three month free trial there is a $6.95 monthly fee.  The cost of the technology alone can be a bit  pricey ($149) BUT I personally feel like the $6.95 month is what one might spend on a meal at McDonalds and that’s not healthy or good for you. Also figure up how much you might be spending on take-out and fast-food and your Bodymedia might just pay for itself REAL fast. 
    2. The comments about wearing it.  I can’t count how many times someone has said, “So, trying to stop smoking huh?”
    Is the armband comfortable? Honestly, some days I forget I have it on.  So yes. 
    Can I wear it on my ankle? I have read somewhere that it’s not a good idea to do that but I can’t find the specific reason now. I just know it won’t be as accurate if you do. 
    Overall, I LOVE my Bodymedia!! It’s just a great tool to have on hand!! At any time if you have questions, please feel free to ask!  When I use it, my weight loss efforts are so much more effective. For me personally, if I try to watch my calories and not use it, I struggle to lose the pounds.

    Update: If you’re interested in purchasing, you can find more information here  

    Weigh In Friday

    92 days out till my “Final” weigh in. I’ve given myself a 6 month goal starting November 11, 2012 to turn this body around. I was (still am) overweight, unhappy, unmotivated, bored, tired and any other negative adjective you can think of. But with 92 days to go I’m 23 pounds down with a total goal of 60 pounds to lose. I’m excited about getting up of a morning. I’m happy, lighter, energetic, inspired and most important, determined.  2013, I will lose 60 pounds. Let’s revisit that……….

    2013, I will lose 60 pounds. 

    Wanna hear it again?

    2013, I will lose 60 pounds.

    In fact, not only will I lose it, I refuse to find it ever again. I refuse to revisit that place in my life ever again.

    I’ve got 92 days to make a dent in  this number. I only have 37 pounds to go.

    If  you don’t believe me, mark your calendar and be back here May 11th. I’ll show you!

    It’s All In The Journey

    You know when you go a on a trip, a flight for example you’re so busy getting everything together. You’re busy packing your suitcase, then you have to pack a carry-on bag to keep yourself entertained during the flight (or least I do) and then you have to hustle and bustle your way to the the airport, through the airport routine and then FINALLY you are seated in your assigned seat. And once you are comfortable and situated you have that moment of , “What now?”  That’s where I am.

    What now? I reached a point in this 6 month throw down to where I know I’m doing what I’m suppose to be doing. Such as………..

    • Logging every single calorie I eat
    • Eating at least 1680 calories based on my RMR. 
    • Drinking my 2 liters of water a day
    • Taking my vitamins
    • Daily hour long cardio sessions
    • Getting in my 2680 calories via BodyMedia 
    I’m doing what I set out to do. I’ve got my routine down and now that I’m comfortable and situated into what I need and want to do I can’t help but be a little anxious. I feel like I should be doing more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one bit but I do find I’m a bit anxious some days because up until this point I’ve been so busy preparing and planning. 
    Meanwhile, this has been a learning week based off my food journal. What have I learned? Well…………
    1.  The weeks I’ve had really good numbers on the scale I did not eat past dinner. I went to bed a little hungry.
    2. The weeks I’ve had really good numbers I cut the carbs after 12 p.m.  I had veggies but no bread, crackers, etc. past lunch.  
    3.  Eating out more than once a week will kill my numbers!  I ate out Friday night, Saturday (yes , the whole day was outside the house and not a packed meal either!), and Sunday lunch. I know without a doubt my weigh in will be not good tomorrow because all week my numbers on the scale have been HORRIBLE.
    Yes, I weigh daily. It helps me stay mentally on track. That is the only time I will ever discuss that, please I know what they say but it’s not up for discussion. Love you!  

    At least now  I know. Adjust and do better.  I know May 11th is going to be a good day!  Till next time, Cheers!


    As of today I’ve lost……………..18 pounds!!  Hallelujah! Whew, I was worried about this week. Well, both Friday night, Saturday night, Wednesday night AND Thursday night we ate out. The first two nights because we had friends in town but the last two nights because I was too lazy to cook. Also I’ve been tired all week  which typically means Aunt Flo is headed to town. It amazes how exhausted the week leading up to it I get. Anyways, that’s not why we’re here.

    Early this week it dawned on me, what will I look like 60 pounds lighter? What can I expect?
    How long will it take me to get to goal weight? This week I’ve developed a whole new list of concerns. Like,  I know I need to take measurements because once I start lifting weights the scale may lie and say I’ve lost no weight when really it’s a muscle to fat thing.

    The goal is to weigh my wedding day weight (165) which by the way is not my lightest.

    In 2002 I looked like this at whopping 155 pounds. I’m 5’9. I am German made so there’s nothing light about me, but at this time I was teaching 5 aerobic classes a day, working out afterwards plus running.  Even at my lightest with minimum body fat I’ve only gotten down to 145. Those were the good days! So at my lightest at 23 this is what I looked like

    Then fast forward two years later to marriage weight. 165 pounds. At this point I had been working two years behind a desk (no more teaching ridiculous amounts of aerobic classes a week) and well basically living a more normal style (less college like) lifestyle.

    I guess my point is I have a very hard to remembering/visualizing what life will be like back at this weight? I’ve just allowed my weight to creep up so much I just can’t imagine what to expect. I know this may seem like a strange post and how can I not imagine what I’ll look like when I have pictures but it’s easy to look at these pictures and then look in the mirror and all I see is the tiny Buddha belly (thank goodness it’s not  full size Buddha belly!!) I’ve developed. Ugh. I don’t feel overweight. I feel like I look in these pictures but then I see pictures of me now and it’s not cute. And I hate posting pictures of me now. The current version is a work in progress.

    But have no fear, I’m pretty sure once I get to goal weight my brain will be  wrapped around it. 😉