Reason No. 7 and No. 6 To Run A Marathon

Every week until my marathon in Dallas (Dallas Marathon) I’ll do a countdown as to why you should do a marathon. Some reasons are derived from my personal experience and others are reasons I’ve picked up from other marathoners

Yes, I missed a week in posting. No excuses just got behind. Waaaayyy behind!   So let’s get right to it!

Recap of reasons why you should run a marathon………

No. 11………..The Races Are Fun 

No. 10………..It Keeps You Accountable

No. 9………….To Get In Shape 

No. 8………….For The Nostalgic Feeling

No. 7 ………….To buy new running clothes!  

So I was asking a couple of my girlfriends why they run and specifically why they run marathons and the  big answer (not No. 1 though!!! I’m saving that one) is to buy an outfit! Call it cheesy call it what you will but you know how we ladies are (and some of you gentlemen) it doesn’t take much us to declare we need a new outfit. Running  a marathon is no different!  Trust me, I’m already planning my race day outfit.  Arm warmers or not (by the way, Nathan’s has some really cute pink ones) and then do I wear a race skirt or capris.  Just a number of options and it’s must to always look your best no matter what. Don’t wanna look like you got dressed in the dark!!

No. 6………….You Need A Challenge

Sure you could run another 5k or go take on an amazing Zumba class but you know deep down inside you need more. You need to push yourself like you never have before. You need to see what you’re made of. A marathon will get you there.  I’m not ashamed to say that marathon training has pulled out my ugliest side and caused me to cry. When I’m hard pressed and pushed, it’s just not pretty. Marathon training can do that. Sometimes not to the extreme of crying HOWEVER it can help you push your limits and before you know it, your thinking about taking on an ultra.

Motivation Monday

7 days later and here it is again…………Monday.  Last week was okay and the week before that was okay but this week, is going to be AMAZING!!  Seriously, I’ve got my game plan so already I’m on a good start!

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Quiet time
  4. Work
  5. Personal life

If I can keep 1, 2 and 3 under control 4 and 5 become easier on everybody.

Fail To Plan

So if you haven’t taken a moment already to plan your week, do so. It doesn’t have to be perfect but I can assure the whole concept of “winging it” will not work. It will back fire.  All good intentions will be gone and out the door in a heart beat.

So, here’s to a great week ahead of us! Cheers!

beast mode monday

monday adventure




Happy Monday!

The Weekend……

Not that I’m wishing my life away but man, I love my weekends!  They may not be weekend warrior action pack but they are just the way I like them.  Sometimes a little slow and quiet and then sometimes they’re filled with one activity after another. I like the slow and quiet part the best!

Typically running is involved but I’ve got a wild hair of fall cleaning and sprucing up along with maybe a little pumpkin carving!  Which of course leads to roasting pumpkin seeds! So I would say I have a stellar weekend ahead of me.  And of course my Sunday afternoon nap and  little reading. I really love my semi charmed life!

running in fall pumpkins pumpkin seeds nap



Reason #9 Why You Should Do A Marathon

As you may or may not know (I hope you know!) I’m doing the 2013 Dallas Marathon. I though each week I would list one reason why you should do one also!  So without further delays I give you reason #9………………


To get in shape!

Let's get physicalThink about it, 18 weeks, lots of running. How can you NOT get fit!?  Each marathon schedule typically ask you to commit at least 4 days a week to running. At least 3 miles and up to 20 miles on the weekends.  Training for a marathon increase endurance, gives a you a great cardiovascular workout, increases your mood and energy.  It’s like a wealth of health benefits just waiting on the other side!!  Yes 26.2 miles is a long ways, but the benefits and glory out weighs it all!  So what are you waiting for?!!? Go sign up for one now!!

Dallas Marathon Sign up here



Jack feels the need to run and go  sign up for the Dallas Marathon with me!



Week 3 Update For Dallas Marathon Training

What a week!  I’m not really sure what happened to Tuesday, Wednesday or even today but my gosh it flew by!  I know I should be doing a video but I’m lucky to get this in!!  So let’s talk marathon training! 


As you may or may not know i’m training for the 2013 Dallas Marathon taking place December 8, 2013. Each week I will do an update just so people can know what its like from an average runners perspective.  Last Saturday’s run of 14 miles was a hard one!  I stayed up late the night before with family then turned around and got up at my normal time 5 a.m. (or stupid thirty as my husband would call it).  So that was working against me. Then Tropical Storm Karen brought extremely humid weather and high temps. As you can tell, things weren’t working for me!  I tried 100 times to quit. A million reasons I wanted or needed to stop and just say no way. Can’t be done. Finally after running 7 miles out one way I decided that I would turn around and go back. Heck, no reason to quit at that point!  Physically I was fine. No aches or pains. I was just mentally tired and a tad bit whiney!  I finished and I survived, it just wasn’t pretty. I personally think days like that are the equivalent of mile 23 of a marathon. It’s mentally challenging and feels physically impossible even though nothing is wrong.  So in the big pictures of things, it turned out to be the perfect training run. 

This week I have another 14 miler for my long run and hopefully conditions will be kinder to me!  Nothing exciting or glamorous this week. Just an average Jane logging miles one step at a time. 

So until next week’s update, cheers!

Motivation Monday

I like to get my weeks started with positive thoughts and actions. I believe that you can’t be negative if your thinking positive. Beyond diet and exercise is our mental health. If we’re not in the right frame of mind then it’s going to be hard keeping up good and healthy habits.   It’s like Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

That’s why  you’ll find Motivation Mondays here at Pounds To Miles.  I know that someone out there had a rough weekend. Might have had too much to eat or drink. Maybe life got in the way and they’re key workout was missed.   Or maybe, they just woke up in a funk. It happens.  Let’s rally together to make today and the rest of this week the best ever!

And remember…………Think happy, positive thoughts!

decide commit succeed motivation monday motivation monday

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2013 Dallas Marathon Training VLOG

Guess what time it is?!?!?! It’s Weekly Update time!  From now until the marathon I’ll be doing a weekly vlog to go over how trainings going and any questions you guys may have.  Let me know what you think !


Weekend Joy

The weekend is finally here and I’m so thankful it is.  I cherish my weekends. I love my Saturday mornings filled with running, followed by a little house cleaning, maybe some grocery shopping.  I love how for the most part, the world is quiet on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The grocery store is quiet. People are meandering around but no one speaks. Even at the coffee shop no one really talks.  Eventually I get around to turning on a radio or the television for a little background noise.  Saturday afternoons I tend to curl up on the porch with a book or magazine to get lost for a little while. Fall is here so that means football games in the afternoons but that’s okay. I like the socializing and seeing old friends. The evenings are filled with dinner with friends or backyard cookout.

My view on Saturday morning runs

My view on Saturday morning runs

My view on the weekends.

My view on the weekends.


I like my slow weekends. And I really do live a charmed life.

Hope your weekend is good as mine will be. Cheers!






Good gravy!  I really had all intentions to do lots of work today on the computer, because anything physical wasn’t going to happen (post marathon soreness).  However, it’s 5:20 p.m. and I still haven’t accomplished anything. And on top of that it’s the 2nd day in September!! WHAAATT!?!?! Good gravy.

So as of right now, today I rest………tomorrow I’ll take over the world!


It’s GAME DAY!!!

game day

See you at the end!!

raceday 2legit


Trample The Weak And Hurdle The Dead!

It’s getting closer and closer!!

Tupelo Marathon

I’m excited. I have the most serious case of happy feet there is!!

happy feet

I’m ready to run.


17 Days Till Tupleo Marathon 2013

tupleo 17


I’m tired. Not so much physically but because my dog kept me up all night!  I seriously gotta get a doggy door or teach her how to use the toilet!  However today I’m just zonked.   Thank goodness today is a rest day.

18 Days Till Tupelo Marathon 2013


Wholly Guacamole Batman!!  This marathon is inching closer and closer and soon to be a reality!! This will be #7 to be exact but this one is different (have I said that before?). I’ve never gone into a marathon with a specific time in mind. NEVER!  So I’m very anxious, nervous, excited, overwhelmed and scared. I wish I could share my goal time with you but right now I’m not brave enough!!!

Seriously, I’m not. I’ve got this whole big post planned post marathon and I’ll let you know everything then . Basically it’ll be did I meet my goal, how do I feel or did I fall flat on my face and how do I feel.  I know I should be braver than this and but this is me. That little bit of reserved, skittish person that always leaves a little untold.

 How are things going? 
I’m loving my training. I’m running close to 50 miles a week and I absolutely love it.  It’s like I was meant for the mileage. Meaning, I don’t feel run down, tired, depleted.  I may never be fast but that’s okay. There’s something about pushing myself  and doing the work. It’s a sense of completion and accomplishment.
  Some mornings I sleep in and push my workouts to the evenings just because I might be a little tired when I get up. It’s very rare because I HATE working out in the evenings Either way I try to stay committed to the plan.  I try to listen to my body and know when I need to stretch or when I might need to ease back a bit. I really feel like losing the weight prior to training for this marathon has given me a great experience in listening to what my body is saying and responding back. I think if I hadn’t it would been a  constant tug of war between why am I sucking wind so bad and always so tired. Instead, I’ve  been able to train like my body really wanted to.
Other stuff…..
I try to take a few pictures on each run so I can remember why I love what I’m doing. Here’s a few from the past week.
2013-08-13 06.11.28
Another beautiful morning sky. I see them all the time but I still get excited to see them!
This road was rough! Hilly and as you can see, sun blazing hot!
My trip home the view was amazing!  Almost picture perfect 😉
Another part of my run. I was heading up a hill and it just seemed like I could touch the sky.  Love it!!
Water bucket or future toilet? Not sure but I was amused by it!
Cow anyone?
calera sunrise
Another amazing sunrise to be seen.
So there you have it!  A glimpse of all the things I get to see. Be sure to come back, I’ll be posting more in the days to come.
Till next time………Cheers!

How Do I Feel?


19 Days till Tupelo Marathon 2013

It’s 19 days left and I’ve been asked by Becca (Hi Becca!!), how do I feel?  That’s a great question. I feel great, I think. I don’t know honestly.  I have a cocktail of emotions going on in my head so to be honest I really don’t know how I feel.

Physically, I’m okay. I’m remaining injury free and I’m getting in all my prescribed runs. Physically, I’m good.

Everything else is just crazy ball of …………..crazy!  I can’t even begin to described how I am mentally. I’m excited, but I keep thinking I need to reel that in for what ever reason. Then I’m also apprehensive but yet I keep reminding myself that this is not my first rodeo. So I’m holding off posting about any true emotional feelings until this is done. I feel like in order to keep everything together I need to keep those feelings bottled till after the race. It’s almost as if my emotions are glue and the race is Fruit Loops, if I purge my emotions about what I’m going through the Fruit Loops want stick to the glue on paper (me) because they’ll be washed away somehow. So in order to be “whole” race day those feelings have to remained bottled up.  Crazy, I know!!

So I guess I can summarize your question Becca by saying, “I feel fine physically, emotionally, I’m crazy!”


20 Days Left!


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