The Weekend…

What’s the best way to sum up my weekend….hmmm….

It rained.


Not ALL weekend but enough.

Friday night was a slow lazy night. We hung out on the back porch just unwinding from a hectic week, watched a movie and went to bed early. 9 p.m. Seriously. Friday night and I went to bed early. There was a time when Friday night meant letting loose and having fun with friends shouting over loud music. I remember this one time me and my girlfriends went out to the this club on the beach and we danced our booties off  and then when the night was over we went swimming in the ocean. Not a care in the world (this was before cell phones, Facebook and Instagram). But this Friday night I spent it with my wonderful hubby who was just as content as I was being the lazy bums we were!

Saturday was a 7 mile run. Sans the running watch and cell phone!  I know what your thinking, “But Brandy how do you prove it really happened if you didn’t have anything to document it with?” Trust  me……….it happened. It was hot, humid and I prayed hard for a rain shower but it came later. I guess I should have specified when I wanted the rain shower!!  My glitch in my hip is slowly working its way out. I’ve been massaging, rolling, buffing, stretching, heating, hip hiking, and who knows what else in all efforts to rid the pest out of my hip. There is no room for injuries in this body! My runs have been slow but I don’t feel like an 92 yr old woman trying to finish them either.  It’s getting there. I was just happy to run!

The rest of Saturday was for errands, cleaning and just other normal stuff.

Sunday held a nice surprise. I slept till 8:30 a.m.!! Guess I needed it but it left me with little time for a run before church. So off to church we go.  After church we had a nice surprise, I received a text from my best gal pal that her and her sweet family were coming to town on a short notice and maybe just maybe they would be staying with us!!  We love house guest but these guys are more than house guest, they’re family!!! So finally about 8:30 p.m. I got to lay my eyes on them for the first time in many months!! Love those faces!!!

Her husband was my husbands roommate before we married and our friendship was created through their relationship. We have so much in common and she’s like an older sister I never had. I love my time with her!! She also has a sister who we became great friends with as well and love her just as dearly but 5 years ago through work both sisters moved at the same time. One went to Auburn the other to Dallas. I was HEARTBROKEN!!! I miss my girls and family dinner nights immensely  but I still love them both.

So that was the weekend. Quiet weekend, day to day stuff with dash of surprise at the end.  Once again, good stuff!




The Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!  Welcome to my weekend round up. It’s the area that I digest my weekend run however good or bad it may be along with any other escapeds that I might have par taken in.

First off let me say thank you to all the men and women who have and continue to protect our fine country. You guys and gals are amazing!!

Memorial Day

This weekend took us to my mother-in-laws house. Depending on the number of family members that pile in we call it Camp W or just The Farm.  Either way it’s a little slice of heaven. It’s peaceful, serene and just wide open spaces. Kids can run and play till the wee hours and the adults do pretty much the same.  It’s just an amazing little place and the town is just as small. It encompasses 4 gas stations within 1 block and a handful of eateries along with a Piggly Wiggly, Freds and Dollar General. It has more to it than that but that’s the jest of it. I love visiting.  It always heals my soul for a couple of days.

Getting runs in sometimes can be challenging. With wide open spaces includes unleashed animals both two legged and four legged.  Since cell service is very limited I have to play it safe where I go and how long I’m gone.  It’s the kind of area where I’m sure people from the witness protection program could go and never be found.  So my running route is a 1.75 mile route. It’s got beautiful scenery and for the most part low traffic. I enjoy it.

My weekend run was limited to 3 miles. I would like higher mileage but since I’m nursing a hitch in my hip I’m keeping the miles low. If all goes well I’ll start increasing it here soon. That’s my hopes wishes and dreams. I’ve been walking to help strengthen my legs when I’m not running and I also started sporting these amazing new compression pants by BioSkin post run (after I dry off) (review to follow in few days) and I can feel it getting better. It’s just going to take time. It’s always something!   Putting all the negative stuff aside it just felt good to move and be outside.

Here are few pics from the weekend……

Lexi memorial day

Road Trip!

pounds 2 miles memorial day

Front door view from Camp W

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 3

Just me and the cows

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 4

English roses were in full bloom everywhere!

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 5

Berries poppin! Nature’s candy

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 8

Lawn mowing coupled with teaching the boy how to drive.


Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 9

I was trusted with power tools! Living dangerously!

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial day 10

Now we play!

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial day 11

Tending to the garden

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial day 13

Our harvest

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial day 14

And of course many trips were made to the barn so we could check our phones. To get any real service we have to drive into town.

Another beautiful, blessed weekend in the books. Only a few more days and we can try it again next weekend!  Cheers!

The Weekend………..

Hello Friday!!  The weekend is finally here! Oh how I’ve missed you!!  So here we are AGAIN and I’m grateful that we are.  Not only here we are at Friday again but NOVEMBER 1st!  Unbelievable.   Time flies when I’m having fun, and I must be having a lot of it because good gravy where did October go?!?  Just unbelievable!!


I love November. I love the colors, the starting of family gatherings and just everything it brings.  I’m such an Autumn  baby!


Also I’ll be posting for the next 30 days about one thing I’m grateful for each day, of course it has to have a name………..Grateful November.  So be on the look out. Starting after this post!

Grateful November

Meanwhile,  everything else is about the same more running in preparation for  the 2013 Dallas Marathon ……………..

2013 Dallas Marathon

and of course the normal stuff required by life work, work and more work (blah blah blah).  Something about paying the light bill and water bill and some other bills.  BORING!

Anyways, be sure to check back. I’ll be posting Saturday post run about the my week in running, just updates leading up to the 2013 Dallas Marathon and don’t for get that I’ll be posting once a day for 30 days in regards to Grateful November.  Lot’s of good stuff coming up so don’t forget to come back and check in!