Thankful November Day4

I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful home I live in. It’s truly a comfort zone for me. I know home is where ever my Mr. is but I do love our little house. It’s small but cozy. I know there are some people in this world that live in much less or in anything at all so I do not take for granted what I have. I thank God everyday for blessing me with all that he has. My cup runneth over.

Thankful November day 3

I’m thankful for my sweet, sweet friend Clair. Anybody who knows me knows I can be a handful. Thank you for putting up with me. Love you doll!

P.s. I stole this picture from her! 8•)

Thankful November day 2

Yes I’m a day late.
I’m so grateful and thankful for my large and extended family. I have some of the most wonderful sister-in-laws and I’m so grateful they share they’re children with me.

Thank you God for giving me the family you have. You always know what I need and provide accordingly. Thank you.

Thankful November-1

I’m so thankful for my wonderful, caring, loving, forgiving, goofy, patient husband.  

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