Thankful #10

Thankful November


I am thankful for dirty dishes and a messy kitchen

Thankful for dirty dishes


I’m ever so thankful for a messy kitchen because that means I have a kitchen. I have some place to make messy. I’m thankful for dirty dishes and a messy kitchen because that means I have food to cook and enjoy. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and place to lay my head at night. I’m safe and loved.

What are you thankful for?


Thankful #5

Thankful November

I am thankful for patient people in my life.

I had a rough day today. It was stressful. I couldn’t find anything, nothing was where it should be and I was tired and snappy. Those around me could have lashed out at me for not being more organized or for being so snappy or for just being me but instead they gave me grace and space.   I am so grateful for that. I’m going to bed and tomorrow will be a new day.


Thankful #4

Thankful November

I am thankful for our home.



I have a thing for small houses. I love an older home with charm and history but I think our home is perfect for us. We’ve lived here for ten  years now but our home is newer. When everyone we know was looking for bigger and better we found this small place and fell in love with it.  I love the coziness of it. Sure I would love to have a designated office and a true laundry room instead of a laundry closet but truth be told what we have just works really well for us. A couple of years ago we added on a beautiful covered porch so my love for the home grew even more!  I think a small home (if your responsible) keeps a person from owning too much stuff. If you do, then you’ll likely find yourself very cramped.  Putting all that aside I love our house because it fits us. It gives us freedom to do other things rather than cleaning a bigger home, repairing a bigger home, supplying a bigger home. I love that our house is just minutes from everything we need. We  live in a neighborhood where children can travel around safely. There’s only one entrance and all the streets are cul-de-sac. Another bonus is  I get to walk out my front door and take off running and get in a comfortable 3 miles. No country roads to fight and I don’t have to drive anywhere to run if I  don’t want to. It truly is just a perfect little place for us.

I also am so thankful that I have a roof over my head, a warm bed and place to call home.

And that’s why I am thankful for my home.

What are you thankful for?


Thankful #3

I am thankful for the rain.

rainy days

We have had a really dry summer and until two weekends ago, a dry fall. I mean, it’s not like have a garden that needs watering I just enjoy rain. Nothing treacherous or damaging. I’ve never been to Oregon but its that kind of weather I would imagine they have that I think I would like (notice a lot of “I thinks” in that statement). Anyways, I love sun and sand and all things beachy. I could move to Hawaii and live my days away there in the surf but I’m enjoy a good rain day (or two or three).  I love how it washes everything clean  even though there are mud puddles.

singing in the rain

I love umbrellas and rain boots.


.I love running in the rain  (a light rain). So when I have rainy days, I tend to be thankful.

What are you thankful for?


two ducks

Thankful #2

Thankful November

I am so thankful for early morning quiet times and the amazing sunrises that come with it. I love walking out my door and knowing that moments like this are just waiting for me.

purple sky

It doesn’t matter where I go, the world normally has some type of view just waiting to be found. Sure I could skip taking pictures but it feels selfish not sharing this.

Sunrise somewhere

Sunrise somewhere

Sunrise at Sunfish Triathlon in Meridian, MS

Sunrise at Sunfish Triathlon in Meridian, MS

Sunrise somewhere in Ohio

Sunrise somewhere in Ohio

Sunrise on the Longleaf Trace in Hattiesburg, MS

Sunrise on the Longleaf Trace in Hattiesburg, MS

I personally think it’s the best time of the day. The world is still quiet and the sky comes in some amazing colors.


Most the time I catch these sunrises thanks to running other times it comes just from me sitting on my front porch while I read. I find that this time is so important to keep me in my happy place.


Sunsets are great but starting the day fresh, new and waiting to see what the day brings is the best part!


What are you grateful and thankful for?


P.S. You can find more sunrises and peeks into my quiet time on Instagram.


Hello November

Hello november

Can you believe it? Another month gone and another month here. November is my favorite because……

  1. It’s like the mother of them all for fall. It’s like the last hoorah to get in all things fall…


2. The food is just amazing…….


And the best part……………


My intentions for this month was to run a marathon my birthday weekend or close to it but I couldn’t find one I just absolutely loved. However I’ll be training my legs off for the Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon. It’s not until February but the clock is ticking down so I’ve got to train or it will be ugly!

So it’s November and that means I’ll be sharing my list of what I’m thankful for until Thanksgiving. I’m thankful everyday but this month I like to share the love and gratitude with you guys (lucky you). Starting with today (since it is November 1 you know) I am grateful for my hubby. I know it sounds cheesy to go straight there but I have to say I really am grateful for him. He makes me laugh and he drives me crazy and supports me. We spend our whole lives trying to find “the one” and I’ve made it. We’re not perfect, he lets me be weird and he doesn’t try to change me. He loves me for me. He makes life, love and marriage easy. He never makes me feel like I have be some version of myself I’m not. If I have a bad day he knows to let me have space.  If I fail at something he doesn’t make things worse by reiterating how I failed. I’m grateful for him everyday.

So what are you grateful for?



Thankful November Day 14

I know this is going to sound trivial but I am so thankful for a heater with a programmable thermostat.  It has been set for the heater to turn on at 5 a.m. so that the house is toasty. By doing that, I don’t feel the chill biting at me forcing me to stay in bed when I should be working out. So so thankful for this otherwise I feel like this week would have been a bust!   

Thankful November Day 13

I’m so grateful for warm clothes and roof over my head.  My cup runneth over!

Thankful November Day 11

I’m more than thankful for our Veterans. I have so many family members and friends that are veterans, I can’t say thank you enough, however, Thank you.

Thankful November Day 10

I realize that my thankful post may be trivial but I really do mean them. Some peoples have poetic and beautiful. Mine…….are just me. With that being said………..I’m thankful for Google and the internet. Seriously.

I would be as dumb as a box of rocks if it wasn’t for the good ole’ internet.  

Thankful November- Day 9

Coffee. It’s okay  I’m thankful for coffee. It seems a bit shallow but today I’m SO thankful for it. What if I couldn’t afford it?  But I can. What If I didn’t have it? But I do. Just let it be known, I’m thankful for it!!

Thankful November Day 8

Parents. I am so thankful for my parents. They are not my biological parents but they are my parents. They clothed me, cared for me and made me the strong individual I am today. I know sometimes they wished they had done things differently but I know had they, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thank you.

Thanks November Day 7

I’m thankful for quiet days. I love my friends and family but I love my quiet time. It’s my reset button. It keeps me sane in a insane world.

“I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.”

(Audrey Hepburn: Many-Sided Charmer, LIFE Magazine, December 7, 1953)” 
― Audrey Hepburn

Thankful November Day 6

I am thankful that I have the privilege and the right to vote as a citizen and as woman.  

Thankful November Day 5

I am thankful and more than grateful for the job and employer that I have.  I’ve always been blessed with great bosses who I’ve always learned and grown from. I love that I can look back and say I learned this from so and so and I got this experience at this place.  I love that my current employer treats me like family and has for the past 8 years.  In this economy things are not easy but I’m so grateful and thankful for the job I  have and who I work for.  I thankful that they share their children and family experiences with me. I love that I have been nicknamed by their children and will forever have that name (BB) because of them. These are experiences and memories I will carry forever in my heart. So if you ever make it to this page…….Thank you for everything!


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