Running Hot!

Welcome back!  Yep, it’s been 21 days since my last post but thats only because I’ve been so busy having fun!  I’m such a happier person in the summer time! I realize just about every post I always rant and rave about there never being enough time. Well this is all I have to say about it…………..

Meanwhile this is what I’ve been up to………..

I’ve definitively been getting some solid runs in. As I always say my runs are slow but they are really starting to feel more productive. My schedule probably should be tougher but I’m just trying to finish the Tupelo marathon strong. I’ve finally got a running schedule I think I handle but I don’t think I really know until after this week.   I’ve got 11 weeks till Tupelo.  It should fly by but I still get antsy thinking about it.  It’s not like I’m going to break any records but you know after my whole Georgia marathon fiasco I’m anxious to get a better race behind me.  My running partner Thu has be graciously patient with me.  She takes walk breaks when I need them and cheers me on when I need it.  She’s such a naturally stronger athlete than I am.  She swears up and down she aches like I do but I don’t buy it!  This coming weekend we starting dipping into the double digits of mileage for our long runs.  It’s hard to run around town without eventually getting in someone’s way.  I know we have the Trace but for me it’s SO BORING!!   I don’t mind biking it but running it wipes me out mentally.  I however  love a good road run. There’s nothing like starting out on one side of town and looping my way around to the other side of town and back to the starting point all on foot.  Hattiesburg is not biker/walker/runner friendly when it comes to the placement of businesses, designated lanes, etc.  I would love to ride my bike to work or even run home from work but as far as the biking goes, I’m just signing my death wish by commuting in Hattiesburg!  Maybe one day we’ll be commuter friendly meanwhile me and the Danger Ranger will make do around town!!

I also have started dabbling in GeoCaching. What is GeoCaching you might be asking?  Well……..

I have found one (see picture above, it’s the small container) and i’ve looked seriously for one other but I seriously felt like I was going to get arrested.  It really should be advertised as a group activity.  It  might look less weird.  All the same it really is fun. I use my cell phone as the GPS system.  I keep saying i’m going to spend the day looking for the one’s that are local. I just haven’t made an effort.

I’ve also been to the beach, reading on those extremely hot days when I have nothing better to do and little things around the house. Nothing special.   Ohhhh in my free time i’ve become extremely obessesd with www.  I can be found on here at  It’s really cool to find so many interesting things out there and to see what other people are into.  It can be used for so many things.  You can use it to find inspiration, motivation or  if you have clients that you want to put an idea bored together so that they can go online at no charge and see it.  Such a cool idea.   I’m also a huge stalker of

I’ve been doing some reading as well. Still trying to finish “The Paris Wife.”  It’s a good book just a long read.  With my online book club we just wrapped up our first inaugural book “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter.” It’s a fast read.  I think next on our list is “The Girls Guide to Homelessness.”  I have several books I want to read and several series as well.  I’ve decided I need to win the lottery so I can quit my job or at least work part time so that I can spend more time running, reading, crafting and interneting.  Totally doable if I win the lottery!

Well that’s all I’ve got tonight.  I’ll check back in after our long run this weekend.




Happy Saturday!

Oh happy Saturday!! I love Saturday mornings and who doesn’t!?  Some people watch cartoons, some eat pancakes, some go for donuts. Believe it or not there is a whole population that wakes up at stupid thirty on Saturdays (when normally Monday through Fridays it’s all they can do to drag themselves out of bed at 6 a.m.) and make their way out  because somewhere just outside their door waits a long run or race of some sort.  This population gets more done before 9 on Saturdays than most people do all weekend.  Why?   Everybody has their own reasons. Some it’s a tradition. There’s a local guy that goes to a race EVERY Saturday!  It’s a tradition for him. I know several people who do it so they can eat a little more in the afternoons. That’s okay too. So how might you get a “running tradition” of your own?

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  2. running shoes

Need a training  plan? Here’s a few I suggest. Just remember one foot in front of the other. It’s a gift to run.

Cool Running\’s Couch to 5k training plan

Runners World Training

Hal Higdon Training Website

Jeff Galloway Training Website

Also, thanks to Complete Running Network they have 100 tips for beginner runners.  I personally find #1, #3, #35, & #77 are the ones I agree with most. Enjoy!

100 Beginner Running Tips

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