Memories of 26.2 Miles through San Francisco

6 years ago today I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon through San Francisco. I loved that race and I like to think it loved me back!  Just to take a trip down memory lane here’s a repost of that race report.  Originally posted here


I traveled, I ran and I came home with the signature Tiffany blue box. Yep, this past weekend I made a whirlwind trip from Mississippi to San Francisco to run in the 2011 Nike Women’s Marathon. For 5 years I’ve entered lottery only to be turned down till this year.  In the meantime I’ve ran in 6 marathons with 1 DNF (did not finish) and since August 2010 I’ve been chasing #6 finishers medal. In August of 2010 I planned on running a marathon only to be plagued with injuries. Then in January 2011 I went to Georgia to get #6 finishers medal only to have to throw in the towel with three miles to go.  Then in August of this year I had planned on running the race I wanted to do in August of 2010  but I backed out at the beginning of August so that I could concentrate on the Nike Marathon. So needless to say #6 was worth the wait.

Friday at  9 A.M. I flew out to San Francisco arriving at 1 p.m. busting with pure excitement. I couldn’t wait to see the pink Nike tent and all that awaited. I knew that if Nike was involved it was going to be an awesome event. And it was.  The Nike Expo was located centrally in downtown San Francisco at Union Square. Fortunately it wasn’t far from my hotel, two blocks.


From the beginning Nike made it so easy and so much fun to be there.  They had people from the start directing folks to the correct area that we needed to go and if there were any problems they handled them with great ease.  Gatorade was a sponsor so there was nice little area set up so that you could sample what would be on the race course.

Next Neutrogena had an awesome booth that let you sample their products plus sent home some nice samples as well. It was like a mini facial.

Paul Mitchell staff was on sight to help style hair.

While all of this is going on there was a phenomenal DJ rocking the place.

It was so much fun just hanging out. In addition  there was a relaxation area where you could prop your feet up in massaging chairs.

In the back of the expo was Nike’s main area.  In one area there was gait analysis, sport bra fittings and photo ops as well.   They also had several laptops set up so that we could set up our Facebook to request automatic updates to out statuses while we were running.  Outside the expo several other booths were set up as well.  It was definitely a fun and upbeat place to be. They also had a small little booth set up outside (think porta potty small) with last minute race essentials.

Across the street was Niketown and of course, Tiffany’s!!  Fun little thing is that Nike had a huge wall with all the participants names listed.  It was exciting to see my name. It made it all a little more real that I was about to run 26.2 miles.


After cruising through Niketown and purchasing a few souvenoirs  I headed back to the hotel to change clothes stretch my legs out and then we were headed to Alcatrez for a night tour.

I highly recommend it if you ever go.  However before we could leave I realized that on our way there we had to go back to the Expo.  Somehow I realized that I was given a half-marathon bib instead of a full marathon.  Fortunately, the folks made it super easy to switch it out and we were on our merry way..

Saturday I wanted to see as much of San Francisco as possible with little walking as possible. The tour company Mr. Toad’s was just the way to go. I had to book our tour before going out there so in advance we knew to meet them at Fisherman’s Wharf.  So after doing the tourist thing and taking the trolley down to Fisherman’s Wharf we spent the next 3 hours touring San Francisco from a 1922 Rambler.

We got out twice to see a few things and to stretch our legs.  First stop was at China Town where we checked out the little shop where they make fortune cookies.It was actually interesting to watch since there was only three ladies doing these by hand. They make approximately 20,000 of these every year!  Next door was fellow who played his violin outside his barbershop. Apparently his quit famous around there. He’s even starred in a movie or two. Pursuit of Happiness was his proudest appearance from what I gathered.

If your ever in the San Fran area and want to see a lot in a short amount of time I highly recommend Mr. Toads Tours.  They really make it fun, enjoyable and you won’t kill your legs climbing hills trying to see everything.

Saturday night was pretty low key.I was pretty tired from the day before and actually fell asleep pretty early.  I was relieved when I woke up Sunday morning knowing I had slept well. Sunday morning getting ready was easy. Had a decent little breakfast and then it was off to get my Tiffany necklace.  From the moment I stepped out the hotel the streets were packed almost an hour before the race was scheduled to start. The city was booming with music, lights and videos being projected on to screens.  Nike even had someone to help warm up the crowd. I personally just watched the warmup. That’s what the first 3 miles are for right?

So after a relaxed start I was off to complete my marathon. The first two miles were easy but mile number three introduced me to my first hill. Immediately I thought, “Oh crap!” I immediately knew that I had to walk the hills in order to make it.  Miles three and four were rough but it was mile seven that really got me.  It was the never ending  uphill.  It’s a hill I never want to see ever again!  Then the downhill was just as hard.  I felt certain that if someone bumped into me I was going to roll downhill!! It was pretty steep.  Miles nine and ten were steady inclines as well.  The whole first half was just brutal with hills.

The second half wasn’t as nearly as bad.  My hips were feeling the effects of the hills but I feel like I went into the second half feeling pretty good.  The only time I ever started feeling tired was when they took us around Lake Merced.  A lot of people didn’t like the route I learned as I was chatting with folks while we were running.  The didn’t like the traffic part but it gave me something to look at. It kept me entertained.  The thing that was hardest for me was the fact that up until that point it had been cloudy most of the day but the sun started coming out  and it was zapping some of my energy.  However at some point it went away and after a much needed potty break I felt ready to go again. Also on the way to Lake Merced and to the finish line was a beautiful view of the beach.  Yes it was a long stretch of it but it’s not something I personally get to see everyday. It was fun to watch the surfers and it gave me a mental break from what I was doing.

The whole race I had been running off of heart rate instead of pace.  My goal was to keep it above 145 but I didn’t want it going pass 155. I think once it did but other than that I probably had a harder time pushing it up to 155.  My hips were just fatigued and didn’t have the strength to push like I wish they would.  Mentally I feel like I held up really well.   I never questioned myself or doubted myself. I knew what I had to do and that was that.

The finish line was a sweet sweet sight. And the prize was just as phenomenal as I had hoped.  My little blue box I’ve been wanting was just beautiful.


It’s definitely the best finisher’s medal I’ve gotten to date! It’ll be hard to top that one!

The post race set up was a little weak.  They were out of fruit and the finishers tee didn’t have my size.  Neutrogena did have a set up with face wipes that was much needed especially since I had my finishers photo taken with some hunky firefighters!

There was chocolate milk available and a really neat stretching area as well.

I also highly recommend purchasing the post race shuttle tickets because I was in no shape to try to figure out how to get back to my hotel. The shuttle took us back to Union Square which was plenty close enough since I was only two blocks away.

Monday I’m back in Mississippi with a little fatigue and some mild soreness.  It was a very fast, fun and busy weekend.  A lot of flying, and a lot running.  Would I run NWM 26.2 again? Probably not. I can say I’ve been there, done that and got the blue box.  A lot people have done that race repeatedly and just love it.  I would give it an A- just because of the finisher’s t-shirt issue but overall I would recommend to a girl friend to run. It’s a fun race, it’s entertaining, it’s challenging and the course is well supported.

I’m so glad this race was my #6 finishing race.  It was well worth the hard work and wait.

Round Is A Shape

Okay so I know I’ve been MIA.  I haven’t had motivation to write I guess.  I think the last time I wrote anything it said something like “Hello June.”  Soon it was goodbye June and hello July and the vicious cycle continued.  I find myself saying “They’re only so many hours in the day and you can only do what you can do.” It’s partially true but quiet honestly, we make time for what we really want to do or don’t want to do. Never thought I would find time to do nothing.

Anyways, this summer has been some what productive. I have been working out in my garage with a few friends, my husband calls it “Garage Pilates” but really, it’s  a mix up of pilates with Jillan Michaels with a dab of circuit training.  I’ve done more push ups this summer than I have in the last year!!  It’s been good for me.  I’ve also been logging in low mileage and beyond that…..that’s it.

With that being said, I am sad to say I’ve put back on a good bit of weight that I had so proudly lost.  It started with Christmas candy my mother made 2 Christmases ago. And I made an attack plan post Christmas with high mileage involved. I was prepped for beast mode. Then my Dad passed away and I don’t remember much of the rest of 2014. It’s a blur.  I wouldn’t say I binged my way through the year or self-soothed myself with food. I just didn’t pay attention to what I ate.  I ate whatever.  No mindfulness or care. I just ate.


I am grateful for very supportive friends because through the blur they kept me going and encouraging me to keep moving forward. Even if they knew what they were doing or didn’t, they helped me to keep moving forward.  I did a half marathon that should have been a full and I did  another half marathon that should have been faster. But I finished.

You know, I always thought I was so big and bad and tough and could weather anything. After several rounds with life I’ve learned I’m not as weatherproof as I would like to imagine myself to be. Over the last several years life has thrown some serious upper cuts and sadly I backed into my corner to sit till I saw an apporpriate time to reemerge. The younger version of myself would have kicked my butt from here till the next state if I’d had known I would one day have a spirit of fear and defeat. How awful!!! I’m working on it. Maybe that’s the part of growing up and going through the trials and tribulations of life. Learning to be weatherproof (or some version of it). Anyways, I’ve hidden from you guys because I was so disappointed with myself for A. not weathering life a little better and B. not keeping the weight off.  I jusitified a lot of it by saying “Oh, I don’t need to share everything.” Or “I’m just not that into the blogging thing anymore .” I’m so full of crap.  I was lying to myself and hiding at the same time.

So I’ve recommited myself to the good fight. To be a better version of myself. Happier, healthier and stronger.

So I guess all that’s left to say is……

1 Simple Rule For Running

Today we’re going to talk about the basics of running and the one simple rule you need to remember for running. Maybe your new to running and you just don’t know where to start. If you pick up a running magazine or even google “running tips” it will give you so many options. Almost too many. It becomes overwhelming. Headlines might be something like this…….

“Run Less to Run Faster”

“27 Ways To Run Better Everyday”

“10 Tips To Run Better and Faster”

“The Science of Running”

“Run: Beyond The 5k”

“Born To Run”

” 25 Ways To Run Faster”

“Everything you need to know to run, faster”

The list and books and magazines go on and on and on. Forever.

information overload

Then there’s the list of experts……Galloway, Higdon, Hanson, Romanov, your Dad, your Mother, the guy at the track that never shuts up. It just goes on and on.

So what is a newbie to do? Who do you listen to?


When I started I only knew of Galloway, Higdon, and a lady in the area who I’ll call Mrs. B.  I would harrass Mrs. B at the track because I didn’t know any better and I would read whatever books I could get my hands on. Then Google came into my life along with Amazon and suddenly I was on running overload with a touch of ADD. Then I fell into a running slump. All the sudden I didn’t know what program to follow or what to do.And finally, the most basic rule of running was preached to me. Over and Over. It’s so simple.

Just run.


You don’t have to be fast. You don’t have to have any fancy equipment (although I do love my Garmin) but at the end of the day, the single most important thing to remember when you don’t know what you should be doing………Just run.


Putting one foot in front of the other and staying with it is so important. It’s a natural anti-depressant, your overall health is need of it and your body was intended to move. It was not intended to watch Netflix hour after hour. In fact my new favorite quote is, “If you rest, you rust.”  It’s true. Doing nothing is worse than doing a really slow mile.

Now I realize once you start training for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or……….dare I say it….ultra, you’ll need a plan an even then it’s flood of advice and plans out there. So far for me, hiring a coach has been THE best thing for my training. His advice resonates throughout my training even now. A lot of times when I’m plotting my next race I have his advice and tips to fall back on. That’s priceless! I was very fortunate to have that experience.

I think the most important thing you can do is just run and get connected to your local running group. You’ll learn so much from one another and that in itself will help you grow as a runner.

So remember, when all else fails and you just don’t know what to do, just run!

just run heart



Early Morning Run

Nothing new or exciting. Just running. (for another marathon, #8 is great!!)

The Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!  Welcome to my weekend round up. It’s the area that I digest my weekend run however good or bad it may be along with any other escapeds that I might have par taken in.

First off let me say thank you to all the men and women who have and continue to protect our fine country. You guys and gals are amazing!!

Memorial Day

This weekend took us to my mother-in-laws house. Depending on the number of family members that pile in we call it Camp W or just The Farm.  Either way it’s a little slice of heaven. It’s peaceful, serene and just wide open spaces. Kids can run and play till the wee hours and the adults do pretty much the same.  It’s just an amazing little place and the town is just as small. It encompasses 4 gas stations within 1 block and a handful of eateries along with a Piggly Wiggly, Freds and Dollar General. It has more to it than that but that’s the jest of it. I love visiting.  It always heals my soul for a couple of days.

Getting runs in sometimes can be challenging. With wide open spaces includes unleashed animals both two legged and four legged.  Since cell service is very limited I have to play it safe where I go and how long I’m gone.  It’s the kind of area where I’m sure people from the witness protection program could go and never be found.  So my running route is a 1.75 mile route. It’s got beautiful scenery and for the most part low traffic. I enjoy it.

My weekend run was limited to 3 miles. I would like higher mileage but since I’m nursing a hitch in my hip I’m keeping the miles low. If all goes well I’ll start increasing it here soon. That’s my hopes wishes and dreams. I’ve been walking to help strengthen my legs when I’m not running and I also started sporting these amazing new compression pants by BioSkin post run (after I dry off) (review to follow in few days) and I can feel it getting better. It’s just going to take time. It’s always something!   Putting all the negative stuff aside it just felt good to move and be outside.

Here are few pics from the weekend……

Lexi memorial day

Road Trip!

pounds 2 miles memorial day

Front door view from Camp W

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 3

Just me and the cows

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 4

English roses were in full bloom everywhere!

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 5

Berries poppin! Nature’s candy

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 8

Lawn mowing coupled with teaching the boy how to drive.


Pounds 2 Miles Memorial 9

I was trusted with power tools! Living dangerously!

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial day 10

Now we play!

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial day 11

Tending to the garden

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial day 13

Our harvest

Pounds 2 Miles Memorial day 14

And of course many trips were made to the barn so we could check our phones. To get any real service we have to drive into town.

Another beautiful, blessed weekend in the books. Only a few more days and we can try it again next weekend!  Cheers!

Motivation Monday

It’s Monday!?!? Yep and we’re going to like it! I love Motivational Monday! It gets me excited about the week ahead. So……….no sour attitudes or ugly looks, nothing but positive, fierce, happy attitudes. If anybody gives your attitude about your positiveness you got flowing, just laugh because they’re the one ruining their day, not yours!  OWN IT!

Last week was rough. I had major plans for the week and then…………….TOM showed up. Just like a dude to rain on my parade. He showed up with headaches, exhaustion and irritability. I was struggling. By Saturday I had packed his bags and booted him to the curb just in time for a 7 mile run. This week, I’ll redeem what he squandered last week. No excuses. I’ve got 24 hours in a day just like everyone else so all my goals will be met!

Be sure to stop by my Facebook page to share how you’re getting your Motivational Monday going. I always love hearing from you!

Here’s to a successful week filled with fierceness, love and laughter. Cheers!

weight loss motivation Motivation running motivation



Week 2 of 2013 Dallas Marathon Training

Today I’m covering week 2 of my training leading up to the 2013 Dallas Marathon in Dallas, Texas.  Each week I’ll do an update so that people will know what training is like for the average runner. I’m not a 2:21 marathon runner. In fact I bring up the rear of a marathon.  I’m hear to show you that yes, you can do a marathon. If I can do it,  you can to!!

Run A marathon

Each week I’ll be covering a different topic, if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!

Also, here’s a link to few of the brands I mentioned:

Dallas Marathon

Simple Hydration

90 Revolutions

Running Nutrition 

Remember, the big thing to remember about nutrition is find what works for you. A lot of people can’t stomach gels but they’re okay with chews. I’ve even had some friends to use gummy bears .  Just be sure to take in about a 100 calories every 3 miles.  Having a set nutrition schedule when you run helps delay the “hitting the wall” effect.

Tip: Carry peppermints with you when your run.  Not only is it great for a slow, easy sugar release but it also helps settle an upset stomach.

  A great time to experiment and practice is during your long runs. Not only with gels and chews but also  find out what works as far as hydration is concerned.  Something to keep in mind is, if you plan on using a hydration pack for your marathon make sure the marathon will allow it. Since the Boston Marathon bombings, the New York City Marathon is not allowing hydration packs.  So be sure they’re allowed before you get use to using  them.

Also remember, don’t skip your long runs!  Your long run is what helps you have a better marathon experience.  Next week I’ll touch on what you should do during this long runs to help mimic your marathon day .

Till next time……Cheers!

Reason #11 Why You Should Do A Marathon

Alrighty, guess who’s training for the 2013 Dallas Marathon!?!?!  (P.S. You can sign up HERE for it!)

dallas marathon 2013


I thought I should start Mondays with ONE reason every week why you should do a marathon!!

So here we go…………………………………………………..

Reason Number 11 why you should do a marathon:

The races are fun!!  Big races (like Dallas) have a phenomenal atmosphere!  Bring some friends to do it with you and it can be a 26.2 mile block party. People are cheering YOU on!  People are there to support YOU whether they know you or not.    Why would you want to miss out on that experience?!?!  You meet so many people while running it , people you won’t  meet if you don’t do it.

The marathon is an attainable goal for you.  Don’t let yourself think anything else. You can do this.  And once you do, it’s an experience no one can take away from you!!

So pick a race, train then reap the rewards of race day!!

I’m very very excited about this!! I’m going to Dallas for the 2013 Dallas Marathon!!

Dallas Marathon Start

The start of the 2012 Dallas Marathon

All I can think is RUN, RUN, RUN!!

It’s going to be amazing! The atmosphere, the route…….just the overall event!

I hope Dallas is ready for me!!

(P.S. back to work tomorrow…………….long run 10 miles)



12 Days Left & I’m A Headcase!

12 days left!


12 days!!

Physically I’m holding up. No shin pain, very very minimum hip soreness, hamstrings and calves are great. I’m not achy. Quads are staying healthy. I’m physically good.  Next go around I probably should do non-weight bearing back exercises to help strengthen to go along with ab exercises but overall I would give myself a B+ (always room for improvement!).
 So what is going on in my head right now…………..
Okay seriously, at this point I’m feeling:
*Mental Exhaustion
It’s all natural to feel this way and I know that I’m ready. I know that I got this and that I’ll finish. I’m mentally tough and physically. I’ve beat this body over the last 12 weeks into submission. It knows that at 5 a.m. September 1st  that it will run 26.2 miles and like it!!
I’m also starting to taper. No it’s not a new craft project, it’s where my mileage is cutting back so my body can store up energy and repair itself for the big day.  I also have to cut back on my calories. Since I won’t be running as many miles in the next 12 days I have to scale back on the calories so I won’t gain weight going into my marathon.  What does that look like for me? Going from 2000 calories to 1650.  I don’ t mind. It’s also a great way for my body to get the signal that I can’t eat as much after my 12 days is up. Once this round of marathon training is done I’ll need to scale back on my eating or otherwise I’ll eat us all out of house and home!! I’m such an eater.
OMG! I love food!! Anyways………..
With all the stuff going through my head (Am I ready, did I run enough, will I fall as flat as a pancake on my face from not training enough) just a barrage of different thoughts but I’m actually okay. Nervous but okay. Anxious but okay.
I’ve told myself if I can complete this marathon in the time that I want to finish (or just finish) then I’m going to be okay.I’ll be okay anyways but I NEED this marathon. I need this finish. If I can do this (which I know I can because quitting is not an option) it’s like a universal sign that I’m going to be okay. That anything from that moment on is just chump change. It’s like a letter from God saying “Brandy, you’re going to be okay.” Crazy, I know but it’s the best way I can describe it.
Have you ever needed something so badly you felt like your life depended on it?
I know my life doesn’t depend on this. I know the world will not stop turning. In my little world, in the spec of dust that I am in this universe, it matters to me.
I didn’t mean to go into all that!!  Whew!  Serisously, the mindset going into these type of events will make you a little crazy. Some people are just all like “Whatever” but not me. I’m all headcase, need a xanax stat! Maybe instead of Pounds to Miles I should be The Headcase Runner.
Okay kids, till next time!

Marathon Countdown Begins


25 days till Tupelo Marathon

Oh I’ve been a bad blogger!!  It’s been 25 days since I’ve done any writing but to honest all I do is………….

sleep eat work

Just a couple of months ago it was all about my diet. Now it’s all about the marathon. Not that my diet has given way but it’s hard to be calorie restricted when I’m putting in about 50 miles a week.

Let’s revisit that. I’m running 50 miles a week. That’s the most I’ve ever ran in my life!! And it feels good!

tubmlr 1


Some mornings I’m more tired than I care to discuss but for the most part, and I know this is going to sound crazy BUT I really feel like this training is a good starting point for future things. Marathon training as a starting point? Yes I know, I’m must have sweat clogged in my brain somewhere but that’s just how I feel.

Even though you haven’t  heard from me in the last 25 days guess what, You’ll be sick of me for the next 25 because MARATHON COUNTDOWN IS ON!!

Eat, Work, Sleep, Rinse And Repeat

photo (1)

As the photo suggest, there are now 50 days till Tupelo Marathon. If you’ve spent any time with me on here you’ll know that I have no concept of time so for the last week or so I’ve been all like, “I’ve got plenty of time.” Now I’m just like, “Holy Crap Batman, I’ve only got 50 days!” It’s still a good ways out but it’s not 15 weeks out. Nervousness I guess is a good thing to some degree, it keeps me moving and pushing forward.  The only thing is, it’s a constant barrage of thinking about running. Am I eating enough, am I eating too much, did I sleep enough, are the shoes still good? What will I wear, is my watch still working? Am I running enough? Am I running too much? It consumes me.

sleep eat work


Also, sleep has not been my friend. In fact this morning I feel hung over. I feel drunk!! The problem with that, I haven’t had a drink in 24 hours! I’m just sleepy. I have to have 7 hours of sleep and the the total of sleep for the last two nights is 8 hours.  The real culprit is I think I’m 21 and can stay out all night with friends and  still wake up at stupid thirty and not feel the effects. I was wrong.

You see, last night I went out with my best friend in the whole wide world who is in town just for the night. We haven’t seen each other in years so we stayed out just chatting and I completely lied to myself saying “You can do this. You can stay up talking all night and then run in the morning.”

I was wrong. Very Wrong. See this couch with this comfy blanket?


I snuggled up to it at 5:15 this morning fully dressed to go run but the Sandman took me out and this is where I landed. I also knew I was in trouble when I realized I was sitting on the couch with my running shoes in hand and sleeping upright. Not good. 

Oh did I mention I have a triathlon tomorrow morning?!? I’m nervous excited.  I know that the results won’t be great but I feel strong and ………………I’m not sure what else. I’m just ready to do this!!

And let the Rocky music start…………!

Don’t Let Your Mind Rule Your Matter


I’m a mentally challenged  runner.  I spend 90% of my training runs training my brain rather than my legs or at least most days it feels that way.  I hear the negative, loud chatter  “This is hard.”  ” Why is she running so much faster than you?” “Are we really going to do this again?” ” I can quit and nobody would know.” “Can I just go back to bed.”  “You know, most people don’t take this long to do this.” “This is hard.” My gray matter is my weakest muscle in my whole body.

Here’s an example of why listening to your gray matter is not always a good idea  and how perception can be skewed and unreliable:

This morning I had to do only 4 miles at 11:54 pace.  So I thought I’ll just stay in my neighborhood and knock this out. I started about 6 A.M., the sun wasn’t completely up yet.  Keep in mind  that last week was “recovery” week so the longest run I had to do was 6 miles, so I’m using fresh legs. I also slept great the night before, had a pre-run snack and hydrated. I took care of all personal business so there was no reason not to have a good run. My Garmin was charged and ready to go. Everything was just like it should be.

I walk out the front door  do my .10 mile walk (yes I’m just that OCD that I know the mileage in my neighborhood) and I take off running. No sprints just an easy jog if you want to call it that. IMMEDIATELY I feel the heat just hanging in the air. Already my elbows and knees are sweating (it’s always the first thing to start sweating on me). I’m now getting close to the end of my first mile but I’m struggling because all I can feel is the heat hanging in the air. It honestly feels like someone has  the dryer vent blowing on me. Then at that moment I SMELL someones dryer going . I typically love the early morning smells and rituals coming from homes. I smell peoples breakfast being cooked, occasionally I smell the dryers being turned on with the Downy dryer smell.  It’s something I typically love but being that I’m hot as hell right that second and I don’t me like sexy hot but hot nasty sweat smell hot, smelling the dryer smells just makes me even more miserable. There’s no breeze, the sun is inching up and I’m miserable.

At this point I want to quit, stop, and go home. It’s not fun. I’m miserable. My body feels heavy.

Turning point…………….

I took a short walk break. I had to do something because I was falling apart and then I looked at my watch  and saw that I was clocking in a 11:15 average pace (reminder: I’m suppose to be doing 11:54 pace). So a light bulb goes off (and I’m still walking) I’m not hurting. I’m not “falling apart”. I’m fine. My mind is miserable and wants to go home but my body is fine. My legs don’t hurt, my breathing isn’t really that bad I’m just digging myself into a mental grave of doom and gloom.

My body is fine. My legs, shoulders, back, hips all feel okay. Nothing hurts.


My perception before looking at my watch was that I was running really slow compared to my other runs. My perception was I doing a horrible job. My perception was  I was going to have a horrible outcome to this run.


So I continued to run.  I’m still not a happy camper but I’m better than I was.  At this point in the run I still had 1.5 miles to go. So I kept my mind focused on my legs and I turned off the negative chatter. Yes I still felt the heat just hanging over me but I tuned it out. The good news is my legs were functioning just fine, my breathing and heart rate felt fine.  Time to finish this roller coaster of emotions run.


Here’s what the final outcome looked like number wise

photo (2)

And here’s what today’s run look like with past runs……………..

 4 miles

So if you look at my past 4 mile run, today’s run was not bad at all.

My point is, don’t let your mind tell you that something is bad and you don’t feel good and your doing horrible. Evaluate and question the situation. Are you REALLY hurting? Are you REALLY going that slow?

I bet your doing just fine. NOW SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP AND DO IT AGAIN!


Do You Feel It?

I claim I’ve been a runner since 1999. 5k’s, 10k’s, Half marathons, marathons. I maintained the exact same weigh till 2004, which was a good weight. A lean weight. Then in 2004 my weight started increasing, I call it happy fat. I got a little happy I got a little fat. But then somewhere my happy fat just became fat. F.A.T.  Fat.

However, I’ve never stopped running. Maybe not as many miles but I ran.

I’ve recently shed 40 pounds since November 11, 2012 (P.S. my birthday is  11/12. I might have gotten a little fire under me the day before my birthday about my weigh).  A close friend of mine who is a nutritionist helped me figure out how many calories I would need to eat to lose and then she encouraged me to train for a half marathon that she was training for. Okay she was training for the Boston Marathon, the half marathon was a training run for her! So I ran. My times were okay but it was more about just putting one foot in front of another.

Now fast forward a couple of weeks and I decided I was going for a 6 mile run. My hips were tight. My back was tight.  But I ran. It was the next week I started noticing a few changes. Running was suddenly easier on my body. I was running a little faster, I felt light. It wasn’t just one run, it was multiple runs. And I realized, I didn’t realize how much weight I was carrying on this frame before these runs .

I realize that very few people wake up and go “Man, I feel heavy.” Unless you need to take a probiotic, that might be the exception. I realize that a lot of people sometimes put on weight but keep up running, working out, and think “Oh, I feel just fine.” Here’s a test, grab a 5 pound weight and take it running with you. Now add another 5. Then another, and another. How did that feel? Now put all that down and go running. Now, how did that feel?

According to a study conducted by Dr. Stephen Messier (July 2005, Journal of Arthritis & Rheumatism) for every 1 lb. of weight loss, there was a 4 lb. reduction in knee joint load or knee pressure. It was also suggested that people who lost 10 lbs would be subject to a total of 48,000 less pounds of pressure every mile walked.  

There’s also a rule out there that a runner can expect to gain 2 seconds per mile for every pound lost.  

All I can say is I’ve never felt lighter. I hate I carried  around  the extra weight (40 pounds extra to date) but I am so glad it’s gone!

My point is………..I didn’t feel it on my body. I didn’t feel the weight. Or I thought I didn’t. It’s like that episode on The Office where Jim keeps adding a nickel to the inside of the phone receiver so Dwight never really notices how heavy the receiver is.  And then he takes all the nickels out and WHAM Dwight whacks himself in the head with the phone receiver. Yeah well, that’s kind of what running without the weight is like (less the head pain).

So if your pants are getting tight and the scale is increasing in numbers, maybe you should ask yourself, Do you feel it?

Winds of Change

In 9 days I’ll be running a half marathon in Auburn, Alabama.  Just 9 more days. I personally believe that a half marathon is a great distance to train for and run if your in the middle of losing a few pounds (or a few times two in my case).  Marathon is training is hard on the body plus most people have a tendency to gain a little while training. The body needs sufficient energy to fuel workouts and to bounce back quickly between workouts. If you deprive your body of some of the energy it needs you are likely to see your training suffer even as you lose weight.  However, the half is that manageable in-between point that allows you to watch your caloric intake plus log in the miles without wanting to go stark raving mad in the kitchen!  (or at least for me it has been)

But I’m ready for the half-marathon. I’ve secretly been holding off on adding weights back into my routine just so that I,  A. Don’t overdo it and B. I’m babying this body to get me through the half-marathon. I don’t need anything holding me back from doing this. No injuries, no excuses.  In fact, the last week it’s all I can do not to break out the P90X or Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I know that if I do make any changes this close to  the half-marathon I run the risk of having some unwanted soreness or just whatever Murphy’s Law could throw at me. So, the Monday after the race awaits a new workout routine!  I’m anxious and excited!!

No, I’ll still run but it’s time to change the routine so that my body doesn’t get use to the same old same old. I plan on keeping my running schedule along with long runs on the weekend but this out of shape body needs to kick it up a notch!  BAM! (yeah that was my Emerald Lagasse being channeled!)

Just 9 more days.  I so bad wanted to do weights this morning, but I just had to tell myself, “9 more days.” a

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