I’m very very excited about this!! I’m going to Dallas for the 2013 Dallas Marathon!!

Dallas Marathon Start

The start of the 2012 Dallas Marathon

All I can think is RUN, RUN, RUN!!

It’s going to be amazing! The atmosphere, the route…….just the overall event!

I hope Dallas is ready for me!!

(P.S. back to work tomorrow…………….long run 10 miles)



Random Rambling Friday!

I haven’t done these in a long LONG time.  So whats there to ramble on about?  Well……let’s see……
This weekend I’ll be running 8 miles. Very excited about this.  Did I mention I have a half-marathon in January?  In Auburn, Alabama. Thanks to my wonderful friend, Pam, the dietitian and well just great friend after she found out about my weight gain (yeah I was hiding it as much as I could) she called me up and told me to sign up for a half marathon and not just any half marathon the one in Auburn(P.S. she’s training for Boston, SO PROUD OF HER!!) She knows me well enough to know I have to have something train for. So the Auburn Classic Half Marathon here I come!! 
One of my favorite little towns.  Years ago in college, two of my dear friends got married and I helped move them over there.  While I was there I got to ride my bike around town and fell in love with the town.  Of course it’s grown since way back then and since then Pam and her hubby have moved there. So gives me even more incentive to get my rear in gear.  
Speaking of rears, I worked mine this week. So much so, that last night (Thursday) I was in bed and passed out by 8:30 p.m.  I mean lights out, not knowing I was even part of this world!  To top it off I slept hard till 7 A.M. this morning.  And of course, today is weigh in day! 
Yeah, there’s no super celebrations today. Thanksgiving celebrations got the best of me.  I GAINED………GAINED two pounds. 

It could have been worse I guess.  Oh well, those peppermint smores were phenomenal so I can’t complain!!  
As of right now I have 161 days to get this weight off.  I’ve given myself a deadline. I’ll be happy with 20 pounds of fat gone.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I know it’s going to be frustrating and hard work but I’d rather be thinner and frustrated than fatter and frustrated.  
Just this week I got tired and frustrated because I wanted the weight off. I just wanted it gone.  I wanted to blink my eyes and it be gone.  That’s okay though, I overcame it and lived.  Just 161 more days.  
That is all for today. Just another mindless rambling clearing my head for the weekend. Till next time, Cheers! 

Run Forrest……..

This was the weekend of my big 5k I’ve been waiting for, RUN FORREST RUN!

With all the great times I’ve been producing  of the course of the last 3 weeks I’ve been stoked to see how this race would play out for me. In addition to all that, things at the Pounds to Miles house has been pretty stressful this year so at THE very last-minute Friday  (5 p.m.) we found a hotel in New Orleans and threw our bags together for a quiet, fun-filled weekend in The Big Easy! We needed the time-out so I was not opposed to this at all.

Off to New Orelans we went, about a 2 hour drive for us.  With a quick check-in and shower we were out the door again, only this time headed to our favorite little place, Pat O’Briens!  We love this place!  That was the jest of our evening. We wanted to get a night in at Pat O’s since I had my race Sunday morning. Nothing to wild or crazy, just a great night filled with really good music.

Saturday was just as much fun. Started our morning off with the standard stop, Cafe Du Monde!

Don’t worry I didn’t eat ALL these!

After walking around the French Quarter and meandering in and out of shops we headed over to River Walk for a little inside shopping.  While the hubby did his thing I had an hour-long massage that was much-needed.  I swear that woman was trying to push the demons out of me!!  Seriously, she said “Sweety, you muscles is sooooo tired.” I thought, imagine how I feel carrying them around. I thought it was just my lower back hurting. The second she started working on my back, I had no clue how tight I had let it get and how agonzing painfully it was for her to work it all out.  That woman’s hands were magic!

Next, this place we saw on Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dives……….Mahonys.  Such great food. Well worth the trip down to Magazine Street. If you’re not from this area, the French Quarters is a great place to tour but for a little less bar-ish atmosphere get a cab and hail your way over to Magazine Street. It’s about $10 in cab fare and well worth it.  If Mahonys had been slammed finding more great places to eat wouldn’t have been a problem.


After eating we made our way next door to Varisty Sports, which is a local running store, boutique style with some great service and great prices.  I’m a fan of the place!

With all the mornings activities we made our way back to the hotel for some siesta.  That’s when it hit me……..I wasn’t feeling too good. Kind of queasy and tired.  I was hoping it was nothing but without me even saying anything the hubby looked at me at one point and said, “You don’t look so good.”  I didn’t feel so good either.

After a couple of hours of lying around and just relaxing we made our way back out for a small bite to eat. Of course we had to go eat at Bubba Gumps restaurant just in spirit of Sunday’s race.  Since I was still a little sickly feeling I mainly ate just rice. Wish I had felt better to enjoy it more but at least the rice was good! Back to the hotel EARLY for some rest, hoping to settle whatever was going on with me.

Now we have arrived at race day.  I woke up knowing immediately, this is not going to be good. I had no energy and I was zonked.  But I got dressed and made my way to registration to pick up  my packet.  Of course I pre-registered to make that morning a little easier and to hold me accountable, as much as possible. So I did my best to rally my body to some type of running mentality but it was not looking good. I ran, I stretched, I prayed but I knew whatever had gotten to me Saturday was still affecting me. So with a ready, set, go I was off to run a 5k. Not race, but run.  I did my best to feel positive but I had no energy or stamina. I was there for the T-shirt and workout.


I had a horrible run. nobody fault, not even mine. Whatever I picked up has remained with me up until me writing this! Not fun times.  No energy and now an upset stomach.  The 5k itself was great. It wasn’t chipped timed but not every 5k can be I guess. With that many people I sure wish it was. The one thing about the area we ran in, at least people supported the runners.  Had great scenery and post race food looked good but wasn’t for me.

All in all, it was great weekend and the 5k itself was good, just not my day.

Better luck next time


I CAN’T WAIT!!!  I was going to do a duathlon the 28th but now, I’m going to New Orleans!

You can go too! Just click here to register!

What is your best/worse race experience?

Each week Team Tough Chik will pose a question for us to blog about.  I like it and it reminds me of elementary and junior high English class.  I always loved those assignments!  So anyways, this weeks topic, what is your best/worse race experience?

Let’s start with best.

Chicago Marathon 2006-Happy Finish!

Chicago Marathon!  I loved that race. It was 2006 it was semi slushy rainy that morning soon to be lightly snowing.  Nothing major just chilly. Which is really funny because the morning before when I flew out of New Orleans it was hot and muggy.  Gotta love the south!  It’s been  so long ago and my memories are a bit vague but the thing I loved most about the Chicago Marathon was how well supported it was by the people. It was like a 26.2 mile block party!  China town had the dancing dragons in the street along with coordinating music.  I remember one spot where there was so much GU on the ground I almost fell!  Sometimes when running especially if I’m  in a large city sometimes I don’t see the sites because I’m concentrating on putting one foot in front of another. This wasn’t one of those marathons. It was fun, fast pace and flat.  I loved Chicago before this race but the race sealed my love for the city. Chicago marathon was my PR marathon 5:21:40.

The Worst

My DNF (did not finish). I hate even thinking about this one because it just fell apart fast and ugly.  The Callaway Gardens Marathon. It’s small but don’t expect at lot out of it. Meaning water, bathrooms, directions.  If your going to run it be self sufficient and fast. If your like me…….can’t run a marathon under 3 hours your in trouble (okay I’m exaggerating but seriously 4 hours). They had NO porta potties and after four hours the lovely course helpers pulled the course. Leaving me with no water or directions. I had three miles to go, didn’t know where to turn (really they pulled the course markers ) and I  had nothing left inside me. It was awful. I had to call a ride to come pick me up.  I still hang my head about that to this day.

At least on a positive note, that race taught me to run with a hydration belt. No more  relying on others at races now!




Ruben Studdard Half Marathon

Last weekend I ran in the Ruben Studdard Half Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama.  I must say it was a well put on race.  I was actually really excited about this event being that I was already going to be in the Birmingham Area and I needed to run 12 miles. I had packed for a cold trip only to be surprised by a nice little warm front that manage to find its way to area.  It wasn’t hot hot but just a southern humid hot.

Start and Finish

So the race was downtown Birmingham near the Civic Center and started at Linn Park.  The crowd wasn’t super huge but it was a great turnout for an inaugural event.  The race course itself was very forgiving. In 2008 I did the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham which started in the exact same spot and let me tell you, I learned there exactly how hilly Birmingham really is.  The theory of what goes up must come down did not apply in that marathon!  So when I say the race course for the RSHM was forgiving I really do mean it.  There were a couple of gentle hills but nothing like that could have been.  I was also very impressed how much police support there was along the route.

As I was saying the course was mildly hilly. Very mild.  A lot of fast runners at the front and then there was my group. It always happens this way.  There’s a group about 50 yards ahead of me and another one 50 yards behind me and then I’m just plodding along by myself.  Which I’m fine with it but it’s so funny how that seems to be the norm for me. Water stations and bathroom stations were wisely placed. The only place I have any problem with is some tunnel we had to run through towards the end. It would have been comforting if there would have been a police officer stationed down in there. It was eery in there with just me and another lady. Needless to say I didn’t stick around to chit chat with her!

My run/race went well. My heart rate was a little higher than normal going into it and throughout it. Made for a semi frustrating run on my part but I eventually quit letting it distract me and moved on. If my heart rate would have been in check then I think it would have been a phenomenal race but I guess I can’t complain since I did just run a marathon about a month ago!

The finish line was well done also. A lot of times being a back-of-the-packer I tend to not get/see any of the finish line amenities.  This was not the case here. They were well stocked and very helpful/attentive.  The finisher’s medal were pretty sweet as well. Oh, and I also got the correct size shirt I wanted!   Another thing they did that I really liked was same day registration/race packet pick up.  For people who don’t live nearby and want to drive in on the morning of the race this makes it so easy to do so.

I definitely give this race two thumbs up.

T-shirt, finishers medal and bib

Oh I almost forgot to mention……yes I did see Ruben Studdard.  Once at the very beginning of the race and then again half way through the race.  The race also hosted a 5k that Ruben ran with his entourage.  The 5k at one point tied in with half marathon for a short distance and I got to see him there.  He looked like was very proud to be doing what he was doing.  I would agree that he should be.

WOD after running anyone?!

Rowing before running?!

There was actually a Fitness Fest going on as well in conjunction with the Half Marathon. It looked like a Crossfit Workout of the Day in the making when I saw it.  I didn’t stop off to see what was actually going on when I got done running. I was headed off to see my niece’s cheer competition that was taking place only a block away.


Congrats to the NXS Extreme White Cheer Squad for placing first!!  I’m so proud of them.  They rocked it.  To be such tiny girls they really nailed it with great enthusiasm. So excited I could be part of the support crew!!

Rockin the cheer award!



Philadelphia Marathon-post race (just a tad bit late)

The Philidelphia Marathon is this weekend and I can’t help but look back and think about the great time I had there. I ran in it in 2009 which seems like forever ago but when it really wasn’t that long ago.

The night before the race I ate at the race pasta dinner. It was fine. It kept me from having to find a restaurant that wouldn’t kill my stomach (my stomach use to be a little more sensitive than it is now). The food wasn’t fabulous but it was easy and I got to meet Bart Yasso and Bill Rodgers.


Looking refreshed pre marathon

Race day was a great day. I was about 3 blocks from the starting line so the walk wasn’t too terrible. It was cold that day. Windy cold.  Tons of port-a-potties and very easy to navigate to the starting line.  It’s been long enough since the race that I don’t remember too many negatives. I remember having plenty of water stops and bathrooms.

Finished and still standing

Finishing I was just as cold as I was when I got started. At the finish line there was warm chicken broth that was amazing. It sounds disgusting now but I just remember being like this is the best stuff ever!  It’s amazing how far that 3 blocks was compared to when I was just getting started. That race I felt hammered afterwards.  I was already doing the marathon shuffle back to the hotel.  We even stopped in a little bar just to get warm because I couldn’t move very fast afterwards.

Philadelphia was a great town to be in. I did get to take in all the touristy things a day before the race and the Monday after the race.  It’s not some place I’m just hoping and praying to go back to one day but I can say I’ve been there done that, and brought home a finishers medal.

Good luck to all who run this weekend. Enjoy your experience!

The Art of Picking A Race

From time to time someone will ask me, “How in the world did you find that marathon?!”  Well, I’m here to tell you it’s an art.  I’m not a fan of doing the same marathon year after year. It’s just not my style (at least not right now.)  So today I wanted to show you how I pick a race. I was going to do a video but considering I’m nursing a stomach virus I didn’t think i was looking fly enough for a video so I’m going to demonstrate via pictures.

1. Find a great magazine


2. Start flipping through it

Great article on the right but the Ad on the left is catching my eye!



3. Before you know it you’ll find one that catches your eye and BAM! You have a destination.

The Wisconsin one looks like it could have a fun finishers medal and t-shirt!


Yes I realize this is not scientific nor is it probably the smartest way to pick one BUT I must admit I’ve yet to go to one that I haven’t had fun so I would say my method is not totally unreasonable!  I also have a thing about going to races that are located in places I’ve never been.  It makes for fast, fun times!


26,000 Women and A Few Good Men

I traveled, I ran and I came home with the signature Tiffany blue box. Yep, this past weekend I made a whirlwind trip from Mississippi to San Francisco to run in the 2011 Nike Women’s Marathon. For 5 years I’ve entered lottery only to be turned down till this year.  In the meantime I’ve ran in 6 marathons with 1 DNF (did not finish) and since August 2010 I’ve been chasing #6 finishers medal. In August of 2010 I planned on running a marathon only to be plagued with injuries. Then in January 2011 I went to Georgia to get #6 finishers medal only to have to throw in the towel with three miles to go.  Then in August of this year I had planned on running the race I wanted to do in August of 2010  but I backed out at the beginning of August so that I could concentrate on the Nike Marathon. So needless to say #6 was worth the wait.

Friday at  9 A.M. I flew out to San Francisco arriving at 1 p.m. busting with pure excitement. I couldn’t wait to see the pink Nike tent and all that awaited. I knew that if Nike was involved it was going to be an awesome event. And it was.  The Nike Expo was located centrally in downtown San Francisco at Union Square. Fortunately it wasn’t far from my hotel, two blocks.

From the beginning Nike made it so easy and so much fun to be there.  They had people from the start directing folks to the correct area that we needed to go and if there were any problems they handled them with great ease.  Gatorade was a sponsor so there was nice little area set up so that you could sample what would be on the race course.

Next Neutrogena had an awesome booth that let you sample their products plus sent home some nice samples as well. It was like a mini facial.

Paul Mitchell staff was on sight to help style hair.

While all of this is going on there was a phenomenal DJ rocking the place.

 It was so much fun just hanging out. In addition  there was a relaxation area where you could prop your feet up in massaging chairs.

In the back of the expo was Nike’s main area.  In one area there was gait analysis, sport bra fittings and photo ops as well.   They also had several laptops set up so that we could set up our Facebook to request automatic updates to out statuses while we were running.  Outside the expo several other booths were set up as well.  It was definitely a fun and upbeat place to be. They also had a small little booth set up outside (think porta potty small) with last minute race essentials.

Across the street was Niketown and of course, Tiffany’s!!  Fun little thing is that Nike had a huge wall with all the participants names listed.  It was exciting to see my name. It made it all a little more real that I was about to run 26.2 miles.

 After cruising through Niketown and purchasing a few souvenoirs  I headed back to the hotel to change clothes stretch my legs out and then we were headed to Alcatrez for a night tour.

I highly recommend it if you ever go.  However before we could leave I realized that on our way there we had to go back to the Expo.  Somehow I realized that I was given a half-marathon bib instead of a full marathon.  Fortunately, the folks made it super easy to switch it out and we were on our merry way..

Saturday I wanted to see as much of San Francisco as possible with little walking as possible. The tour company Mr. Toad’s was just the way to go. I had to book our tour before going out there so in advance we knew to meet them at Fisherman’s Wharf.  So after doing the tourist thing and taking the trolley down to Fisherman’s Wharf we spent the next 3 hours touring San Francisco from a 1922 Rambler.

We got out twice to see a few things and to stretch our legs.  First stop was at China Town where we checked out the little shop where they make fortune cookies.It was actually interesting to watch since there was only three ladies doing these by hand. They make approximately 20,000 of these every year!  Next door was fellow who played his violin outside his barbershop. Apparently his quit famous around there. He’s even starred in a movie or two. Pursuit of Happiness was his proudest appearance from what I gathered.

If your ever in the San Fran area and want to see a lot in a short amount of time I highly recommend Mr. Toads Tours.  They really make it fun, enjoyable and you won’t kill your legs climbing hills trying to see everything.

Saturday night was pretty low key.I was pretty tired from the day before and actually fell asleep pretty early.  I was relieved when I woke up Sunday morning knowing I had slept well. Sunday morning getting ready was easy. Had a decent little breakfast and then it was off to get my Tiffany necklace.  From the moment I stepped out the hotel the streets were packed almost an hour before the race was scheduled to start. The city was booming with music, lights and videos being projected on to screens.  Nike even had someone to help warm up the crowd. I personally just watched the warmup. That’s what the first 3 miles are for right?

So after a relaxed start I was off to complete my marathon. The first two miles were easy but mile number three introduced me to my first hill. Immediately I thought, “Oh crap!” I immediately knew that I had to walk the hills in order to make it.  Miles three and four were rough but it was mile seven that really got me.  It was the never ending  uphill.  It’s a hill I never want to see ever again!  Then the downhill was just as hard.  I felt certain that if someone bumped into me I was going to roll downhill!! It was pretty steep.  Miles nine and ten were steady inclines as well.  The whole first half was just brutal with hills.

The second half wasn’t as nearly as bad.  My hips were feeling the effects of the hills but I feel like I went into the second half feeling pretty good.  The only time I ever started feeling tired was when they took us around Lake Merced.  A lot of people didn’t like the route I learned as I was chatting with folks while we were running.  The didn’t like the traffic part but it gave me something to look at. It kept me entertained.  The thing that was hardest for me was the fact that up until that point it had been cloudy most of the day but the sun started coming out  and it was zapping some of my energy.  However at some point it went away and after a much needed potty break I felt ready to go again. Also on the way to Lake Merced and to the finish line was a beautiful view of the beach.  Yes it was a long stretch of it but it’s not something I personally get to see everyday. It was fun to watch the surfers and it gave me a mental break from what I was doing.

The whole race I had been running off of heart rate instead of pace.  My goal was to keep it above 145 but I didn’t want it going pass 155. I think once it did but other than that I probably had a harder time pushing it up to 155.  My hips were just fatigued and didn’t have the strength to push like I wish they would.  Mentally I feel like I held up really well.   I never questioned myself or doubted myself. I knew what I had to do and that was that.

The finish line was a sweet sweet sight. And the prize was just as phenomenal as I had hoped.  My little blue box I’ve been wanting was just beautiful.

It’s definitely the best finisher’s medal I’ve gotten to date! It’ll be hard to top that one!

The post race set up was a little weak.  They were out of fruit and the finishers tee didn’t have my size.  Neutrogena did have a set up with face wipes that was much needed especially since I had my finishers photo taken with some hunky firefighters!

There was chocolate milk available and a really neat stretching area as well.

I also highly recommend purchasing the post race shuttle tickets because I was in no shape to try to figure out how to get back to my hotel. The shuttle took us back to Union Square which was plenty close enough since I was only two blocks away.

Monday I’m back in Mississippi with a little fatigue and some mild soreness.  It was a very fast, fun and busy weekend.  A lot of flying, and a lot running.  Would I run NWM 26.2 again? Probably not. I can say I’ve been there, done that and got the blue box.  A lot people have done that race repeatedly and just love it.  I would give it an A- just because of the finisher’s t-shirt issue but overall I would recommend to a girl friend to run. It’s a fun race, it’s entertaining, it’s challenging and the course is well supported.

I’m so glad this race was my #6 finishing race.  It was well worth the hard work and wait.

26.2 with Tiffanys

The Nike Womens Marathon was started in 2004, I started pursuing it in 2005. Since 2005 I have shamelessly chased after this race begging them to let me in. Every time I was rejected  I sort of felt like that kid from The Christmas Story who got shoved down the gigantic slide by Santa .

With 4 weeks to go I’m like a kid getting closer to Christmas. I dream about it and sometimes pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. I know it sounds dramatic but for goodness sake, I have waited long enough! So far no dreams of missing the race or dreaming that I overslept and I’m late.  There’s still plenty time for that I’m sure.

In 2006 I ran the Chicago Marathon and it was cold and wet that weekend.  I was traveling alone on that trip since my husband had to work a football game that weekend so I didn’t stay long in Chicago. I think I flew up on Saturday morning, raced on Sunday and flew back late Sunday night. I don’t recommend that being that I had to drive from New Orleans, LA to Hattiesburg, MS late at night after flying directly after a marathon. Dumb idea!  I’ve never really cramped after anything  but on that night, as I was driving my feet kept cramping as I was going down the interestate. Thank goodness for cruise control and minimal traffic. I was in a bad situation at the time.

Anyways, after my marathon I had an hour or two to kill before I had to be at the airport so as I’m slumming around Chicago in my comfy yoga pants and Southern Miss sweatshirt I realized I had not been to Tiffanys.  You know, the fancy shamncy place. In case I’ve never mentioned it, Breakfast At Tiffanys is one of my favorite movies. So of course i had to go there. I just love Audrey Hepburn as well.  Piece of advice, DO NOT GO THERE IN YOUR YOGA PANTS AND SWEATSHIRT!  SECURITY WILL FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE IN THE STORE!   I’ll be honest, I had no idea how bad I looked. I just wanted to see all the pretty shiney stuff.  As I’m cruising through the store in my sneakers and sweats I just didn’t understand why the security guard was following me around like well I might steal something. Then I saw it. My reflection. I realized then as I looked up that I looked like poo warmed over. I was mortified! Here I was, in one of America’s most beloved jewelry store and I looked like I should have been in Wal-Mart!  Leave it to me.

That really was a fun trip.  I hope San Francisco hold as many memories for me as Chicago did.  I know some of the pre-marathon jitters have set in. Mainly most of my concerns right now are whats the weather going to be like, what am I going to wear and will I be able to survive the pre jitter excitement.  I’m not trying to wish my life away but I’m really ready to be there already!

July 30 Races


Here’s the roll call for this weekend in case your looking for something to do!

St. Joe Bruin 5k Burn Run  Madison, MS

ummm………not much going on but next week it seems like there is a ton of them!!



Racing Time!

Here’s the upcoming races I’m aware of. If there are any you would like me to add please let me know and I’ll post it (brandywindham@gmail.com).

July 16, 2011

YTRI in July – Indoor / Outdoor Triathlon Sprint (400 yard swim / 15 mile bike / 5k run)- YMCA – Hattiesburg, MS – See flyer.

NOTC’s 24th Annual Spillway Classic Trail Run 3 Miles, Sunday, July 17, 2011, 8:00 AM, Bonnet Carre Spillway, Norco, LA-see flyer 

Amedisys Watermelon 5k in Mize, MS- See Flyer 

Hit the Bricks 5K See Flyer 

Fresh Starts


Man oh man this week has flown by! I have tried so hard to post all week but time has not been my friend this week.  I’m trying to learn to be more efficient with my time but it’s kind like when I declare I’m going on a diet. I suddenly seem to eat twice as much as when I’m not dieting.  Well I’ve tried hard to be efficient with my time and it some how has suddenly been slipping away faster.  Enough about that, on to better things.

So Monday I ran the Peavine Falls 8.2 mile run in Birmingham, AL.  It was one of the hardest runs I’ve ever participated in but I had the most fun.  I definitely learned that I need to run hills (although can a 900 foot elevation even be classified as a hill?!?!)  more often. The race had a 900 foot elevation for 3.25 miles and I got the come down the same way I got up there.  I found new muscles that day!  The remaining part of the run was through a wooded area with a very narrow trail.  I think a few people ahead of me ended up falling on the trail  but to my surprise I managed to stay upright.  The rest of the day was spent watching little league games and traveling.  Tuesday my hamstrings were still pretty fatigued so I decided to take the day off.  Bad decision since Wednesday and today was spent being extremely exhausted from hanging out in the hospital with family due to unforeseen circumstances.  Everyone is okay but after this week I’m sure I have a few new gray hairs.  Physical exhaustion is one thing but mental exhaustion is the worst.  My body felt fine but I honestly could not muster up the energy to run, or do anything other than sleep.  So not only am I not working out but I’m beating myself up over it when this is one of those things that I sort of have no control over.  It’s not like I’m being lazy. Right? On the upside I have a 14 miles planned this weekend as my long run.  I hoping that even though my mileage was so low this week that somehow my body will be forgiving of the circumstances.

Of course my diet has suffered somewhat.  I had decided that Tuesday would be a new diet day, holidays have a way of wrecking my waist line.  Of course it didn’t happen that way. So instead of getting my “plan” kickstarted I had to make the wisest decisions I could regarding nutrition.  However, all is not lost.  Excitingly I found a program called Runner’s Fuel.  Rebecca is a licensed nutritionist that caters to runners.  I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with some fabulous nutritionist who really know what their talking about but Rebecca is the only one I’ve come across that applies her knowledge to running.  She will be helping me improve my nutrition while hopefully helping me lose a few pounds.  The nice thing is she applies her program to my current running schedule so that I’m getting the right fuel at the right time.  The other convenient thing about it,  is that  she tells me what to eat on my off days (which are always hard ones since I’m resting with little extra calorie burning going on).  I feel like it’ll be a good rounded program that hopefully help me become a better athlete. I’m very excited to add this in to my training and I  hope that I don’t let her down.

I’ve received my program from her so I’m definitely planning on digging in this weekend to study  and then getting started on my program Monday.  I know it won’t be easy and that it’s going to be tough but I’m a true believer that some effort is better than no effort.

I can’t wait to share with you guys.  Up until now I’ve really been excited about my running because I have you guys (hopefully someone’s listening) to share my ups and downs with but I haven’t been sharing about my nutrition because I’ve been eating like a pig.  It’s nothing to brag about that’s for sure.  So I look forward to sharing my experience.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. Be sure to get plenty of fluids and eat your vegetables.


Upcoming Races!

Since my week has been insane, I’m just now posting races for the weekend.  If you have one you would like to add please let me know.

July 9 – LaSalle General Hospital Wellness Center Ready, Set, Fit Health Fair 5k Run & 1k Fun Run/Walk – Jena, LA – See flyer.

July 9 -Swinging Bridge 5kSee Flyer



Upcoming Races


Here’s a list of races for the upcoming weekend. Yes, a girl has got to look forward to something ,right? If for some reason I’ve missed something please let me know so I can add it in.  My intentions is to make this a Monday ritual so if you know of anyone who has something coming up and would like for me to post it please email me at brandywindham@gmail.com.




For those of you who might be traveling to our neighboring states:


http://www.birminghamtrackclub.com/Calendar.aspx 29th Annual Peavine Falls Run

I might try to sneak a race in somewhere on Monday.  I’ll be sure to let you know if I do.  Also another great source for local runners to keep up with races is http://www.facebook.com/rodsracers.  That man is dedicated and does a great job of keeping up  with entire state (or at least it seems like it).

I hope everyone has a great Monday. Be sure to drink lots of water, it’s so hot out there.