Hello November

Hello november

Can you believe it? Another month gone and another month here. November is my favorite because……

  1. It’s like the mother of them all for fall. It’s like the last hoorah to get in all things fall…


2. The food is just amazing…….


And the best part……………


My intentions for this month was to run a marathon my birthday weekend or close to it but I couldn’t find one I just absolutely loved. However I’ll be training my legs off for the Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon. It’s not until February but the clock is ticking down so I’ve got to train or it will be ugly!

So it’s November and that means I’ll be sharing my list of what I’m thankful for until Thanksgiving. I’m thankful everyday but this month I like to share the love and gratitude with you guys (lucky you). Starting with today (since it is November 1 you know) I am grateful for my hubby. I know it sounds cheesy to go straight there but I have to say I really am grateful for him. He makes me laugh and he drives me crazy and supports me. We spend our whole lives trying to find “the one” and I’ve made it. We’re not perfect, he lets me be weird and he doesn’t try to change me. He loves me for me. He makes life, love and marriage easy. He never makes me feel like I have be some version of myself I’m not. If I have a bad day he knows to let me have space.  If I fail at something he doesn’t make things worse by reiterating how I failed. I’m grateful for him everyday.

So what are you grateful for?