Bath of Motivation

141 days (and some hours)  till my final weigh in. No, I’m not giving up completely and finally after 141 days but I had to have a start and a stop date. Something to work towards. Something to say on this day I will weigh less and be in better shape than when I started. 141 days from today and still counting.

One hundred and forty one days. (and a couple of hours)

141. (and  a few hours)

Yep, that’s a long time from now. Actually my finish date is May 11, 2013.

 Already I have my moments of “I don’t want to do this!!!”

I have moments of “This is no fun!!!” or “This is too hard!!!”

But then I have moments where this little voice out of nowhere shows up and says “Don’t you wanna see what could happen if you do try? Don’t you wanna see how much you can lose? “

And I do. So it’s like Zig Ziglar said once,People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Giving ourselves small reminders of what could be and why we are working towards our goal daily is as important as the actual task.  Keeping our eye on the prize.

I personally have about 55 pounds I need to lose. My short term goal is 25. I’m down 10 but already I can see a difference in how my pants fit around the waste. Mini reward!  

So if you’re seeing a lot motivational posters here and on Facebook and Twitter, that would be because I’m taking my daily bath of motivation. 

Just 141 days left. 

Day 33 Weigh In

The number for the day is………..

That’s right I’m down 5 pounds thank you!!!

I still 175 days till my final goal date but I’m glad to see something happening.  At least the first week was good.  I was diligent. I watched every calorie that went in, I worked out, drank my water and had great results. Woo Hoo!!

It’s a yay me kind of day!!

Day 32

Tomorrow is weight in and I had big lunch today. I also overslept because our furry baby kept me up last night so I decided to workout after work  while the Mr. watched a trio of football, basketball and more football.

If I have time to watch TV I have time to workout!

I don’t know why it’s saying my daily goal is 1340, it’s 1695. Weird.

I’m ready for tomorrow!!  Weigh In!!

Officially Mad

I don’t know who to give credit for this but whoever you are, you nailed it!

So I’ve had it. Today, I guess you can say I’m pissed. I’m mad about being called fat or pregnant. I’m mad at myself for letting myself get there. Over a year ago I was finishing number 6 marathon. Today, I’m just doing just enough to get by. Yes I started doing something about it 28 days ago but it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t mad or passionate enough about it.  So take this to the bank…………..

I don’t care what life throws at me in 6 months I WILL be a better version of myself. It’s not going to be easy. I’ll probably be irritable and cranky but it doesn’t matter. I don’t like this version of myself and I’m officially over it.

To be continued……………..

Day 24

Working on staying accountable.  Just another step to getting there.

A Daily Dose Of Motivation

Haters = motivation

Thanks Kiana Hanna Fitness for pointing this out!

Bathing in Motivation

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily” .– Zig Ziglar


The thing about motivation, we have to keep looking for it and bathing ourselves in it.  For me it’s a great quote, going to the gym and witnessing others loving what they do, reading other blogs, watching motivational movies/videos, and the list goes on and on.

The other great thing about motivation, normally, a good attitude and of course a positive attitude. All of which can be contagious!



Ramblin Runner

That’s me, a ramblin runner. Lately I feel like I’ve been all over the place with what I’m trying to do and how I get there.

So I guess I should point out what I want (in no particular order)

  • weight loss
  • running consistent miles with no walk breaks
  • running faster
  • bike more
  • get in more workouts that are more high-intensity interval bodyweight workouts
  • “dress for the job” in other, look like what I want to promote.

So what’s the problem? Everything is going accordingly BUT I love love love (did you get that, love) high-intensity workouts that require throwing some body weight around or even some heavy weight. My problem how do I fit i all in and not harm myself like I did two years ago.

Two years ago I was rockin it!  The last time I felt like I was where I wanted to be I was not only doing the WOD (workout of the day) I was heavy lifting,  training for a marathon and teaching a couple of classes at my gym as well. It was the first time in years I felt on fire.  I love exerting myself and feeling strong. It brings me alive.  It sounds dramatic I know but I would be downplaying it if I wasn’t totally honest. So my body said enough is enough and one day I know exactly when I did it, I deadlifted THE most weight I had ever lifted (220 I think) and then I turned around and did the WOD and ran 6 miles. Dumb Dumb Dumb. I know. Shortly thereafter I slowly started falling apart. I didn’t run for almost 6 months.

Running is most important. All the rest falls in line behind it. I guess I’m deathly afraid of overdoing it again. I’ve been doing a little bit of all of it but trying to delicately balance it. If I feel tired and worn out I listen to myself and lay off the heavy lifting. Before I refused to listen to myself If I felt tired and drained. I wrote it off to being just lazy if I felt exhausted. I know now  my body was screaming for some relief.  As I was saying, I’m trying and experimenting with scheduling but  I find that the best thing is reps. When It comes to the bodyweight/weighted workouts it’s in the reps for me. I say that because everyone is different and it may not be the case for someone else. Instead of worrying with getting in a set number of reps I’m just getting in the workout with a set time. When the timer goes off that’s it.  I don’t even write down my reps.

Until my base is stronger I’m just going to have to take this route.  Baby steps right?

Meanwhile this is where my motivation is coming from……………

BodyRock.TV (fabulous workouts, love their energy! )

Fierce Forward ( I just love her personality. Seems like such a sweet person. Blog is here also)

JNL (she’s just hot, enough said!)

Kelly Olexa (she vlogs mostly.  I love her passion for what she does.)

All these ladies (and some gents) love what they do and they portray that and for me, that’s what I need.  I know it’s going to take time but I’ve proven to myself time and time again a little patience and perseverance will get me a long ways.

Post Philadelphia Marathon


Run For The Roses 5k=Good Times!!


It’s not often I just really pat myself on the back but man, after this weekend I am so proud of myself!! I don’t mean it in a braggy way but rather in a “I really needed that and thank you Jesus for letting me have it!”

It was a great race as always. It’s a small town but the whole town really participates and gets into it and that’s not something you can just make up. It’s a well monitored course with water at two different locations and very well marked.  It’s a first class race.  Registration is made easy and friendly and the refreshments at the end is very well stocked.  All the things you expect at race, it’s here.

As for myself,  Folks, I finished with a pace of 10:37 per minute mile!! I know this is not Boston material but realistically it’s my best 5k time in a LONG time.  It’s a huge plus mark in progress. It’s given me faith that I can still semi race.  I finished 7th in my age group and I belive there was 9 of us all together. 3rd place in my age group was 28:32 so that tells me for the most part I still have lot of work to do.

So what did I do differently than I’ve been doing?

1. I went there with the mindset that I NEEDED to go all out. I needed to know what I could really do.

2. I haven’t “raced” in a while. And if I have I was scared of a high heart rate so this time I changed my Garmin to where  all I saw was distance, average pace, and overall time.  So I didn’t care that I felt like I was one breath away from meeting my maker I didn’t want an 11 minute mile on that watch! Also, with my Garmin in regards to miles and knowing the course really helped. The course is relatively flat with several turns and then two tiny hills at mile 2.5 and 3 mile marker. It helped knowing that at the 2.75 mile  marker if you didn’t know there was a incline coming then a person could easily take off  and run out of gas way too soon.

With a good race in hand and  a huge smile on my face ( I think I’m still on a runners high to be honest, actually it was good fuel for the fire) I went home to get a celebratory smoothie to replenish my glycogen storage.  Then I went for a 14 mile bike ride and Sunday I met up with some friends for “recovery run.” Today (Monday) I’m feeling pretty good.  Legs feel good. I think taking in nutrients as soon as I did and staying active like I did really helped with a quick recovery. I’m really looking forward to my runs this week with another race this coming weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed because the course is predominately flat and is an out and back course.  Then, on the 28th I’m going to do a Duathlon.  So excited!!

If your interested in a really great article on recovery nutrition, this is one I particularly like………

The Runner’s Ultimate Nutritional Recovery Routine (RUNRR) You’ll be amazed at how good you feel the next day






Working on it!

Goodbye Down, Hello Up

I have a huge confession………….I’ve been experiencing post marathon blues, BAD!  Like, really bad.  I know I’ve probably mentioned it before but I realized last night that I’ve been in a major funk.

After January I realized due to some personal stuff that 2012 was not going to be the racing year I thought it was going to be. And I’ll be the first to admit, when I’m up ……..I’m up and when I’m down, well, I’m down. My mother use to say I go at things like a bull in a china closet.  It can be a blessing and at times it bites me in the tail feathers.  So after I realized there would be no Austin I put on my game face of “I’m okay with it, next!” and proceeded to do what I do best, forget the past and move forward.

That’s all fine and dandy but I let myself sink into a hole.  I know, it’s just running, it’s just a marathon but if you’ve never ran a marathon or trained for anything then you just can’t understand. It’s like this………….for every marathon I train for there’s at least 12 weeks of my life that I throw myself into this event wholeheartedly.  When I’m at work I think about it, when I’m laying in bed I’m counting the hours till my morning run, I rearrange my life to get ready for this event. It becomes who I am.  Then it comes and I relish in the day. The people, the excitement, the emotions.  After it’s over there’s at least two weeks I get to tell people about it and still live in the excitement.  Then I have a choice I can pick another event to delay the let-down feelings that await me or I can do as I’ve been doing. Go into denial and pretend I’m okay and try to figure out what to do with myself.

It sucks. I’ve not been excited about running or working-out. I’ve done everything I can to pump myself up but without a marathon I’m just, ehhh.  How’s my running going? ehhhh  How’s my nutrition? ehhhhh How’s my blog? ehhhhh  What kind of stinky attitude is that?!!

So this morning, I woke up with a new attitude.  I got a good night sleep and hit the floor running this more with the mindset of enough moping around.  Enough is enough.  If I was a friend of mine, I would be so annoyed with me.  And I am.  Which is really bad truth be told.

So from here forward no more downs. The glass is not half empty but half full. I should be grateful for all that I have and have experienced.  I’m still a runner not matter if I run 1 mile or 50 miles.  The post marathon blues are officially over.

Photo by shioshvili via Flickr (Creative Commons)



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