Friday Rambling

I love my Friday rambling time!  After the week I’ve had I’m not sure what’s left to ramble on about, although I’m sure I can find something!  I think for me right now I’ve gone from being very skeptical about my next 9 weeks of training to being on a mountain high with enthusiasm.  There are not enough exclamation points or large enough letters for me to express how excited I am.    I don’t even know where to begin!!

This is not me but that's how I feel!

I’ve always believed, “ I don’t have to run, I want to run.” However I think in some aspects it has become just words and my enthusiasm had left me.  I mean I still run and I still enter marathons but I do it because I would rather cut my pinkie toe off rather than miss an event.  I felt like my relationship with running was wilting, which is odd because I love to read about it, talk about it, listen to others and compare war stories but I didn’t have the happiness in my heart.  The passion was dying.

This morning was a whole new story.  I couldn’t get out the door fast enough to see how I was going to feel and what my legs would do for me.  It’s absolutely freakin’ amazing to feel like this again.  I feel like a puppy on a leash wanting to run but being held back for all the right reasons.  I say that since I’ve seen my new schedule. I only get to see a week at a time and I’m so okay with that.  I can’t agonize about what’s coming up if I don’t know.  I think that’s why I like races I’ve never done before. I don’t map out the course before I go because I would just rather not know. Let me find out as I go.  I’ve sent all that info to the man with the plan so he’ll know but for the most part I’m trying to just not know.

So anyways, this next week I’m only running 3 days. Oy vey!  I may climb the walls these other days!

Once again not me (I would never post a picture with me in my underwear!)

I will have a clean house that’s for sure!  I feel like someone has taken me to Frostings (if you’re ever on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and love cupcakes you need to go there!), let me sample and smell the cupcakes but is only giving me small portions many many days apart!  Oh the torture!

Once again, it’s a good torture. It’s all about the finisher’s medal!

Also I have amazing nutritionist helping me and it’s starting to show on the scales.  I am very blessed to have such amazing help.  I know I probably drive both of them nuts but that’s what they get for being good at what they do!  I just hope when San Francisco rolls around I can say thank you by performing to the best of my ability.

Until Sunday………


I believe!

So tonight I just had the best run ever!  Okay, maybe not ever but at least in the last year.  I ran 3 miles in 39 minutes while running 4 minutes and walking 2. What made all the difference?  Heart rate!  That’s right I put my heart rate monitor strap on that I’ve had for 2 years now and maybe wore twice before today.  So my new training plan is requiring I include this in my training package and I’m completely hooked on it.

I’ve spent months trying to come back from not being able to run for 6 months.  I finally decided on a run walk ratio and found that 2:1 worked for me (or at least I thought).  I also constructed my own training plan as well with this 2:1 in mind.  Well I know it all sounds fine and dandy but every run I’ve been on since December I’ve questioned myself.  Am I running fast enough, am I running to slow, am I running long enough, etc. You get the picture.  Well finally I had enough of the self doubt and asked for help.  In my 12 years of running I’ve never had any formal training regarding my running so this was HUGE for me.   I had my first run with Mr. Running Coach this morning and I was so nervous!  I had no idea what to expect or what he would think of my running condition or even me for that matter.  Thank goodness he’s a genuinely nice guy who is passionate about the sport.   Also thank goodness he’s talktive in the mornings because I am not. We only did 2 miles this morning, mostly so he could get a feel of what I’m like when I run (I guess). Either way I wore my heart rate monitor for the run and was able to forward my stats to him via Garmin Connect.  Very cool stuff.

Trace Run-First time to use heart rate monitor

 It’s amazing how much info that little watch gathers.  It’s my new best friend. In fact I have two things I pray never break down. My Garmin watch and Google Gmail.  Both would extremely detrimental if they did!!

Anyways so later on today he sent me an email with everything I needed to know for the next couple days and he also told me to keep my heart rate around a certain point .  Well, It was much lower than I thought it should be. Like really slow. Talk about disheartening when I saw that. However, if he thinks it then it must be for the better good and I’ll try anything at least once.  I really think he could tell me to stand on my head and I would (funny thing is that’s what I use to do as a kid to get attention, stand on my head!).  Curosity had the best of me so after I got home and the sun went down I got dressed, laced up the shoes and tied on the heart rate monitor for a 3 mile workout.  It went amazing!  I’m completely sold on the heart rate training.

Ran with heart rate monitor with new run walk ratio. Very pleased.

I can’t wait to see what the next 9 weeks of my training brings.  I know I’m probably a little too over excited about all of this but for so long now all my workouts have been just mediocore and I’ve just been going through the motions.  The change is good.  I can’t wait to share more with you guys.

This is going to be  so exciting!


Sweaty Decisions

I'm not sure who's dog this is but could it be any cuter?!


What a humid day!  At 5:45 a.m. I walked out my front door to a wall of sticky hot heat.  Within 2 miles of running I was drenched and disgusting.  It was the kind of sweat that made my hands sticky even though nothing was on them. Gross!  Today was a semi stressful but easy 5 mile run. It should have been 6 but I had to take a bathroom break and that threw my overall time off so I only had time for 5.

Let me be the first to say, I think way too much!  I overanalyze and replay everything.   I have a hard time falling asleep because I just can’t shut off this tiny motor of mine.  Like I mentioned the day before, I’ve meet with a local running coach who questioned (in a postive way) how important was my marathon Labor Day weekend. He also brought up the point that typically it takes one day of recovery for every mile a person runs in a marathon. Let’s look at the big picture here. A marathon is 26.2 miles.  That’s 26 days of running. Now marathon number one is Labor day weekend. Marathon number 2 is October 16. Hmmmm not much time to recuperate and do whatever it is I’m suppose to do between two marathons. That’s another thing. What am I suppose to do between two marathons so close?  There’s not much literature out there that I’ve found that covers this kind of time frame.  I’ve really been stressing over this, a lot.  Hence me contacting a running coach.  I’ll be honest I really expected him to be like, ” Sure, two marathons in a month is completely doable.” Instead he was polite but I sensed he thought the elevator didn’t make it all the way up with me.

So my options are A. back down from marathon #1 and concentrate souly on marathon #2 or B. Do marathon #1 and suffer possibly through marathon #2.  So some of you may be asking what am I even signed up for two races so close together. Let me explain.  In January of this year I decided that 2011 was the year that I would run Tupelo Marathon and get my skull and cross bones finishers medal.  I love a cool finishers medal. I have one that is the Mercedes emblem.  Very cool.  I also ran the half marathon as a training run a couple of years ago and fell in love with it.  It starts at stupid thirty in pitch black (really, take a flashlight) and you follow the police car lights  till the light starts to break.  It was so much fun because I could not see where I was going. I’m pretty sure I stepped on road kill.  I also ran with some of the nicest people.  I really had way too much fun but I didn’t get a medal.

Anyways, then the plan  for the Tupelo race turned into a girls trip. In April like I’ve done for years now I put my name in the lottery for the Nike Women’s Marathon with the thinking that this would be another year I wouldn’t get picked.  Well, I did.  Since I made a promise to myself and my friend I went ahead and signed up for Tupelo Marathon in either May or June.  So since then my friend is unable to go to Tupelo so that left just me going to chase after my medal (literally).  Now to present time, I’ve got two marathons a month apart and no set plan in site.  You can see where my concern is coming from right?

This morning I struggled mentally and physically with what to do.  I mean, it’s been weighing on my mind but in order for me to get any sleep last night I had to tell myself that I would make a decision while running.   I don’t mind making decisions but I have to know that I can make it and not feel like I’m going to have regrets.  I like to make a decision, declare it and not look back.

I made my decision.

I decided that Tupelo would have to wait one more year.

Does it pain me to make that decision?  A little bit. However I am having an even harder time with that space bewteen the two marathons.  It’s like a black hole in my mind that I don’t know what to do with and that scares me more than the pain of not doing a race.

Feeling just a tad bit lost today I’m not sure what my training schedule is right now.  I’m okay with that.  Everything happens for a reason.  I think this is where running is like life. Constantly changing and altering. Nothing is set in stone and nothing is certain. I have to be able to adapt.  I know this all sounds a bit dramatic but marathon training is such an emotional ordeal as a physical one.  If I have an off day with running it messes my world up and vice versa.  A runner puts so much heart and soul into completing 26.2 miles they can’t help but have an emotional attachment somewhere in the mix. So when major decisions have to be made it becomes  emotionally taxing.

Sorry for the long post. I just had to clear my chest.  Enough of that. Time to move on.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Solid Run

Recovery runs are so nice.  Now I’m not sure 12 miles and recovery go in the same sentence but some how if a person runs marathons it does.  That just goes to show you how wacky marathoners really are!

Instead of my traditional Saturday run  I had to bump my normal run to Sunday this week since I had to teach pilates Saturday morning at 9:15.  Saturday actually turned out to be a very busy day.  Let’s see 9:15 pilates, shoe shopping (running shoes of course), hair appointment, then I had to go to my mom’s to move rocks ( long story but there was a lot of them), rush home to change clothes to head to the movies to see the Smurfs, dinner with friends and finally home about 9 p.m.  Sunday’s 12 mile run really was a recovery run compared to Saturday!  It really was a solid run.

So before I can finish my long run report I have to fast forward (and jump around just a bit), I’ll come back to the main point in just a minute. Sunday afternoon I meet with a local guy who is a running coach.  For some time I’ve followed his blog and wanted to inquire about his services but I felt ashamed regarding my  run/walk pace  being so slow.   Running coaches are for fast people right?  Well Friday I really got to thinking about my San Francisco marathon but I can’t do it until I do my Tupelo marathon which is one month apart.  I really was smoking the wacky weed when I decided to do all this!  Anyways, I gave myself a little panic attack because I realized I had no idea how to attack that month between the races.  So Friday night I sent Mr. Running Coach an email asking him if he would be interested in helping out a local slow poke.  I figured it would be a couple of days before I would hear anything back but nope by the start of my Smurfs movie Saturday we had already started communicating. It felt like Christmas in July!  We eventually decided on meeting up and going from there.  I was so nervous! But of course he’s a super nice guy who really has a true passion for the sport.  I was also very impressed how well organized he was.  (My point of telling you all of this ties in with my long run post.)  He asked me questions that most runner’s get asked all the time and I answered my normal answer but then he was ” No. Why did you start running?”  It was a very direct question. Not a generic “I want to hear your fluff answer” question.  It was thought provoking questions if a person allowed them to be.  For instance “Why did you start running?”  For me it was 1999 and I had no clue this sport even existed.  I had never heard of a 5k, 10k or marathon.  So after moving to Hattiesburg and finding out about this sport it really was a desire to want to do something different.  I had played tennis, lifted weights (yeah, one day when I’m feeling frisky I’ll break out the pictures from the weight lifting days) but never ran for a prize.

In the bigger picture I want a running coach to hopefully help me be a stronger runner and maybe finish a marathon in 5:20 instead of 5:30.  And of course me being my typical self (meaning being critical of myself) I kept reminding him ” I’m slow. Like really slow.” Finally he said ” Slow is a relative term.  No matter how fast you are someone’s always going to be faster than you and someone’s always going to be slower than you.”  It really put things into a different perspective for me.  I knew immediately this morning when I went running and didn’t fuss at myself about moving so slow that this Mr. Running Coach might be just what the Dr. ordered. It gave me something to chew on that’s for sure.

So back to my long run post.  Mr. Running Coach in just a short amount of time helped me to look at how I view my running terms. So what do I mean by a solid run. What is a solid run for me? Well…………excellent question.  Since I run 2 minutes and walk 1 minute  a solid run would be keeping to this schedule. Not wearing down and having to do a mile of cycling back and forth between a  1 minute run and 1 minute walk.  A solid run is me not breaking down mentally and wondering why I can’t run harder or faster.  A solid run means executing the plan without little deviation and not breaking down mentally which would cause me to constantly question or doubt myself.  That’s a solid run.

So I’m not sure when I’ll start working with Mr. Running Coach (if I didn’t scare him off) since I only have a couple of weeks till my Tupelo Marathon. There’s not much he can do for me except advise at this point.

So the rest of this week is spent gearing me up for my 18 miler this coming Sunday. Then the following weekend is 20 miles and then downhill from there.  A person would think I would be over the nervous excitment leading up to a marathon but apparently not.  I know pretty soon I’ll have the dream where I oversleep, miss the start of the race and try to play catch up. I always have the same dream at some point just before a race.  It’s kind of like that Seinfeld episode……………The Hot Tub.

The Animal in Me With A Dash Of Tina Fey

So many cliches are coming to mind right now….It’s just another manic Monday, time flies when I’m having fun, and there are a few others but they just get cheesier and I’ll spare you of that.  My point is they are all just cliches, not reasons or excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging or logging in my nutrition. I’ll admit mentally I checked out Thursday night.  I picked up a book and read all weekend long, with the exception of running. Meanwhile I’ve missed my Rambling Friday post, no long run post. That’s a lot of thinking just simmering inside this small brain of mine!

So here’s my random thoughts.  Now keep in mind that this is totally my opinion derived from my own personal observations. I have this friend I run with and she’s one of these natural born athletes. She’s never gimped up like I am.  She naturally runs fast (well, faster than me), she can go for hours and never get tired.  We can run a hard 6 miles or more and I would get a text late that evening saying she ran 4 more. Or she went to a 45 minute spinning class in addition to the run earlier that  day. In short, she’s an animal.  Then there’s me.  At one time I like to think I was an animal. I didn’t over-analyze my workouts. In fact I taught aerobic classes as a form of income while I was in college.  Let’s just say to make any significant amount money you have to teach A LOT OF CLASSES! During the summer I would possibly teach up to 7 classes a day. Then I would turn around and do my workout.  I always reasoned that those 7 classes were work not working out.  My point is I didn’t over analyze what I was doing. Like my friend, she just does it and so did I. Now the key word here is DID.  Somewhere along the way I became very cautious. (there’s a point to all of this so hang in there)  .  So what’s my point? My friends casualness about her workouts actually helps her be the animal she is.  Now I’m not saying everyone should just work out furiously all the time but being too cautious can hamper us as well. Maybe she’s working on the glycogen storage which allows her to go longer.  I’m not exactly sure the exacts to make this happen but I can’t help but wonder if there is something to this. Could it be the cross training? Who knows, it’s just a thought. That’s all.

So Saturday I ran 16 miles. Not much to report except I survived!  Actually it really was uneventful. I got started a little later than normal so that I could eat breakfast and let it digest.  That really helped a lot compare to the last couple of weeks when I didn’t and kind of got a little loopy in the head.  Hey it is what is!  On this run I listened to Tina Fey’s new book “BossyPants.” Yes, I believe somehow Tina Fey is my older twin!

 I’m sure just reading the book is fine but she actually narrates the audio book so it was very entertaining. Some of the language is so so but overall for hours of entertainment (and I do mean at least 5 hours)  I recommend it.  I guess the funny part about it all is I can’t help but wonder what other people were thinking when they saw this runner going down the Trace laughing out loud?!  It was a good run.  Felt like a strong finish, I classify it as a good run. A good mental workout as well.

Since then I’ve gotten in a 3 mile run with 2 more runs scheduled this week and then 12 miles this weekend.  The marathon is creeping closer and closer.  I always joke that the closer a marathon gets the more anxious I get. The kind of anxious a woman gets when she’s 9 months pregnant and ready to birth a baby (or at least what I would imagine it to feel like since I don’t have children)!

Till next time………


Working on Losing my Truffle in my Shuffle

(this is how I felt yesterday)

I started this post last night and fell asleep.  So I really mean for this to be posted yesterday (Wednesday).

So all day long (when I wasn’t thinking about work) I’ve been trying to figure out what to blog about.  It couldn’t be about running because I haven’t had the energy to put many miles in.   So there are no stories to tell or no lessons learned. So tonight when I was talking to Hubby about being so hungry all week and how I was going to be lucky to even lose a pound this week after losing 4 last week (by the way did I mention I lost 4 pounds last week?).  Then the thought came to me that this the part of my blog where the title comes into play. You know…….Pounds to Miles.  So at this point in my life I’m concentrating on good nutrition.  As I’ve mentioned before I’ve recruited the help of Runners Fuel to help make this change in my life.

Side note:  This young lady deserves a special place in Heaven for dealing with my multitude of questions day after day.  Really if you ever decide to hire her, you most certainly get your money’s worth from her services.  She’s amazing!

So my main focus beyond the normal counting calories is learning to eat quality food in the right portions. It sounds easy I know but I feel like I could solve the nations budget problem easier than I can master this.  It’s not just knowing what a carb is or a protein but know what amount and the quality.  For instance I love Subway.  I love a flatbread turkey sandwhich with pepperjack cheese and a majority of the veggies. So what’s the problem?  Well I was wondering if flatbread is good quality and if it was one carb or two? Is a normal 6 inch wheat sub 1 carb or 2?  I know 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread is 1 carb but the Subway bread is larger so I didn’t know how to count it.  The answer is a flatbread is not horrible but not the best. Obvisously the wheat bread is the better choice and it’s 1 carb.  Not to mention my confusion with mexican food.  That’s another day!  It’s just so much to think about.

Last week I was EXTREMELY obsessed (not just concerned but obsessed) with analyzing everything I ate  but this week, I feel like I maybe have a little better handling on it but I also feel tired and really hungry.   Not craving any one thing but just a desire to eat.  I don’t know if this translate into anything  but I hope this is just a phase and will pass soon.  I also haven’t had the motivation to log what I’ve eaten this week.  The only thing that is somewhat out of my normal routine (does one good week count as routine?) is I do have a slight scratchy throat and a mild cough (allergies perhaps).  Who knows?!?

This is the part where I get frustrated with trying to be a healthier version of myself. I’m so consistently typical with my behavior. I go on a diet;  first week is my learning curve, the second week I lose some weight by the third week I suddenly don’t understand why I haven’t lost 20 pounds yet!  I grow frustrated, I throw caution to the wind and BAM!  I regain what I just lost plus some.  I think in addition to a dietitian I need a therapist.  Anyone like to offer their free services?!  I know what the elementary basics are to nutrition but there is so much more to it and that’s what most diets and dietitian fail to realize is that even though you may know the basics there is so much more nutrition and teaching the basics is not enough. That’s why I’m falling quickly in love with Runners Fuel (not a paid advertisement!)

I know it’s going to work out and I’ll be happy I stuck with the program but good golly it’s mentally exhausting.  But if it was so easy I would have done it already, right? It’s like someone said on Extreme Makeovers: Weight Loss Edtition, food is something you have to be around everyday in order to survive. It’s hard.  Sure I could throw it all out the window, eat till my jaws hurt and be the size of a sumo wrestler but I know I wouldn’t like myself very much.  I like running too much to just totally disregard my nutritional habits.  So I just take it one day at a time.  If I come off sounding like I’m whining I don’t mean to but I would be lying if I try saying this is super easy and for 3 easy payments of $39.99 you too could look like this!  It’s just not that easy. Not only am I learning to make wise decisions I’m having to reprogram myself to how I view my food. I love to eat but there’s other things I love to do more than just eat.

Remember: Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

P.S.  The picture above makes me laugh because anytime a Windham on a road trip is late getting in a vehicle, the Truffle Shuffle must be done before you’re allowed in the vehicle!  Good times (for those of us in the vehicle).

Running Long and sketchy bathrooms

So as promised I am here to report about my first double digit run leading me up to the Tupelo Marathon . The schedule called for 10 miles.  It all started with a 4:30 a.m. alarm followed by 20 minutes of me running around with my head cut off because the night before I had gone to bed before I could lay out everything I would need the next day.  Also I had taken one Benadryll because my ears were starting to stop up pretty bad.  So with a Benadryll hangover and running 10 minutes behind I finally have everything together and heading out the door.  I don’t remember much of the drive over to Thu’s (pronounced Two) house.  I just know I made it there and that’s all that matters! Our route was to leave her house which is just off of Lincoln Road to head over The Long Leaf  Trace. From there we head down the trail for 3 miles turn around and retrace our steps back. So basically an out and back course of 5 miles.  After explaining to my dear sweet,understanding running partner that I’ve taken a benadryll and I’m feeling just a bit off, we take off running. First mile, tight left calf muscle, we stop and stretch.  Second mile, of course I have to use the bathroom (yes, I’m high maintenance). Third mile I actually get to use the bathroom.  Mile four to eight I was okay till I had to use the bathroom again.  So of course we leave the trail to catch the bathroom at the Shell Station on Fourth and 38th but just my luck some other woman decided to nest in the bathroom there. Doesn’t she know I’m about to pop with a thimble full of water in my bladder and my Garmin is ticking away?  So we leave there to go to the gas station across the street. Trust me when your running and something is pushing on your insides, it’s just best to handle whatever issue it is and move on.   So at gas station #2 at least it was available but I’m a little concerned about the fact the bathroom sign is hand written saying “Women Only” and that fact this bathroom has two doors.  But just short of using the bathroom in my tights I just bit the bullet and used the bathroom.  I pray I never have to use the bathroom in that neck of the woods again!  So after that little bit of drama was over we headed home with only two miles to go.  The last two miles were pretty uneventful.  Normally on a long run our last mile or so is just as quiet as our first mile or two.

I’ve mentioned this in post before but this time last year I was training for the exact same marathon.  I had to stop training and spent the next 6 months rehabing my back, left hip and left hamstring.  I tried doing too many workouts that my body refused to handle.  So in order to be able to run long distances now I run/walk.  On short runs I can run a 3:1 (which is 3 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking).  I wear two watches.  One for the interval timer and one for the distance.  I use a Timex Ironman Watch because of the interval timer I can set to repeat but if you’re not wanting to wear two watches but need the interval timer Gym Boss is a great alternative.  I’ve been to many races where I hear the little buzzard going off.  I’m not the only person run walking.  I think run walking is the new sprint. You know like slow is the new fast. Right now I’m running a 2:1 on our long runs.   The run walk lets my legs take a mini break just long enough to keep running. I still get tired and feel run down towards the end but at this point in my running at least I’m able to run farther than I did this time last year.   Thu made the comment that she thinks before long we’ll be able to lengthen our long runs to a 3:1. She says my breathing sounds better and I don’t look as tired as I once did.  She also says that the long runs are good for her as a recovery run!  I told her to kiss it.

The thing about running is no one rule, plan or shoe is perfect for everyone.  I’m constantly reading and finding out what others are doing. A few books and websites I think are great starters is

So next week we run 12 miles. I’m excited about this. My 10 miler felt good enough I’m ready to add more. Today I’m a little stiff but nothing painful.  I’m intending for Fridays and Sundays to be my rest days.  I have stretched and rubbed till hopefully tomorrow my run will be a great start to the week.

If you need a little motivation the video above is from the movie Spirit of the Marathon. You can watch it in it’s entirety here.  It’s one of my favorites. It also take place based around the Chicago Marathon which is one that I dearly love.  It’s one of the best experiences of my life and if you ever get the chance to go, GO!

Have a great week and remember whether you’re running, walking or swimming or whatever………..something is better than nothing.


26.2 minus 3

So earlier I posted that I would be going to the Callaway Marathon this past weekend. I did.  I ran. Unfortunately I only ran 23 miles. The race was really low key.  Not a lot water stations. No port a johns. The race was well marked.  However, apparently people flock to this race for the half marathon. Not the marathon. Supposedly about 150 people registered for the marathon. I think 140 finished it under 4 hours!  I only say that because I didn’t see anybody  in front or behind me.  However everything for me was going  great until mile 18.  Since there were no port a potties I had to leave the race course and go to the horticulture museum to use the bathroom. When I came out I noticed i didn’t see the 18 mile sign. No big deal right?  Well I get to 19, 20 still no signs.  I realized that the lovely course volunteers threw in the towel  and decided to go home!! After only 4 hours!  I had no bathrooms, no signs and after mile 21 no water.  So with much trepidation I called my friend and asked her to come pick me up.

Here I am 24 hours later and I can’t help but second guess myself.  I can’t help but to ask myself, did my stomach really hurt as bad I thought? Did I do the right thing? Did my mental strength fail me?  At this point I have to tell myself to let it go.  I can play “what if” all day long but I made my decision at mile 23 and I have to live with that.

Now I’m not a deep philosophical person but i can’t help but wonder how much life and marathons mirror each other. It’s not just running but it’s a way I deal with things. I like to think that I’m not a quitter. I’m not very good at owning my decisions.  Instead I will torture myself till theres nothing left of the issue at hand. I’m a worrier. I constantly worry about EVERYTHING. My mind is always going on about something.  In fact, it’s a sin at how much worrying I do.  I can’t stand to think that I handled a situation wrong. I can’t bare to think someone might be angry at me or unhappy with me.  I hate doing the wrong thing.  I want to do whats right, but sometimes doing whats right comes down to a matter of opinion. Some situations may seem right to one person but ask someone else’s opinion and that situation might be wrong.   My point is only I can look back and decide if I made the best decision for me at mile 23.

Tomorrow is a new day.

To Be Or Not To Be Is The Question!

Just daydreaming for just a moment about my sixth marathon this weekend!  By now I should be use to it but I really have some major butterflies going on with this one. For one thing I feel so unprepared.  Originally I thought I was running a half marathon so I was training for half marathon. Well about 8 weeks ago I saw on my friends Facebook page, who is also running the same marathon, where she announced she’s running her first marathon! I was like “Whoa!  What happen to the just doing a half?!” Apparently I was not paying attention the day I agreed to this!  So now I’m running  a full marathon.  I know for a fact it will take me all 6 hours because I have not been exercising prior to this training because I was out with a bum hamstring. It’s really always something going on with me.

For example, I just recently (after some xrays) discovered I have what you call Lateral Pelvic Tilt. My left hip is pretty significantly higher than my right. Which I think means my left side is weak and my right side is strong and tight.  At this point , I don’t care if my hip is hiked up under my collar bone as long as I can get this 6th medal this weekend.

I actually had wanted number 6 medal to be from Tupelo Marathon this past September. I did the 14.2 “half” marathon a couple of years ago and was hooked!  You start off at like stupid thirty (aka 5:00 am) in the middle of what feels like no where with a cop car lights leading way.  I was told to bring a flash light for this very reason but of course I didn’t believe anyone. Me and several others who didn’t believe the smart ones were left to dodge road kill in the dark in back woods Tupelo.  Best time of my life!  I was done and on my way back home before 9:00 a.m.  Its a very low key race with minimum water stations.   I  met some great people and we all stayed together till the end.  I think it use to be called Bad To The Bone Marathon, maybe I made that up. Either way, the finishing medal for the whole marathon is a skull and crossbones. I want it!  It is mine this year!!  I was attempting it last year when my thirty something body fell apart in training.

Back to the point, so this Sunday I’m headed to Callaway Gardens to run 26.2 miles in hopefully 6 hours.  Okay, Okay, I know. I’m slow.  I know.  Please, I know how out of shape I am.  I’m slowly working on it.  The race starts at 8:00 a.m.  Oh the anticipation. I’ve never birthed a child in my life, but the anticipation leading up to a race is what I would imagine the anticipation for birthing a child would be like. I’m ready to birth this baby and move on! My ongoing joke all week has been Saturday I’ll walk, Sunday I’ll run and Monday I’ll crawl!  It’s really not that bad!  Either way say a little prayer for me Sunday. This girl will need it!

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