Are You Saying "I’m Tired"

73 days till my final weigh in. 73 short days. Heck, we’re already past the last Friday of February! Time flies when you have a goal in sight!  I’m also in a peculiar place.  I’m 27 pounds down. YAY!  Which is not a good bragging right BECAUSE that means I gained 27 pounds in less than a year. I would say somewhere between March of 2012 and November 11, 2012. 27 pounds!! Whaaaaat?!?! I know, I know.

So that means I’m right back to my original fighting weight. Which is great but I still have a total of 33 pounds to lose. My goal by May 11, 2013 is to have lost 23 more pounds from now. That leaves me with the infamous last 10 stubborn pounds to lose after May 11th.  This  past Friday’s weigh in showed that the weight loss train stalled out leaving me with not a loss or a gain (whew). I knew it would by Tuesday. I didn’t feel energetic all week. In fact, I was semi funky feeling. Going through the motions I guess you can say. Not butt  kicking by any means.

In fact, even till today I’ve been tired. Very sleepy feeling. Just blah.  Sunday I slept in, Monday I slept in AND Tuesday. This morning I realized “Oh no!! Old Brandy is creeping back!” So at 4:45 a.m. this morning, I threw on my gym clothes and flew out the door. I did my gym time, went grocery shopping, came home and continued with the full speed ahead mentality.  It’s so easy to get in the “I’m tired” phase and Monday turns into Tuesday and 6 months later and two larger pants sizes you’re still saying “I’m tired.”  You/I have to force yourself to do something. To move forward. To be active. To be alive. Staying in bed ALL THE TIME IS NOT A LIFESTYLE!!  You can choose to be tired and lifeless are you can do something. 
We were not created to lay around, eat Cheetos and watch Honey Boo Boo all day. (P.S. I despise reality TV and I despise that show along with Jersey Shore and many others)  We were meant to live, experience, see and do. 

Watching E TV and watching others live a fake, made up, so call wonderful life is not doing you any good. In fact, your craving a life that is fake by watching reality TV.  GET UP AND LIVE YOUR OWN FABULOUS LIFE!! Turn off the TV. JUST TURN IT OFF!!
That also can be extended to internet, Facebook, movies, books. Too much of one thing is never good. We have to live a present, active life. 

Whew, moving on. 

73 days. I know I’ll be a better version of myself in 73 days. So I’m creating a two 30 day plans to keep myself motivated and going. First plan starting March 4th.  Mondays are always a great day to hit the start (or restart) button. 30days after that I’ll take a short less planned break and then continue with  plan #2.  

I’m so excited!! If nothing else, be sure to check back in 73 days. Good stuff is happening!


Weigh In Friday

92 days out till my “Final” weigh in. I’ve given myself a 6 month goal starting November 11, 2012 to turn this body around. I was (still am) overweight, unhappy, unmotivated, bored, tired and any other negative adjective you can think of. But with 92 days to go I’m 23 pounds down with a total goal of 60 pounds to lose. I’m excited about getting up of a morning. I’m happy, lighter, energetic, inspired and most important, determined.  2013, I will lose 60 pounds. Let’s revisit that……….

2013, I will lose 60 pounds. 

Wanna hear it again?

2013, I will lose 60 pounds.

In fact, not only will I lose it, I refuse to find it ever again. I refuse to revisit that place in my life ever again.

I’ve got 92 days to make a dent in  this number. I only have 37 pounds to go.

If  you don’t believe me, mark your calendar and be back here May 11th. I’ll show you!

Lesson Learned!

This weekend I ate birthday cake. And a few Skittles. And a coconut macaroon  Oh a a slice of pizza. Not all at once but it was there, I was there, I was weak and I failed. I started this challenge to myself on November 11th and  up until this point I’ve tried hard to not eat fast food, or junk. I have eaten those dang sugar butter cookies that come in the tin but something was different this weekend. Not sure what but my gut rebelled. Big time! Like Monday morning, feeling crappy, wish I had never seen the likes of birthday cake food hangover crappy. Anyways, so I was at a birthday party and I was away from home, away from my kitchen, away from my controlled environment and I didn’t over indulge. I didn’t pile my plate high or anything, I just had some. Some crap!

And I suffered. Since Saturday night I have been sick as a dog. Stomach turned inside out sick. Like no birthday cake or Skittles ever again sick. No one else got sick. Just me.   Just the one on a crazy mission to drop the pounds.

What else is good, new or just going on?

  • I’ve dropped 23 pounds since November 11th
  • I’m doing cardio at least 5 days a week for 1 hour (at least)
  • I’m logging all my calories, good bad and ugly. I was using MyFitnessPal but after watching a webisode on   MyFitSpiration  they brought out a good point about wanting to look back at things and needing to reference certain days and I found myself having a hard time doing that with MyFitnessPal.  And plus I love physically holding my notebook, so I’ve made a switch for a while. Just to see how I like it.  To each their own, right?
Side Note: What rock have I been living under not find these two girls?!?! Somehow I recently unearthed them, only to realize they were Biggest Loser Contestants and Winners and somehow I had no idea they had this great website!! I feel like they’re real, and honest and sincere and that can go a long ways if you ask me. Sometimes I get stuck not branching out on my websites so I don’t discover as much as I should.  So please share if you ever have anybody you just love because otherwise I might be stuck under a rock missing out!  
Food Journal
  • We eat out maybe once a week. Sometimes twice, so lots of cooking at home! Our cupboards look like we have no money to buy food because I buy just what we need and really no more. No snacks except for peanut butter and popcorn. They’re very bare. If it’s not in the house I can’t eat it. Otherwise I have no self control. So, It can’t come into the house.  
Really that’s it. Oh by the way, only 95 more days till my personal challenge is up!  Yikes!!  
So till next time, Cheers!

Happy Freakin Birthday

Well I thought I would slide past this one but several friends who shall name nameless (you know who you are) busted me on Facebook so……………there you have it . Happy birthday to me. Can you feel the excitement? No? Yeah me neither. I was hoping to let this one slide. It’s so funny I use to be all like “362 days till my birthday” now I’m I’m like “Wake me up when it’s over!”

However there is one thing I’m excited about today, since I’m on a mission to lose this gut, I’m not going to eat cake, ice cream or anything sweet. It’s just not happening!!  I’m not sad about it one bit. I know there’s a better version of me waiting on the other side of this and eating cake and ice cream won’t get me there.

In fact I’m excited about this as much as I am about running a marathon (trust me, I get excited about those so no sarcasm here!)

Once again if you missed it from yesterday , I don’t care what life throws at me, in 6 months I will be a better version of myself. Period. I’m over this crap.  It’s going to be hard but I’m up to.  In fact I got my “before and before picture” trust there’s two of them and 6 months from now I’ll give my after because I know it’s got to be better than the current “before picture”

To be continued………………….