I Got Plans…..

Guess who signed up for another half………..

Rise & Shine Half Marathon

I got plans peeps!!   It’s all part of a bigger plan………just wait!



Diva Half Marathon


Who knew when I agreed to this race it would be a mini life saver!  God, I am so grateful for this and for my ah-mazing friend, Pam, for encouraging me (persuading me) into signing up for this race (promises of an Auburn football game might have been included in this as well).

It’s been a summer, I’ll tell you that much. I signed up for this race at the beginning of June, shortly after that my dad passed away. The weeks following and the past couple of weeks I retreated into my own little world. Running was the constant, as it always has been since I discovered it many, many moons ago!  I am so grateful for signing up for the half marathon and having it in the wings waiting on me because it gave me focus and direction. Whew!  God knew I would need it. He always knows what I need to stay afloat. Trust me,  my running has been………..meh, okay. I’ve let me head take over too much and I’ve really had to push myself into every single run.

I’ll be using the Diva Half Marathon as a training run. No PR’s or goals or high expectations. Just a training run. I’ve also signed up for New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon. I’m pumped about it!  I’ll be meeting up with my favorite girls/sisters in January to run and just be with them. Lisa and Pam!! I love ’em to the moon and back!! We were suppose to meet up for the Dallas Marathon last December until the ice storm froze us out.

Little by little things are starting to feel sort of normal,  a new normal. It feels good. Like a cloud has lifted and the fog is clearing out. Finally. I’m ready.

So till next time………Cheers!