Week 2 of 2013 Dallas Marathon Training

Today I’m covering week 2 of my training leading up to the 2013 Dallas Marathon in Dallas, Texas.  Each week I’ll do an update so that people will know what training is like for the average runner. I’m not a 2:21 marathon runner. In fact I bring up the rear of a marathon.  I’m hear to show you that yes, you can do a marathon. If I can do it,  you can to!!

Run A marathon

Each week I’ll be covering a different topic, if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!

Also, here’s a link to few of the brands I mentioned:

Dallas Marathon

Simple Hydration

90 Revolutions

Running Nutrition 

Remember, the big thing to remember about nutrition is find what works for you. A lot of people can’t stomach gels but they’re okay with chews. I’ve even had some friends to use gummy bears .  Just be sure to take in about a 100 calories every 3 miles.  Having a set nutrition schedule when you run helps delay the “hitting the wall” effect.

Tip: Carry peppermints with you when your run.  Not only is it great for a slow, easy sugar release but it also helps settle an upset stomach.

  A great time to experiment and practice is during your long runs. Not only with gels and chews but also  find out what works as far as hydration is concerned.  Something to keep in mind is, if you plan on using a hydration pack for your marathon make sure the marathon will allow it. Since the Boston Marathon bombings, the New York City Marathon is not allowing hydration packs.  So be sure they’re allowed before you get use to using  them.

Also remember, don’t skip your long runs!  Your long run is what helps you have a better marathon experience.  Next week I’ll touch on what you should do during this long runs to help mimic your marathon day .

Till next time……Cheers!

Motivation Monday

Hello Monday!!  Welcome to Motivation Monday, where we get the week started right!  Positive thoughts with positive habits equals a recipe for success!

Remember: Something is ALWAYS better than nothing.  You don’t have to run a marathon or even a 5k but definitely go for a walk. Do good and be good! Motivation is a hard, hard thing to keep up. Within seconds a negative comment can ruin the day or a slip of momentary judgement sends all good intentions to the wind and we feel instantly defeated. DON’T!!!  You and I are not perfect. We will have moments where our judgment failed us, we will eat a fun size Snickers and like it!  It doesn’t mean we’re defeated. It was just a moment, and there will MILLIONS more just like them. Give yourself a little breathing room to make mistakes but the defining moment in it all is when you continue on doing what you know is right.  Those are the better and more defining moments in your journey. We as humans are not perfect so why do you expect so much of yourself? It’s okay to expect great things from yourself and it’s okay to give yourself a stern lecture but don’t stop fighting the good fight and don’t become your worst enemy.  Love yourself and be kind to yourself.



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