Week 2 of 2013 Dallas Marathon Training

Today I’m covering week 2 of my training leading up to the 2013 Dallas Marathon in Dallas, Texas.  Each week I’ll do an update so that people will know what training is like for the average runner. I’m not a 2:21 marathon runner. In fact I bring up the rear of a marathon.  I’m hear to show you that yes, you can do a marathon. If I can do it,  you can to!!

Run A marathon

Each week I’ll be covering a different topic, if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!

Also, here’s a link to few of the brands I mentioned:

Dallas Marathon

Simple Hydration

90 Revolutions

Running Nutrition 

Remember, the big thing to remember about nutrition is find what works for you. A lot of people can’t stomach gels but they’re okay with chews. I’ve even had some friends to use gummy bears .  Just be sure to take in about a 100 calories every 3 miles.  Having a set nutrition schedule when you run helps delay the “hitting the wall” effect.

Tip: Carry peppermints with you when your run.  Not only is it great for a slow, easy sugar release but it also helps settle an upset stomach.

  A great time to experiment and practice is during your long runs. Not only with gels and chews but also  find out what works as far as hydration is concerned.  Something to keep in mind is, if you plan on using a hydration pack for your marathon make sure the marathon will allow it. Since the Boston Marathon bombings, the New York City Marathon is not allowing hydration packs.  So be sure they’re allowed before you get use to using  them.

Also remember, don’t skip your long runs!  Your long run is what helps you have a better marathon experience.  Next week I’ll touch on what you should do during this long runs to help mimic your marathon day .

Till next time……Cheers!

We Interrupt This Running Program

I’m running so far behind today!! Do you care? Probably not however, I refuse to let today go by without posting. Meanwhile please come back tomorrow night when we talk about where I am in my running program  (yes, you want to know) and about gels (the kind you eat and not wear).

So for your viewing pleasure……………….october



Running a marathon

high kicks


kelly Kapowski workout

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If this still doesn’t satisfy you ……………sign up for a race!! 

Long Running

Life is good!!


Running is good, work is good, diet is good………….it’s all good!!  I’ve never been more in love with my running. I’ve been getting in all my runs, hitting all my prescribed times and recovering well.  One good run after another makes the whole thing contagious!

Road Treadmill

So I did a update DURING my run. The camera is shaky so please forgive me!! I was running!! Be sure to share this with friends and subscribe so you can get more fun videos like the one below!

Daily Tools

For the last 5 months I’ve had to be very diligent and mindful of what I eat, how much, and what I do in order to have a successful 6 month deadline. So what am I using? Well,


I’ve posted about it before (click here). It’s been one of THE most important things I’ve owned. I know exactly how many calories I’ve burned or not  each day. It’s taught me that on off days I typically burn about 2323 calories and to meet my daily goal (2785) I need to walk/run 3 miles.  It’s helping me become mindful of my lifestyle and holding me accountable. You can purchase them here


The website MyFitnessPal.com has been huge for me. I’ve tried just using a notebook but in all honestly this has been the best way for me. Since I always have my phone with me  it’s an app I can keep on my phone (much easier than a notebook). It’s free (yay free) and it has a scanner so all I have to do is scan. Bam. No excuses!


I love my food scale. It’s like the BodyMedia. I can see how much I’m eating. I know what 56 grams of lunchmeat looks like. I know what 32 grams of peanut butter looks like. Including pretzels, almonds, steak.

If you weigh the same items enough, eventually you know that two handfuls of tiny pretzels is a serving size. The repetition is a teaching tool within itself. It’s building a good habit! 


This is something I’ve owned for several years now. I’m constantly learning what it can do for me besides measure my mileage. I can load a workout into it and it tells me exactly what I should be doing and how fast. The corresponding website for it is PHENOMENAL   It recently went through a little updating and now they have FREE training plans to use with the Garmin (yay free).  I also can keep with my PR’s and other details that I deem important.   

So there you have 4 tools that I use day in and day out. Yes I still have to do the work but having some help never hurt anyone.

What helps you stay successful? I’d love to hear from you.

It’s All In The Journey

You know when you go a on a trip, a flight for example you’re so busy getting everything together. You’re busy packing your suitcase, then you have to pack a carry-on bag to keep yourself entertained during the flight (or least I do) and then you have to hustle and bustle your way to the the airport, through the airport routine and then FINALLY you are seated in your assigned seat. And once you are comfortable and situated you have that moment of , “What now?”  That’s where I am.

What now? I reached a point in this 6 month throw down to where I know I’m doing what I’m suppose to be doing. Such as………..

  • Logging every single calorie I eat
  • Eating at least 1680 calories based on my RMR. 
  • Drinking my 2 liters of water a day
  • Taking my vitamins
  • Daily hour long cardio sessions
  • Getting in my 2680 calories via BodyMedia 
I’m doing what I set out to do. I’ve got my routine down and now that I’m comfortable and situated into what I need and want to do I can’t help but be a little anxious. I feel like I should be doing more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one bit but I do find I’m a bit anxious some days because up until this point I’ve been so busy preparing and planning. 
Meanwhile, this has been a learning week based off my food journal. What have I learned? Well…………
1.  The weeks I’ve had really good numbers on the scale I did not eat past dinner. I went to bed a little hungry.
2. The weeks I’ve had really good numbers I cut the carbs after 12 p.m.  I had veggies but no bread, crackers, etc. past lunch.  
3.  Eating out more than once a week will kill my numbers!  I ate out Friday night, Saturday (yes , the whole day was outside the house and not a packed meal either!), and Sunday lunch. I know without a doubt my weigh in will be not good tomorrow because all week my numbers on the scale have been HORRIBLE.
Yes, I weigh daily. It helps me stay mentally on track. That is the only time I will ever discuss that, please I know what they say but it’s not up for discussion. Love you!  

At least now  I know. Adjust and do better.  I know May 11th is going to be a good day!  Till next time, Cheers!

Lesson Learned!

This weekend I ate birthday cake. And a few Skittles. And a coconut macaroon  Oh a a slice of pizza. Not all at once but it was there, I was there, I was weak and I failed. I started this challenge to myself on November 11th and  up until this point I’ve tried hard to not eat fast food, or junk. I have eaten those dang sugar butter cookies that come in the tin but something was different this weekend. Not sure what but my gut rebelled. Big time! Like Monday morning, feeling crappy, wish I had never seen the likes of birthday cake food hangover crappy. Anyways, so I was at a birthday party and I was away from home, away from my kitchen, away from my controlled environment and I didn’t over indulge. I didn’t pile my plate high or anything, I just had some. Some crap!

And I suffered. Since Saturday night I have been sick as a dog. Stomach turned inside out sick. Like no birthday cake or Skittles ever again sick. No one else got sick. Just me.   Just the one on a crazy mission to drop the pounds.

What else is good, new or just going on?

  • I’ve dropped 23 pounds since November 11th
  • I’m doing cardio at least 5 days a week for 1 hour (at least)
  • I’m logging all my calories, good bad and ugly. I was using MyFitnessPal but after watching a webisode on   MyFitSpiration  they brought out a good point about wanting to look back at things and needing to reference certain days and I found myself having a hard time doing that with MyFitnessPal.  And plus I love physically holding my notebook, so I’ve made a switch for a while. Just to see how I like it.  To each their own, right?
Side Note: What rock have I been living under not find these two girls?!?! Somehow I recently unearthed them, only to realize they were Biggest Loser Contestants and Winners and somehow I had no idea they had this great website!! I feel like they’re real, and honest and sincere and that can go a long ways if you ask me. Sometimes I get stuck not branching out on my websites so I don’t discover as much as I should.  So please share if you ever have anybody you just love because otherwise I might be stuck under a rock missing out!  
Food Journal
  • We eat out maybe once a week. Sometimes twice, so lots of cooking at home! Our cupboards look like we have no money to buy food because I buy just what we need and really no more. No snacks except for peanut butter and popcorn. They’re very bare. If it’s not in the house I can’t eat it. Otherwise I have no self control. So, It can’t come into the house.  
Really that’s it. Oh by the way, only 95 more days till my personal challenge is up!  Yikes!!  
So till next time, Cheers!