Round Is A Shape

Okay so I know I’ve been MIA.  I haven’t had motivation to write I guess.  I think the last time I wrote anything it said something like “Hello June.”  Soon it was goodbye June and hello July and the vicious cycle continued.  I find myself saying “They’re only so many hours in the day and you can only do what you can do.” It’s partially true but quiet honestly, we make time for what we really want to do or don’t want to do. Never thought I would find time to do nothing.

Anyways, this summer has been some what productive. I have been working out in my garage with a few friends, my husband calls it “Garage Pilates” but really, it’s  a mix up of pilates with Jillan Michaels with a dab of circuit training.  I’ve done more push ups this summer than I have in the last year!!  It’s been good for me.  I’ve also been logging in low mileage and beyond that…..that’s it.

With that being said, I am sad to say I’ve put back on a good bit of weight that I had so proudly lost.  It started with Christmas candy my mother made 2 Christmases ago. And I made an attack plan post Christmas with high mileage involved. I was prepped for beast mode. Then my Dad passed away and I don’t remember much of the rest of 2014. It’s a blur.  I wouldn’t say I binged my way through the year or self-soothed myself with food. I just didn’t pay attention to what I ate.  I ate whatever.  No mindfulness or care. I just ate.


I am grateful for very supportive friends because through the blur they kept me going and encouraging me to keep moving forward. Even if they knew what they were doing or didn’t, they helped me to keep moving forward.  I did a half marathon that should have been a full and I did  another half marathon that should have been faster. But I finished.

You know, I always thought I was so big and bad and tough and could weather anything. After several rounds with life I’ve learned I’m not as weatherproof as I would like to imagine myself to be. Over the last several years life has thrown some serious upper cuts and sadly I backed into my corner to sit till I saw an apporpriate time to reemerge. The younger version of myself would have kicked my butt from here till the next state if I’d had known I would one day have a spirit of fear and defeat. How awful!!! I’m working on it. Maybe that’s the part of growing up and going through the trials and tribulations of life. Learning to be weatherproof (or some version of it). Anyways, I’ve hidden from you guys because I was so disappointed with myself for A. not weathering life a little better and B. not keeping the weight off.  I jusitified a lot of it by saying “Oh, I don’t need to share everything.” Or “I’m just not that into the blogging thing anymore .” I’m so full of crap.  I was lying to myself and hiding at the same time.

So I’ve recommited myself to the good fight. To be a better version of myself. Happier, healthier and stronger.

So I guess all that’s left to say is……

Daily Tools

For the last 5 months I’ve had to be very diligent and mindful of what I eat, how much, and what I do in order to have a successful 6 month deadline. So what am I using? Well,


I’ve posted about it before (click here). It’s been one of THE most important things I’ve owned. I know exactly how many calories I’ve burned or not  each day. It’s taught me that on off days I typically burn about 2323 calories and to meet my daily goal (2785) I need to walk/run 3 miles.  It’s helping me become mindful of my lifestyle and holding me accountable. You can purchase them here


The website has been huge for me. I’ve tried just using a notebook but in all honestly this has been the best way for me. Since I always have my phone with me  it’s an app I can keep on my phone (much easier than a notebook). It’s free (yay free) and it has a scanner so all I have to do is scan. Bam. No excuses!


I love my food scale. It’s like the BodyMedia. I can see how much I’m eating. I know what 56 grams of lunchmeat looks like. I know what 32 grams of peanut butter looks like. Including pretzels, almonds, steak.

If you weigh the same items enough, eventually you know that two handfuls of tiny pretzels is a serving size. The repetition is a teaching tool within itself. It’s building a good habit! 


This is something I’ve owned for several years now. I’m constantly learning what it can do for me besides measure my mileage. I can load a workout into it and it tells me exactly what I should be doing and how fast. The corresponding website for it is PHENOMENAL   It recently went through a little updating and now they have FREE training plans to use with the Garmin (yay free).  I also can keep with my PR’s and other details that I deem important.   

So there you have 4 tools that I use day in and day out. Yes I still have to do the work but having some help never hurt anyone.

What helps you stay successful? I’d love to hear from you.

Daily Dose of Motivation

Are You Saying "I’m Tired"

73 days till my final weigh in. 73 short days. Heck, we’re already past the last Friday of February! Time flies when you have a goal in sight!  I’m also in a peculiar place.  I’m 27 pounds down. YAY!  Which is not a good bragging right BECAUSE that means I gained 27 pounds in less than a year. I would say somewhere between March of 2012 and November 11, 2012. 27 pounds!! Whaaaaat?!?! I know, I know.

So that means I’m right back to my original fighting weight. Which is great but I still have a total of 33 pounds to lose. My goal by May 11, 2013 is to have lost 23 more pounds from now. That leaves me with the infamous last 10 stubborn pounds to lose after May 11th.  This  past Friday’s weigh in showed that the weight loss train stalled out leaving me with not a loss or a gain (whew). I knew it would by Tuesday. I didn’t feel energetic all week. In fact, I was semi funky feeling. Going through the motions I guess you can say. Not butt  kicking by any means.

In fact, even till today I’ve been tired. Very sleepy feeling. Just blah.  Sunday I slept in, Monday I slept in AND Tuesday. This morning I realized “Oh no!! Old Brandy is creeping back!” So at 4:45 a.m. this morning, I threw on my gym clothes and flew out the door. I did my gym time, went grocery shopping, came home and continued with the full speed ahead mentality.  It’s so easy to get in the “I’m tired” phase and Monday turns into Tuesday and 6 months later and two larger pants sizes you’re still saying “I’m tired.”  You/I have to force yourself to do something. To move forward. To be active. To be alive. Staying in bed ALL THE TIME IS NOT A LIFESTYLE!!  You can choose to be tired and lifeless are you can do something. 
We were not created to lay around, eat Cheetos and watch Honey Boo Boo all day. (P.S. I despise reality TV and I despise that show along with Jersey Shore and many others)  We were meant to live, experience, see and do. 

Watching E TV and watching others live a fake, made up, so call wonderful life is not doing you any good. In fact, your craving a life that is fake by watching reality TV.  GET UP AND LIVE YOUR OWN FABULOUS LIFE!! Turn off the TV. JUST TURN IT OFF!!
That also can be extended to internet, Facebook, movies, books. Too much of one thing is never good. We have to live a present, active life. 

Whew, moving on. 

73 days. I know I’ll be a better version of myself in 73 days. So I’m creating a two 30 day plans to keep myself motivated and going. First plan starting March 4th.  Mondays are always a great day to hit the start (or restart) button. 30days after that I’ll take a short less planned break and then continue with  plan #2.  

I’m so excited!! If nothing else, be sure to check back in 73 days. Good stuff is happening!


It’s All In The Journey

You know when you go a on a trip, a flight for example you’re so busy getting everything together. You’re busy packing your suitcase, then you have to pack a carry-on bag to keep yourself entertained during the flight (or least I do) and then you have to hustle and bustle your way to the the airport, through the airport routine and then FINALLY you are seated in your assigned seat. And once you are comfortable and situated you have that moment of , “What now?”  That’s where I am.

What now? I reached a point in this 6 month throw down to where I know I’m doing what I’m suppose to be doing. Such as………..

  • Logging every single calorie I eat
  • Eating at least 1680 calories based on my RMR. 
  • Drinking my 2 liters of water a day
  • Taking my vitamins
  • Daily hour long cardio sessions
  • Getting in my 2680 calories via BodyMedia 
I’m doing what I set out to do. I’ve got my routine down and now that I’m comfortable and situated into what I need and want to do I can’t help but be a little anxious. I feel like I should be doing more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one bit but I do find I’m a bit anxious some days because up until this point I’ve been so busy preparing and planning. 
Meanwhile, this has been a learning week based off my food journal. What have I learned? Well…………
1.  The weeks I’ve had really good numbers on the scale I did not eat past dinner. I went to bed a little hungry.
2. The weeks I’ve had really good numbers I cut the carbs after 12 p.m.  I had veggies but no bread, crackers, etc. past lunch.  
3.  Eating out more than once a week will kill my numbers!  I ate out Friday night, Saturday (yes , the whole day was outside the house and not a packed meal either!), and Sunday lunch. I know without a doubt my weigh in will be not good tomorrow because all week my numbers on the scale have been HORRIBLE.
Yes, I weigh daily. It helps me stay mentally on track. That is the only time I will ever discuss that, please I know what they say but it’s not up for discussion. Love you!  

At least now  I know. Adjust and do better.  I know May 11th is going to be a good day!  Till next time, Cheers!

Lesson Learned!

This weekend I ate birthday cake. And a few Skittles. And a coconut macaroon  Oh a a slice of pizza. Not all at once but it was there, I was there, I was weak and I failed. I started this challenge to myself on November 11th and  up until this point I’ve tried hard to not eat fast food, or junk. I have eaten those dang sugar butter cookies that come in the tin but something was different this weekend. Not sure what but my gut rebelled. Big time! Like Monday morning, feeling crappy, wish I had never seen the likes of birthday cake food hangover crappy. Anyways, so I was at a birthday party and I was away from home, away from my kitchen, away from my controlled environment and I didn’t over indulge. I didn’t pile my plate high or anything, I just had some. Some crap!

And I suffered. Since Saturday night I have been sick as a dog. Stomach turned inside out sick. Like no birthday cake or Skittles ever again sick. No one else got sick. Just me.   Just the one on a crazy mission to drop the pounds.

What else is good, new or just going on?

  • I’ve dropped 23 pounds since November 11th
  • I’m doing cardio at least 5 days a week for 1 hour (at least)
  • I’m logging all my calories, good bad and ugly. I was using MyFitnessPal but after watching a webisode on   MyFitSpiration  they brought out a good point about wanting to look back at things and needing to reference certain days and I found myself having a hard time doing that with MyFitnessPal.  And plus I love physically holding my notebook, so I’ve made a switch for a while. Just to see how I like it.  To each their own, right?
Side Note: What rock have I been living under not find these two girls?!?! Somehow I recently unearthed them, only to realize they were Biggest Loser Contestants and Winners and somehow I had no idea they had this great website!! I feel like they’re real, and honest and sincere and that can go a long ways if you ask me. Sometimes I get stuck not branching out on my websites so I don’t discover as much as I should.  So please share if you ever have anybody you just love because otherwise I might be stuck under a rock missing out!  
Food Journal
  • We eat out maybe once a week. Sometimes twice, so lots of cooking at home! Our cupboards look like we have no money to buy food because I buy just what we need and really no more. No snacks except for peanut butter and popcorn. They’re very bare. If it’s not in the house I can’t eat it. Otherwise I have no self control. So, It can’t come into the house.  
Really that’s it. Oh by the way, only 95 more days till my personal challenge is up!  Yikes!!  
So till next time, Cheers!

What’s Working So Far

16 pounds gone as of today.  I started seriously and fighting mad on the 11th of November, 2012 giving myself till May 11, 2013 to make some serious changes in my weight.  
**Oh and to the person who called me fat, making me insanely mad, thanks. Even though it was rude of you, thanks for pushing me over the cliff to do something.***
So what’s my secret? It’s no secret it’s just a lot hard work (exercise) and counting calories. When I get to my daily allowance, I’m done. 
*Daily exercise- I use a BodyMedia to make sure I’m at least burning a 1,000 calories a day. If you can get one I highly recommend it. It’s a like a GPS for your weight loss. It takes all the guess work out of my numbers!! LOVE IT! 
*Counting calories- You can find my daily eats at MY FITNESS PAL.COM  I highly recommend it as well. Can we say FREE? Oh, and the thing I love about it also, is that it has bar code scanner!  Makes life easier. 
*I also weigh all my food!  
*I research restaurants before we go out. I PLAN!!  Fail to plan, plan to fail. 
*Daily doses of motivation and accountability.  Facebook, Tumblr and other blogs keep me excited and my spirits high. And then ultimately if there is good numbers on the scale that helps the drive.  
My diet has been the challenge. I know so many people, including myself, that get bogged down not knowing what to eat or not eat but so far, I haven’t given up bread, pasta, sweet treats or anything. I just count calories. If I want the cookies, I have to ask myself, how bad do I want them? I still eat out but not as often. I like cooking my food so I know exactly what’s going in it.  Basically, I try to not over think it and make it complicated.  
So to summarize:
  • Exercise
  • Count calories
  • Plan 
  • Motivate 
If I can do it, I know you can. 

Bath of Motivation

141 days (and some hours)  till my final weigh in. No, I’m not giving up completely and finally after 141 days but I had to have a start and a stop date. Something to work towards. Something to say on this day I will weigh less and be in better shape than when I started. 141 days from today and still counting.

One hundred and forty one days. (and a couple of hours)

141. (and  a few hours)

Yep, that’s a long time from now. Actually my finish date is May 11, 2013.

 Already I have my moments of “I don’t want to do this!!!”

I have moments of “This is no fun!!!” or “This is too hard!!!”

But then I have moments where this little voice out of nowhere shows up and says “Don’t you wanna see what could happen if you do try? Don’t you wanna see how much you can lose? “

And I do. So it’s like Zig Ziglar said once,People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Giving ourselves small reminders of what could be and why we are working towards our goal daily is as important as the actual task.  Keeping our eye on the prize.

I personally have about 55 pounds I need to lose. My short term goal is 25. I’m down 10 but already I can see a difference in how my pants fit around the waste. Mini reward!  

So if you’re seeing a lot motivational posters here and on Facebook and Twitter, that would be because I’m taking my daily bath of motivation. 

Just 141 days left. 

Random Rambling Friday!

I haven’t done these in a long LONG time.  So whats there to ramble on about?  Well……let’s see……
This weekend I’ll be running 8 miles. Very excited about this.  Did I mention I have a half-marathon in January?  In Auburn, Alabama. Thanks to my wonderful friend, Pam, the dietitian and well just great friend after she found out about my weight gain (yeah I was hiding it as much as I could) she called me up and told me to sign up for a half marathon and not just any half marathon the one in Auburn(P.S. she’s training for Boston, SO PROUD OF HER!!) She knows me well enough to know I have to have something train for. So the Auburn Classic Half Marathon here I come!! 
One of my favorite little towns.  Years ago in college, two of my dear friends got married and I helped move them over there.  While I was there I got to ride my bike around town and fell in love with the town.  Of course it’s grown since way back then and since then Pam and her hubby have moved there. So gives me even more incentive to get my rear in gear.  
Speaking of rears, I worked mine this week. So much so, that last night (Thursday) I was in bed and passed out by 8:30 p.m.  I mean lights out, not knowing I was even part of this world!  To top it off I slept hard till 7 A.M. this morning.  And of course, today is weigh in day! 
Yeah, there’s no super celebrations today. Thanksgiving celebrations got the best of me.  I GAINED………GAINED two pounds. 

It could have been worse I guess.  Oh well, those peppermint smores were phenomenal so I can’t complain!!  
As of right now I have 161 days to get this weight off.  I’ve given myself a deadline. I’ll be happy with 20 pounds of fat gone.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I know it’s going to be frustrating and hard work but I’d rather be thinner and frustrated than fatter and frustrated.  
Just this week I got tired and frustrated because I wanted the weight off. I just wanted it gone.  I wanted to blink my eyes and it be gone.  That’s okay though, I overcame it and lived.  Just 161 more days.  
That is all for today. Just another mindless rambling clearing my head for the weekend. Till next time, Cheers! 

Holiday Survival Guide

Yes, Virginia, you can survive the holiday season without getting totally “chocolate wasted!”

I love……LOVE…….the feeling when good nutrition finally kicks in. Today is the first day since I’ve “committed” to losing the chub that I have felt good. Like REALLY good.  No foggy brain, extra energy is returning.

However, I know that the holidays are on us, parties will ensue and traditions of Christmas cookies and candy will start showing up. So what’s a girl to do?

  • Drink water.  It helps fill up the stomach so that you don’t want to eat soooo much
  • Eat an apple before you go to dinner or a party. A friend once ask me, “Are you hungry enough to eat an apple?” Great question!!  Eating an apple does take some energy, so eat an apple before going, drink a bottle of water and this should help with damage control.  
  • Get a daily workout in. Run, walk, put in a workout DVD but do something, SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING!!
  • This holiday season, aim for 10,000 steps per day. 
  • Moderation. If your like me, telling myself NO is like saying “take 10x as much as you normally would and expect to feel extremely guilty later.”  So, moderation. Nibble on the cheese. Try a piece of chocolate. EVERYTHING IS PERMISSIBLE BUT NOT EVERYTHING IS BENEFICIAL. Don’t go face like it’s a mosh pit but be reasonable.  
  • Remember, your at the party to socialize and spend time with friends and family.  Food is great (trust me I know I love the stuff) but it’s not THE WHOLE REASON YOUR THERE!!  Enjoy the time your with everyone!  
  • And if you do go mosh pit, face first into the smorgashborg of treats and eats, don’t beat yourself up. Just do better the next day. It’s not the end of the world.
If I can do this, so can you!!  Be committed!  


Day 33 Weigh In

The number for the day is………..

That’s right I’m down 5 pounds thank you!!!

I still 175 days till my final goal date but I’m glad to see something happening.  At least the first week was good.  I was diligent. I watched every calorie that went in, I worked out, drank my water and had great results. Woo Hoo!!

It’s a yay me kind of day!!

Day 32

Tomorrow is weight in and I had big lunch today. I also overslept because our furry baby kept me up last night so I decided to workout after work  while the Mr. watched a trio of football, basketball and more football.

If I have time to watch TV I have time to workout!

I don’t know why it’s saying my daily goal is 1340, it’s 1695. Weird.

I’m ready for tomorrow!!  Weigh In!!

Day 24

Working on staying accountable.  Just another step to getting there.

Day 4 Mission A&m

Yep I’ve made it four whole days. A little tired and exhausted but I’ve survived. Today was my hardest. I’m really tired and to be honest I could do some comfort food eating, but I’m not.

I had the opportunity to talk with a close friend/nutritionist today about my calorie requirement right now. I live my Bodymedia but I’m not crazy about the nutrition calculator/journal. It’s says I need over 2400 calories. I call B.S. on that one. That’s way too many. That’s a lot of food. I contacted them about this and they said they go based off of FDA standards. If that’s the case now I know why the U.S. is so obese! I digress….

Now that I got that handled I feel better about tomorrow. I have to admit I didn’t take the time to journal today. Life happened. That’s okay. I also think me being tired had a lot to do with it. Too mentally exhausted.

I’m ready for day 5. Bring it!

Day 3 of Mission A&M

Three great things about today:

1. I totally rocked today. Okay so I could have stood to eat a tad bit more but I think one day under calorie is not the end of the world. Tomorrow I plan on upping the calorie intake and then Friday back to the 1300 mark.

2. I got in 10,000 steps in today!

3. I came home to laundry free house!  The Mr. had the day off so he was nice enough to finish up laundry for me. Gotta love it!

As you can see I brought out the BodyMedia and I’m so glad I did. Honestly, if I hadn’t I would have been way under on steps and calories burned.  It’s such a visual aid.  Other wise I might not have gone walking . Speaking of that, yeah, I’m out of shape. I got in a real bad funk couple of months ago and well it all  went downhill.  I’m not proud of it. And I don’t know if it was  funk or just something.  Anyways so yeah  I’m COMPLETELY OUT OF SHAPE!! So I feel like I need a do over. So I’m running (or a version of it) 3 days a week sooo…..yeah I was good for walk today. Legs  were a little tired from yesterday (sad I know).

Oh yeah that’s another thing, the Danger Ranger is in time out. I think the water pump is out but I’m so put out with it I refuse to do anything with it so me and the Mr. is (are) carpooling till I get over the wound of the truck being broke AGAIN. Oh yeah, I replaced the water pump just two years ago and there’s no warranty on it so I’m back to replacing it AGAIN. With that being said, since we’re carpooling we haven’t  been hitting the gym because it’s just out of the way. That’s okay because I can do plenty of damage without going to the gym.

I know it’s just been 3 days but I can say I’ve got a great mindset and I feel great about this.  So till tomorrow………Cheers!

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