4 Weeks Till 2013 Dallas Marathon

2013 Dallas Marathon

4 Weeks!!  Good gracious time flies when training for a marathon! Specifically the 2013 Dallas Marathon .  Don’t worry, I’m not going to do another countdown where I make you all endure days and days of me trying to find something cute and quirky to say (beyond all that I say already that is cute and quirky).  No this is just a weekly update.

In fact, it has been brought to my attention that some how I didn’t post last (and maybe the week before that!!! Don’t shoot me!). Well, not this past long run (the 9th) but the run before that, was an 18 miler. There’s something about 18 miles that doesn’t sit well with me. I always crash and burn for 18 milers. I know it has to be a mental thing because there is no physical reason for me not to complete efficiently an 18 mile training run.  However, I have a remarkable ability to bonk on every one of them!

So this past week was a scheduled 20 mile run. Since my 18 was so ugly I thought maybe I need to just do 18 again and have a redemption run. You know, do over. So this past week (11/9/13) I set out for the Redemption 18 run. I felt so good that I made it 20!! Go figure.  What was different? Maybe it was me lying to myself that I was only going to run 18. I also fibbed to others and said I was only going to do a couple of miles.  Once again, a mental thing.  Maybe it was the unexpected running partner I picked up for 3 miles that helped keep my spirits up.  I met some guy who was running 35 miles! He’s training for an ultra, which by the way, is my dream!  So of course he was willing to share his stories and I was eager to hear about them and ask questions.  Other than that, who knows? But I did it and I feel much better about it.

So with that being said a little less than 4 weeks and I’ll be toeing the line to the 2013 Dallas Marathon. I’m ready to birth this baby!!    No much longer little smurfs! 

By the way………………… you know, there’s still time to sign up!  Go now! 

Grateful November No.9

Grateful November means every day in the month of November I’ll post on what I am grateful for once day.  Please feel free to share and post what you are grateful for.

Grateful November

No. 9

I am grateful for the chance to run the Dallas Marathon. I’m grateful for the ability and the experience.  I am grateful for the husband that travels with me to so I can and encouragaes me to train for it.  (Less than 4 weeks away!! )

The Weekend………..

Hello Friday!!  The weekend is finally here! Oh how I’ve missed you!!  So here we are AGAIN and I’m grateful that we are.  Not only here we are at Friday again but NOVEMBER 1st!  Unbelievable.   Time flies when I’m having fun, and I must be having a lot of it because good gravy where did October go?!?  Just unbelievable!!


I love November. I love the colors, the starting of family gatherings and just everything it brings.  I’m such an Autumn  baby!


Also I’ll be posting for the next 30 days about one thing I’m grateful for each day, of course it has to have a name………..Grateful November.  So be on the look out. Starting after this post!

Grateful November

Meanwhile,  everything else is about the same more running in preparation for  the 2013 Dallas Marathon ……………..

2013 Dallas Marathon

and of course the normal stuff required by life work, work and more work (blah blah blah).  Something about paying the light bill and water bill and some other bills.  BORING!

Anyways, be sure to check back. I’ll be posting Saturday post run about the my week in running, just updates leading up to the 2013 Dallas Marathon and don’t for get that I’ll be posting once a day for 30 days in regards to Grateful November.  Lot’s of good stuff coming up so don’t forget to come back and check in!




2013 Dallas Marathon Update

Each week I’ll update the status of training for the 2013 Dallas Marathon. I’ll also cover different topics such as training schedules, equipment and nutrition.

This week however, I will not be covering anything except my training. BUT BRANDY!!! I know, I know, you’re highly disappointed and I’m ruining your week. I get it. And I apologize. I have a good excuse……….ummmmm…………my dog ate my notes!?!

Okay seriously, I missed last weeks update and this week I’m struggling to stay up to date on life in general. Nothing bad just all part of training for a marathon. Early morning runs, full time job, friends, family it’s all part of it. Sometimes it’s matter of setting a schedule, doing it all and just hold on for the crazy yet boring ride.

Another thing about marathon training, prep yourself mentally for the dull days. The days when a run is just a run. It’s getting up before the chickens (not that I would know, I don’t have chickens), throwing on clothes and just going. No thinking, just running.  Simple as it gets. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. Sometimes, marathon training is just marathon training. It gets boring but it has to be done. Then there’s days where you have a break through workout or suddenly everything that’s troubled you is now super clear thanks to that run.

Sometimes updates are hard because there’s nothing new to report. If your lucky, there’s no injuries or drama. So today, I give you just another update. Simple and to the point. Yes, I’ve somehow forgotten what week I’m on and how many weeks are left. I just know I’ve put a week behind me and there’s more to come.   So till next week………..Cheers!


Motivation Monday

Here’s a dose of Motivation Monday for you……………….


2013 Dallas Marathon


Enough said!  Now go sign up for yourself!! 

Reason No. 8 Why You Should Do A Marathon

Every week until my marathon in Dallas (Dallas Marathon) I’ll do a countdown as to why you should do a marathon. Some reasons are derived from my personal experience and others are reasons I’ve picked up from other marathoners.

This week, Reason No. 8,  For The Nostalgic Feeling

2013 Dallas Marathon

Make this your memory!

See this picture below……….


 This is a picture promoting the Nike Women’s Mararthon 2013 (I have no affiliation with them) and in 2011 I ran the 2011 Nike Women’s Marathon. I’ve been down this street you see above.  When I see pictures of San Francisco I suddenly get swept back to that day and that morning and that weekend. The sites, the smells, the interactions with people. It’s a feeling that no one can take away. To me, it’s almost a surreal memory.  Unless the person sitting beside me was there and experienced that with me, there’s a very good chance I’m  owning that moment. I can’t describe it but I can feel it.  It’s like wanting to take a picture and capture that very moment so everyone can relive it with you but they can’t. Unless you’re just phenomenal with a camera, capturing that moment just the way you see it and feel it is almost impossible. It’s something that is just ingrained into your mind and heart.

I’ve ran the Chicago Marathon. Let a movie have a scene in Chicago going across Wabash Avenue Bridge and suddenly I’m running there all over again! Same with Philadelphia. I see scenes in movies or ads in magazines or even fall leaves and  instantly I’m running in Philadelphia all over again. And don’t get me started on Memphis, TN!  The ST. Jude’s Marathon running through the campus of St. Jude’s as those precious ill children are standing there cheering ME on. What?!?! They’re there fighting  hard battle and I’m just there running but they came out to cheer me on. That’s a moment I can never forget nor do I want to. All I could do was cry because I wanted to tote all those children with me so they could see the sights and sounds with me.

All these places and memories play out in my head like  movie.  I can’t wait to go to Dallas and record a new set of memories. I can’t wait to come back and try to describe it but words and pictures won’t be able to. It’s a “you gotta be there” and “you gotta do it” kind of thing.  Trust me, I’ll do my very best to rake over every moment so that hopefully one person is motivated enough to go back and run the course I did and try to capture one of their own memories. To feel like I felt that day. Why do you think so many marathoners go on and on about their experiences. Because they want you to feel and see what they did . The only way you can is if you actually go do it.

So do it for the nostalgic feeling. Do it so you can see a picture of a place and time where you ran and you know that you’re the only person in the room that truly appreciates that picture and that memory.  It’s not just a picture but it’s a recording of your accomplishments.

You can join me at the 2013 Dallas Marathon  by signing up here!

Race memories below:

Created with flickr slideshow.

Week 2 of 2013 Dallas Marathon Training

Today I’m covering week 2 of my training leading up to the 2013 Dallas Marathon in Dallas, Texas.  Each week I’ll do an update so that people will know what training is like for the average runner. I’m not a 2:21 marathon runner. In fact I bring up the rear of a marathon.  I’m hear to show you that yes, you can do a marathon. If I can do it,  you can to!!

Run A marathon

Each week I’ll be covering a different topic, if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!

Also, here’s a link to few of the brands I mentioned:

Dallas Marathon

Simple Hydration

90 Revolutions

Running Nutrition 

Remember, the big thing to remember about nutrition is find what works for you. A lot of people can’t stomach gels but they’re okay with chews. I’ve even had some friends to use gummy bears .  Just be sure to take in about a 100 calories every 3 miles.  Having a set nutrition schedule when you run helps delay the “hitting the wall” effect.

Tip: Carry peppermints with you when your run.  Not only is it great for a slow, easy sugar release but it also helps settle an upset stomach.

  A great time to experiment and practice is during your long runs. Not only with gels and chews but also  find out what works as far as hydration is concerned.  Something to keep in mind is, if you plan on using a hydration pack for your marathon make sure the marathon will allow it. Since the Boston Marathon bombings, the New York City Marathon is not allowing hydration packs.  So be sure they’re allowed before you get use to using  them.

Also remember, don’t skip your long runs!  Your long run is what helps you have a better marathon experience.  Next week I’ll touch on what you should do during this long runs to help mimic your marathon day .

Till next time……Cheers!

Reason #10 Why You Should Do A Marathon

Reason #10 why you should do a marathon.……………

It keeps you accountable!!

Let’s face it, when you run a marathon, you’re going to tell EVERYONE!  Even before you’ve laced up your shoes to run, you’ve already told all 500 friends on Facebook that you’re going to be tackling a marathon in the next 18 weeks. By the time you’ve told everyone you have now become locked in to do it. You can’t back out!  What will everyone think? (Okay in all seriousness who the crap cares what people think but still, you know you’ll be thinking it).

marathon accountability

Accountability is one of the best ways to reach your goal. By signing up for an event (ie. marathon, even better the 2013 Dallas Marathon) you have now mentally taken yourself to a whole new level of accountability. Any time there is an ultimate goal involved, especially one with a finishing date, we as humans tend lock sights into the upcoming goals and the Terminator-like focus comes out in us.  Nothing stops us until we’ve crossed either a physical finishing line or the proverbial one. Also by signing up for a marathon, it not only helps keep you accountable to yourself but to others as well, like your friends and family .

Going at goals alone can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Without any type of support base, on those cold winter mornings when the sun hasn’t come out yet, staying in bed will be a whole lot easier than going running for 12 miles. So find a buddy that will keep you motivated and pumped to finish a goal. Having good friends and family to support you will carry you a lot further than if you go at it alone.

So whats it going to be, another day without a goal or another day filled with many many miles? So what it going to be? Remember…………..

The only way to cross this finish line is how? TO SIGN UP FOR A MARATHON!!

So what are you waiting for?!!?

finish line

Reason #11 Why You Should Do A Marathon

Alrighty, guess who’s training for the 2013 Dallas Marathon!?!?!  (P.S. You can sign up HERE for it!)

dallas marathon 2013


I thought I should start Mondays with ONE reason every week why you should do a marathon!!

So here we go…………………………………………………..

Reason Number 11 why you should do a marathon:

The races are fun!!  Big races (like Dallas) have a phenomenal atmosphere!  Bring some friends to do it with you and it can be a 26.2 mile block party. People are cheering YOU on!  People are there to support YOU whether they know you or not.    Why would you want to miss out on that experience?!?!  You meet so many people while running it , people you won’t  meet if you don’t do it.

The marathon is an attainable goal for you.  Don’t let yourself think anything else. You can do this.  And once you do, it’s an experience no one can take away from you!!

So pick a race, train then reap the rewards of race day!!