Day 3 of Mission A&M

Three great things about today:

1. I totally rocked today. Okay so I could have stood to eat a tad bit more but I think one day under calorie is not the end of the world. Tomorrow I plan on upping the calorie intake and then Friday back to the 1300 mark.

2. I got in 10,000 steps in today!

3. I came home to laundry free house!  The Mr. had the day off so he was nice enough to finish up laundry for me. Gotta love it!

As you can see I brought out the BodyMedia and I’m so glad I did. Honestly, if I hadn’t I would have been way under on steps and calories burned.  It’s such a visual aid.  Other wise I might not have gone walking . Speaking of that, yeah, I’m out of shape. I got in a real bad funk couple of months ago and well it all  went downhill.  I’m not proud of it. And I don’t know if it was  funk or just something.  Anyways so yeah  I’m COMPLETELY OUT OF SHAPE!! So I feel like I need a do over. So I’m running (or a version of it) 3 days a week sooo…..yeah I was good for walk today. Legs  were a little tired from yesterday (sad I know).

Oh yeah that’s another thing, the Danger Ranger is in time out. I think the water pump is out but I’m so put out with it I refuse to do anything with it so me and the Mr. is (are) carpooling till I get over the wound of the truck being broke AGAIN. Oh yeah, I replaced the water pump just two years ago and there’s no warranty on it so I’m back to replacing it AGAIN. With that being said, since we’re carpooling we haven’t  been hitting the gym because it’s just out of the way. That’s okay because I can do plenty of damage without going to the gym.

I know it’s just been 3 days but I can say I’ve got a great mindset and I feel great about this.  So till tomorrow………Cheers!

Day 2 of Mission A&M

Accountability and Motivation…….day 2.

Also got in 25 mins of walk/run. Wasn’t much but it’s something. And somethin gis always better than nothing!

Tomorrow I’m starting to incorporate my BodyMedia back into my routine. It always helps WHEN (stressing the word “when”) I use it.  Another great thing I’ve learned about BodyMedia is that it now syncs my calories with MyFitnessPal with my Bodymedia account. Making life simpler

Can’t wait to share more tomorrow.  Cheers!

Day 1 of Mission A&M

Accountability is what I started all this for. Motivation is what I wanted to give back.  It’s the mission.  Not too complicated.

Day 1 of Mission A&M (accountability and motivation).

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