Thoughts….Day 7

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Lazy. That’s what you call the time between Day 3 and today. Lazy. No writing. No check in’s.

In real life I wasn’t lazy.  I mowed the yard Friday night. It’s been so rainy lately that are yard was starting to resemble a jungle. I’m pretty sure there were some monkey sounds coming from the backyard!  The humidity has already kicked in full gear and the heat is already nearing the high 90’s. I would think it’s safe to say, summer is here.

Saturday was normal. Early morning run, light house cleaning, grocery shopping, some tootling around the house after lunch and then grilling out later in the evening. I love my house and I can be a homebody. There’s nothing magical in my weekend just another awesome weekend.

I can say I’m grateful to have food in my belly, a roof over my head and clothes on my back. Everything else is cherry on the sundae. I know for some people every weekend seems magical (hence it’s really not but the internet makes it look that way) but for me I’m happy with the occasional adventure. If you have adventures ALL the time then they sort of lose the wow fact. It’s kind of like eating out., if you eat out all the time, eating out loses it’s wow factor.

My new thing is trying very hard to not do carry out or eating out. I’m trying to learn to leave that for really special occasions so that it becomes just that, special! Thursday at work is special because it’s vegetable plate day at the local eatery. It’s this little small place that normally does gift baskets, special eatery items and on Thursday, Vegetable day!   That I get excited for!

Sunday was the same as the rest. I really wanted to get a bike ride in but allergies from Friday evenings lawn mower session had me with an ugly sinus pressure headache. So church then home for a light lunch. I actually laid down for a nap and slept like a champ!  It’s not often I do that in the middle of the day. I’m just not a napper.  But that was good stuff!  I should had sat myself down for some writing and thinking. You know, thoughts. Instead, I didn’t. That’s okay, I forgive myself. The rest of Sunday was spent just doing mudane stuff getting ready for the week.  I don’t like starting Monday with a pile of dirt clothes, dirty floors or a dirty sink.  I like for dishes to be put away, clothes put away and the house tidy. It just gives me that sense of “ahhhh.”  It makes my soul feel more peaceful.

That’s it. That’s the weekend. Nothing exciting. Just life.  Till next time.



Thoughts….Day 3

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Good morning from Day 4. I didn’t post last night because I was so tired. Yes that seems to be a theme for me lately. Tired. Actually it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m doing better than a couple of months ago. An average day looks something like this

5:30 a.m  Wake for quiet time

6:00 a.m Run/workout

7:00 a.m Dress for work and go to work

8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Work

Post 5:00 p.m. Housework, fix dinner, time with hubby

9:30 p.m. Bed

Not too bad really but by the time I get home from work I’m mentally zapped. And when I go to bed typically I’m the type of person that when my head hits the pillow, I’m out cold! I have started taking a multivitamin and B complex. A good friends mom who owns a vitamin store suggested I take both.  She also suggested I go to a vitamin store to seek out reputable brands like Blue Bonnet and Now. She informed me that in large grocery stores that the vitamins can have fillers and that’s why they’re so inexpensive.  I’ve only been on them this week so I’ll give it some time. I do feel like during the day my energy is a little more perkier but by the end of the day I’m done!  Anyways, yesterday was no different except we’ve had friends staying so even though I was tired It was a blessing to be able to play with Princess (not her real name but that’s what we’ll go with).  They’re only that great age where everything is fun and magical for a short time. Gotta soak up those moments as much as I can!

Meanwhile I got in my 3 miles and journaled my eating. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t too bad until I made chocolate chip cookies. Oh! I signed up for the New Orleans Rock N’ Roll Marathon (January 25, 2015) on National Running Day. So I’ve got a goal to look forward to. YAY!

Let’s go back to my diet. I haven’t ‘been counting calories. I’ve been all willy nilly not a care in the world eating………..not good. I’m an eater. I can eat when I’m happy, sad, bored, you name it. I know for me to be a better version of myself I can’t be a willy nilly not a care in the world eater. I must pay attention and be mindful of what I eat (boring{insert eye rolling}). 1650 is my magic number for me. I went to a gym where they have a Bodpod and got my bodyfat measured and with that I was able to find out what my caloric intake needed to be to lose weight. I lost 50 lbs. before using this method so the real trick here is getting my head back in the game and getting serious about my health.

It’s like I mentally shut down and go to mindless eating. I know better but food taste so good. Bored? Let’s make cookies!! Happy? Let’s go out for pizza!! It’s sad but true. However, no more sadness. Just mindful, purposeful eating. I could dwell on how hard it is to get back to fighting weight or I can just do it.

I almost forgot, I signed up for summer session of small groups at church, I picked Every Body Matters. I got the book about a month ago and read it immediately. I love it! It’s no surprise I love exercising and learning about nutrition but I’ve always worried about how it fits into my faith. Yes there are a several verses that reference the body being a temple but I still didn’t grasp how important being healthy is to my faith. I’ll cover that later on (not today) but I have to say I was pleased with our first meeting. It was a variety of people. Some with health problems, some with loved ones with health problems, some just trying to find a bridge between being healthy and their faith. It’s the first time the leader has led this particular class so it’ll be interesting. I’m very excited about this one!!

So that ‘s it for this entry. Nothing exciting nothing earth shattering just the normal day to day stuff. I’ll be back later for Day 4. Just the day and the life of a worker bee trying to be a healthy worker bee!


Faucet Face Water Bottles GIVEAWAY!!!

I love fun. I love quirky. And…….I love water bottles.  Peeps, check this out…………

Faucet Face

Aren’t they just THE BEST?!?! Okay so the fine folks at Faucet Face provided these for me to use and review AND GIVE ONE AWAY!!


 How cool are they?!?!

So I know, you’re asking, “What’s so great about these?”

  1. They’re glass
  2. They’re BPA FREE  (WHOOP WHOOP)
  3. Each bottle you buy helps provide a minimum 100 liters of clean water for families in India

Another amazing thing about these is how thick they  are…………

Faucet Face

The fine folks at Faucet Face created these delightful water bottles to help promote drinking water and to help promote using LESS plastic bottles.  Then they decided to give back by giving a portion of the profits from each bottle go to making biosand filters. And if you buy 5 bottles directly from their site an entire filter will get made!  Here’s a more in depth explaination……….

On the outskirts of towns in the Thane district in Maharashtra, India, many residents drink and bathe in contaminated river water. Since they live in remote areas, it’s impractical for the government to install plumbing going to their homes.
Without a safe water source, many are forced to use nearby river and surface water which is contaminated with worms, parasites and bacteria. It causes dysentary, cholera, and diarrhea. In India diarrhea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths a day, many of which are children under 5.
So how do you create a long term sustainable water source for these residents when it’s impractical to install plumbing? We believe part of the solution involves BioSand filters.
BioSand Filters
A BioSand water filter is a simple concrete container. It houses several layers of sand which trap and eliminate sediments, pathogens and other impurities from the water. As the contaminated water travels through the layers of sand, it gets cleaned.
The filter is relatively inexpensive to construct, costs nothing to operate and is easy to maintain. Most importantly, they eliminate 90-95%† of impurities from the water.
Our non-profit partners at TMA, employ locals in India to create the filters and then distribute them to families in need.
Often when one family gets a filter, their neighbors see first hand how effective they are and they want one as well! As one villager put it “Filter is like round o’clock doctor who save us from waterborne disease.”
When you buy one, two, three, or four bottles, a portion of sales will be combined with those from other customers to make one filter. When you buy five bottles a complete filter will be manufactured and donated on your behalf to a family who needs it.

So why would you want to buy one?  You’re promoting a good cause (water filters for those that need them), you’re promoting using a more Earth friendly way of taking in nature’s liquid goodness!

 So without further ado……………..This water bottle is up for grabs!!!


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The Weekend………..

Hello Friday!!  The weekend is finally here! Oh how I’ve missed you!!  So here we are AGAIN and I’m grateful that we are.  Not only here we are at Friday again but NOVEMBER 1st!  Unbelievable.   Time flies when I’m having fun, and I must be having a lot of it because good gravy where did October go?!?  Just unbelievable!!


I love November. I love the colors, the starting of family gatherings and just everything it brings.  I’m such an Autumn  baby!


Also I’ll be posting for the next 30 days about one thing I’m grateful for each day, of course it has to have a name………..Grateful November.  So be on the look out. Starting after this post!

Grateful November

Meanwhile,  everything else is about the same more running in preparation for  the 2013 Dallas Marathon ……………..

2013 Dallas Marathon

and of course the normal stuff required by life work, work and more work (blah blah blah).  Something about paying the light bill and water bill and some other bills.  BORING!

Anyways, be sure to check back. I’ll be posting Saturday post run about the my week in running, just updates leading up to the 2013 Dallas Marathon and don’t for get that I’ll be posting once a day for 30 days in regards to Grateful November.  Lot’s of good stuff coming up so don’t forget to come back and check in!




2013 Dallas Marathon Update

Each week I’ll update the status of training for the 2013 Dallas Marathon. I’ll also cover different topics such as training schedules, equipment and nutrition.

This week however, I will not be covering anything except my training. BUT BRANDY!!! I know, I know, you’re highly disappointed and I’m ruining your week. I get it. And I apologize. I have a good excuse……….ummmmm…………my dog ate my notes!?!

Okay seriously, I missed last weeks update and this week I’m struggling to stay up to date on life in general. Nothing bad just all part of training for a marathon. Early morning runs, full time job, friends, family it’s all part of it. Sometimes it’s matter of setting a schedule, doing it all and just hold on for the crazy yet boring ride.

Another thing about marathon training, prep yourself mentally for the dull days. The days when a run is just a run. It’s getting up before the chickens (not that I would know, I don’t have chickens), throwing on clothes and just going. No thinking, just running.  Simple as it gets. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. Sometimes, marathon training is just marathon training. It gets boring but it has to be done. Then there’s days where you have a break through workout or suddenly everything that’s troubled you is now super clear thanks to that run.

Sometimes updates are hard because there’s nothing new to report. If your lucky, there’s no injuries or drama. So today, I give you just another update. Simple and to the point. Yes, I’ve somehow forgotten what week I’m on and how many weeks are left. I just know I’ve put a week behind me and there’s more to come.   So till next week………..Cheers!


Motivation Monday

Here’s a dose of Motivation Monday for you……………….


2013 Dallas Marathon


Enough said!  Now go sign up for yourself!! 


It’s the weekend!!! (insert confetti explosions here)  Okay so a few short working hours and then………….IT’S THE WEEKEND!!

What did we do this week…………..

Sunday I reviewed The BelleCore HoneyBelle BodyBuffer

Monday  was Motivation Monday

Tuesday was Reason #10 Why You Should Do A Marathon

Wednesday I just rambled

Thursday was my Week 2 update on my training for the 2013 Dallas Marathon

This weekend I will working and running. Our local university’s home game is this weekend and will be televised AND I get to work the with TV company working stats to make sure the folks at home know all the fine stats between the two teams! Yes I wear multiple hats and it’s fun!  My husband, sister-in-law and brother-in-law will be working with the TV company as well. It’s a family affair!

My long run this weekend is 14 miles and I’m not sure how this will effect it………….

Tropical Storm Karen

Let’s hope there’s not treadmills included! (P.S. see yesterdays video about how I feel about treadmills…………click here)

Of course there’s a mound of clothes to be washed and some house cleaning to be done but I’m not sure what else I’ll get into this weekend.  Hopefully Sunday will include a good book and nap! You know,  to rest a recoup for the upcoming week. I can be a bit of an introvert so for me to not just be completely wiped out come Monday I have to have a little down time.

read books on the weekend

As you can tell I’m not a wild child but that’s okay. I love my simple charmed life! It’s just the way I like it!



See you Monday! Cheers!

Week 2 of 2013 Dallas Marathon Training

Today I’m covering week 2 of my training leading up to the 2013 Dallas Marathon in Dallas, Texas.  Each week I’ll do an update so that people will know what training is like for the average runner. I’m not a 2:21 marathon runner. In fact I bring up the rear of a marathon.  I’m hear to show you that yes, you can do a marathon. If I can do it,  you can to!!

Run A marathon

Each week I’ll be covering a different topic, if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!

Also, here’s a link to few of the brands I mentioned:

Dallas Marathon

Simple Hydration

90 Revolutions

Running Nutrition 

Remember, the big thing to remember about nutrition is find what works for you. A lot of people can’t stomach gels but they’re okay with chews. I’ve even had some friends to use gummy bears .  Just be sure to take in about a 100 calories every 3 miles.  Having a set nutrition schedule when you run helps delay the “hitting the wall” effect.

Tip: Carry peppermints with you when your run.  Not only is it great for a slow, easy sugar release but it also helps settle an upset stomach.

  A great time to experiment and practice is during your long runs. Not only with gels and chews but also  find out what works as far as hydration is concerned.  Something to keep in mind is, if you plan on using a hydration pack for your marathon make sure the marathon will allow it. Since the Boston Marathon bombings, the New York City Marathon is not allowing hydration packs.  So be sure they’re allowed before you get use to using  them.

Also remember, don’t skip your long runs!  Your long run is what helps you have a better marathon experience.  Next week I’ll touch on what you should do during this long runs to help mimic your marathon day .

Till next time……Cheers!

Reason #10 Why You Should Do A Marathon

Reason #10 why you should do a marathon.……………

It keeps you accountable!!

Let’s face it, when you run a marathon, you’re going to tell EVERYONE!  Even before you’ve laced up your shoes to run, you’ve already told all 500 friends on Facebook that you’re going to be tackling a marathon in the next 18 weeks. By the time you’ve told everyone you have now become locked in to do it. You can’t back out!  What will everyone think? (Okay in all seriousness who the crap cares what people think but still, you know you’ll be thinking it).

marathon accountability

Accountability is one of the best ways to reach your goal. By signing up for an event (ie. marathon, even better the 2013 Dallas Marathon) you have now mentally taken yourself to a whole new level of accountability. Any time there is an ultimate goal involved, especially one with a finishing date, we as humans tend lock sights into the upcoming goals and the Terminator-like focus comes out in us.  Nothing stops us until we’ve crossed either a physical finishing line or the proverbial one. Also by signing up for a marathon, it not only helps keep you accountable to yourself but to others as well, like your friends and family .

Going at goals alone can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Without any type of support base, on those cold winter mornings when the sun hasn’t come out yet, staying in bed will be a whole lot easier than going running for 12 miles. So find a buddy that will keep you motivated and pumped to finish a goal. Having good friends and family to support you will carry you a lot further than if you go at it alone.

So whats it going to be, another day without a goal or another day filled with many many miles? So what it going to be? Remember…………..

The only way to cross this finish line is how? TO SIGN UP FOR A MARATHON!!

So what are you waiting for?!!?

finish line

New Year…..soon

Wow, another year gone. Out with old and in with the new!  I’m excited for a new year. It’s like a blank piece of paper in a new notebook! Yeah, I get excited about both!

Oh and I make New Year’s resolutions!  If I break them, I break them but it’s fun having something to look forward to and work towards.  
So, what are mine?
1. I have a certain amount I want to weigh by May 11, 2013. 
2. Increase my sales at work.
3. Blog on a weekly basis.
4.Practice more positive self talk.
Yeah, there’s no earth shattering resolutions here but I’ve made them and I’ll do my best to make changes. 
Oh, and I also believe in eating cabbage and black eye peas on New Years day!! It’s fun having those little traditions. 
What are your resolutions?