Oh happy days!  I’m so far behind on keeping you guys up to date on whats going on but that just means I’m having way too much fun to slow down and update!!!

So where am I?

I’m just running. I ran a half marathon a couple of weeks ago and PR’d!! Whoop Whoop!  Okay I pr’d by 4 seconds, but who cares!?!? It’s a PR and  that’s all that matters. A win is a win. NEXT………… because I pushed my tempo hard during the race (dare I say I  actually raced!?!?) to get that 4 second PR  I developed what we’ll call a glitch in my hip and hamstring.  It curtailed any quality running I might have produced post half-marthon and then I made matters worse by  wallowing  in a little self pity thinking “WHY ME!?!”  However, as of this week I think (and I’m saying that real loosely) that the “glitch” is gone. After a grueling and sorry excuse for a long run 2 Saturdays ago,  I saw Steve the Postman , who is an Ironman and just familiar face around here in the running and biking community,  and he made the comment  “Biking is a lot easier.”  With that, it finally hit me………I need to bike after I run (for right now) to loosen up my legs after a run to get the “glitch” out.

My parents live near the Longleaf Trace where I bike and run so I’m able to park at their house (because I would be DEVASTATED if someone stole my bike so I park there for security) run out for ever how many miles my heart (or schedule) desires and then come back grab my bike and head off into the sunset. Just like my running I’m not a fast biker either but I enjoy it. I usually feel like I’m clippin along pretty good until the mad, crazy serious bikers go flying past me . It’s all good though. It’s inspiring to see them make it look so effortless and easy.

Anyways, so yes, I’m running and biking. Now that winter has gone with the wind, I’m doing all that I can to be outside as much as possible. Working in the yard, cooking outside on the grill, and at night I find myself outside on the porch reading a book or even watching tv (yeah, I’m kind of lucky like that!!).

What’s on tap for the future? There are no races planned at this current moment except for the  New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon.  I actually do have a plan of attack for the New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon but thanks to “the glitch” I’ve been off the plan for the last couple of weeks.

You know, it doesn’t take much for most of us to throw our hands up in the air (and wave them around like we just don’t care………..sorry couldn’t resist) and say “I quit!” when things don’t go just like we planned them. If all the things in the world aren’t  lined up just so then we just can’t seem to stay on course. That’s why goals and plans are so important. They give us a target to aim for,  a beacon.  Having those goals and plans set in place give us direction so when we have to get off course for a bit we know where to return to. Reaching our goals are not always easy and plans are not always fail proof but giving ourselves a little grace makes reaching those goals more bearable and almost pleasant. At the end of it all, is sweet victory. It may be a different kind of victory than you originally set out for but a win is a win no matter what.

So until next time……Cheers!