I would like for you to meet a person who woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and thought “Who’s butt is this?!”  I made the bold decision to blog about my journey while turning my pounds into miles.


Hey there!! I’m the owner and operator of this little website, Brandy Windham also once known as Pounds To Miles.  I use it to encourage and motivate others as well as occasionally review and blog.  I am a 7 time marathon finisher, completed multiple triathlons, a group exercise instructor, 2 time fitness pageant winner, wife, daughter and dog owner! I’ve been running for over 14 years, I’ve participated in triathlons for 9 years, and taught group aerobics for 16 years.

 In my “spare” time I sale appliances, read, design and make t-shirts, custom monogram school supplies, garden  and watch sports with the Mr.

 Thanks for stopping by!!